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  1. h2o spray added a blog entry in Toledo Ohio/MI Roof Cleaning   

    Curb Appeal The Team H2O Spray way
    “Curb appeal.” Achieving it is the holy grail of properties in Toledo and beyond. But sometimes, it can feel like the effort that goes into that first impression isn’t worth the outcome.
    That’s why an exterior cleaning company can become your best friend. Using top-tier technology, expert technicians can transform your property. Our team delivers service that is:
    Convenient – we schedule the service you need when you need itGuaranteed effective – you can always count on top-tier qualityAffordable – we deliver superior service at a fair priceHands-off (for you!) – we take care of everything so you don’t have to!Your Curb Appeal Checklist
    The formula for curb appeal isn’t rocket science – it just takes the diligent work of qualified professionals. Team H2O Spray delivers with top-to-bottom service, including:
    Roof Cleaning
    We remove those black streaks – and make your roofing last longer.House Washing
    Our team has a solution for every stain and eyesore, from dirt to mold.Concrete Cleaning
    Oil stains and chewing gum buildup? No problem – we can clean it all.With exterior cleaning and pressure washing service from Team H2O Spray, your curb appeal will be ready to shine.
  2. h2o spray added a blog entry in Toledo Ohio/MI Roof Cleaning   

    We Clean Roofs!
    Your roof protects the rest of your home – but it needs it’s own share of protection, too! A result roof washing service is a simple way to strengthen your property value (and curb appeal!).
    Add 10 Years to Your Roof
    Over time, your roof becoming a breeding ground for mold and mildew. But that’s not the only issue.
    If you’ve ever noticed black stripes creeping across your roof, you have a Gloeocapsa Magma problem. This bacteria eats at your roofing, which causes the streaks – and the decreased lifetime of your shingles.
    Roof washing is the best way to fight back. With a regular cleaning, you’ll get a decade or longer out of your roof, and curb appeal to match.
    A Safe Roof Cleaning Solution
    We use no-pressure washing to clean your roof. This method kills mold and bacteria, removes stains, and restores the beautiful first impression to your top layer. The most important part? It does it without high impact, so the quality of your roof stays intact.
    Give your property the best in curb appeal – and boost the value of your investment – with the help of our roof washing professionals!
  3. h2o spray added a post in a topic: PWP Pressure Washer Products ROCKS! Highly Recommended Review   

    I agree 100%! Lori is INCREDIBLE. I have used other suppliers in the past that ALL advertise their customer service is the best. I actually believed a few of them until dealing with Lori . Lori & PWP set the example for impeccable  customer service. When I am at a clients home either cleaning a roof, washing a home, cement or whatever services they have requested I always go above and beyond for each and every client, so when I am the client as in purchasing equipment/supplies I would like the same level of customer service I offer to be offered to me, well it never happens...no return calls, countless promises ,closed when you really need them,  don't have item with no option given, slow shipping, high prices. NOT true with Lori & PWP. She has taken calls, answered questions, offered advice, super fast shipping, suggested options ALL THE TIME , ANYTIME!  (I would not be disrespectful contacting at questionable hours)That is how IMO a supplier should be, helpful and there for you when you really need them, not just 9-5 M-F. And Lori has a GREAT personality. Strait forward to the point and all business. I only wish I had contacted PWP earlier. Thanks Lori & PWP, you ROCK!
  4. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Hello from Austin   

    Hi Roger, I grew up in Austin,Texas. Lake Travis/ Lakeway area. Graduated from Lake Travis HS,Go Cavaliers! I left when I was 23 long...long...long time ago. I go back occasionally. Seams as though it would be a great area for good roof cleaners.
  5. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Survey on Gutter Cleaning Solutions   

    F-13 all the way for us, pump-up sprayer and brush, makes cleaning gutter exteriors "Easy Peazy" We do not do gutter clean-outs (interiors) The one thing I do not like about using F-13 is on a hot day if we are not quick enough, paint will peel fast. I learned this the hard way, so now I use my ground guy to closely follow me on hot days making sure to rinse before drying.We have tried a few degreasers ( Dragon juice, EBC....) haven't found one that removes tiger stripping?
  6. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Become An RCIA Certified Roof Cleaner !   

    Truthfully I really do not care about the diploma,having you (Chris) as an educator is worth more than any piece of paper. Thanks again for offering all of your extremely valuable information! I believe you made roof cleaning what it is today (a valuable service for both contractors and homeowners) but having a few of the stickers would be nice just to show a little pride for the RCIA!
  7. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Become An RCIA Certified Roof Cleaner !   

    I still have not received any "Diploma or stickers"?
  8. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Monument cleaning   

    We have done a few monuments. We used: D/2 Biological Solution. (It is the same chemical used when washing the Washington Monument) It actually gets the monument cleaner as time passes, however its a little high on cost . For the extremely tough stains we also used our house wash mix and lightly brushed with a brush as well. All of this with absolutely no pressure and they came out incredible! Client had previously had cleaned by another contractor and they stated it wasn't anywhere as nice as we made it. Best to ask what chemicals the site permits. With monuments you have to be extremely gentle, so be patient and take your time.
  9. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Certification   

    Good morning , Hope all is well in the sunny Florida. I have yet to receive the "Certification Diploma Package" as previously mentioned. I had private message you all the information you requested.
  10. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Certification   

    Good to hear! I Private messaged the info to you. Thanks again!
  11. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Certification   

    Thank you Chris! I appreciate all of your extremely valuable education and assistance. Hope you are feeling better...
  12. h2o spray added a post in a topic: RCIA Decals And Certified Diploma's   

    Hi Chris, Can I order a "Certifed RCIA decal package" Please. Thank you.
  13. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Certification   

    Thank you for your assistance Chris. Here is the information you requested:
    Team H2O Spray
    Services: No-pressure Roof cleaning,House washing, Concrete/Cement clean & sealing/ Gutter whitening, Pressure washing, Gutter washing & Deck washing. Residential and Commercial
    Our service areas are:
    Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan
    Toledo, Bowling Green , Curtice, Elmore, Genoa, Harbor View, Millbury, Rossford, Stony Ridge, Walbridge, Berkey, Grand Rapids, Holland, Maumee, Metamora, Monclova, Napoleon, Neapolis, Perrysburg, Port Clinton, Swanton, Sylvania, Waterville, Whitehouse Ohio 
    Lambertville, Temperance, Monroe , Adrian, Ottawa lake Michigan

  14. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Rain Rain & Rain   

    Well we have a job scheduled for Tues Nov 29,2016 (Tomorrow) and it has rained the entire day....Is having this much rain going to effect my cleaning if the rain stops hours before the scheduled time ? The forecast for cleaning day is 10 mph winds with a high of 60 with NO rain for at least 24hrs.. Any/All responses to this post is gratefully appreciated !
  15. h2o spray added a post in a topic: Poor Results   

    No, the roof was not wet before treatment. Just received the new bleach batch and was tested @ 15%. So will retreat next week and will follow up with pics. Thanks again to all who have replied.