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  1. A well done, homemade roof cleaning website

    Not enough words to index on landing page.... Total word count: 164 (250 including stop words) Unique words: 108 (142 including stop words) Not optimized for longtail keywords Top 3 word: 3 Word Phrases|Count|Density in central florida|4|4.80% Typo in Meta Kewords...Meta keywords: home exterior cleaning,roof cleaning,roof soft wash,pressure wash, concrete cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, dryway cleaning Typo in header...Get conected Youtube vid error's out Content is "below the fold" Owner image not optimized (1406067690.jpg) rename and add alt text. Gallery images not optimized
  2. Forums by Traffic

    Traffic stats from various forums
  3. Who keeps stealing my signs???

    Odds are pretty good it's the government....here, the township employees drive around and pull yard signs. It was just discussed at a trustee meeting last tuesday. The good thing (here) is they save them...you can go pick them up at the township garage.
  4. Strategic Relationships

    I've disowned the Chamber of Commerce...Pro immigration traitors. Employment (Jobs) are not immune from the laws of supply and demand. Whenever supply outpaces demand...price declines. Millions of new unskilled laborors will inevitably impact our industry harder than most simply because of the small learning curve and low entry costs. Dump the Chamber
  5. Bonded?

    Unless you enter the home...which I refuse to do, you really don't need bonded. The outside of the home is exposed to anyone. If I ever ran into a homeowner that wanted his landscaper, pressure washer, etc to be bonded....I'd politely decline the work. Anyone that anal retentive is a high risk for other problems like bad review blackmail.
  6. Make 12 Volt Roof Cleaning Pumps Last Longer

    Most ag-pumps are TENV (totally enclosed, no ventilation). Reducing the speed is going to drop the designed cooling speed. You might need to box the motor and run a cooling fan.
  7. Fully Set Up Wordpress For Cheap!

    Websites don't mess with me....I mess with them. I got a funny email forwarded to me the other day. It was from Bluehost to one of their customers. "PHP, the web programming language, has several different versions and we will be phasing out PHP version 5.2 in the near future as it has been unsupported by its creators for several years now...." Way to stay on top of things Bluehost! Bigger = slower and complacent.
  8. The Fiverr.com website

    Be careful buying links or SEO from fiver...Tom at Ace Painting got his old site de-indexed on google mainly from fiver links.
  9. Help me find the App.

    This is very interesting, especially when you read my recent post () Over the last 8 months, I've worked on some pretty interesting web related projects. I'll bullet point them and explain a little. * Mapping - I had a project that pulled me way outside of my comfort zone and skill-set. At the time I would have gladly paid for a coder to do the work but the costs were prohibitive. Looking back, I'm so glad I hit the books since it opened my eyes to several interesting areas I was admittedly weak on. One of those areas was in databases...the core of every website. Another was Linux. I was so frustrated with myself that I made my PC a dual boot machine so I could run Linux and learn the basics. I can do some pretty amazing things with maps and data. * Website Speed - Website maps are very resource intensive and to speed them up...I had to hit the books again. If you have a slow loading site it can and does affect your ranking. Speed is also usually a quality issue. Test your site at www.webpagetest.org/ and if you can't get "A" across the board on your grade, send me a PM * Plugin - I'm still working on this one. I've made some plugins for myself but making an open plugin is risky since it has to withstand conflicts and WP updates. When I'm comfortable, this will become a part of the tweaks that I mentioned for the directory. * Smartphone App's - Yea, I know this sounds a bit on the over the top but it's not really. There's pretty much an app for everything and there have been some recent developments in technology that would allow even me to hack out a pretty neat app. Now...imagine for a minute, all of these things rolled together. You show up a a home and snap a "before" (and later an "after") roof cleaning pic with your smartphone using a roof cleaner app that saves the image and geocodes it to a database that allows you to simply log into your wordpress site and via the roof cleaner plugin, look at a map of all your past jobs, sortable by any DB query. You could even look at the map and see your trucks on the map in real time. A little more background to the project I mentioned... I worked on a political canvassing project that did almost everything streetbidder does. In one of the many discussions, the issue of yard signs came up. This was sort of a fork of the primary project and never took off, basically because the group I was working with was an activist group and not actually a campaign team. They wouldn't be dropping yard signs. Regardless, I had already investigated the application and presented the costs and timeline to create it. I had a demo of everything but the phone app. It was a simple smartphone app that harnessed the built in gps location features in a smartphone. Your team member placed the yard sign and then opened the app and took a pic and saved it. It sent the image, user and location to a database. From any device, a person with access could pull up a map or list filtered by any query (filter). It could even be mapped in a timeline showing the progressive sign placements...like a map filmstrip.
  10. Roof Cleaning Network

    Roof Cleaning Network A few weeks ago on The Grime Scene, I announced that we were launching The Roof Cleaning Network. This Network is unlike the Directory in that it is based on exclusive territories. We will be rolling out 28 states total but but I have a commitment from a number of people in New Jersey and it is currently filled. Some areas might open up if the people don't follow through with their commitment. The network is a fully managed collection of Wordpress website. If you subscribe to a county, you can have as many websites as you want (location based). Everything is managed! We track the rankings (3 keywords per site) and provide the off-page SEO for the weak performing keywords. Although you don't have to blog, add pages or content, we encourage you to do so. All you have to do is provide a list of the locations (in the counties you subscribe to) and the content for the template site...we do the rest. Reasonably Priced Every day I speak to people about SEO or ranking or asking me for a price per month for SEO help. I've spoke to people paying $5000 a year for SEO that never seems to produce. The costs will vary but as an example, a person in New Jersey launched 29 sites and they cost him less than $1.50 ea per month. Less than 1 dollar and fifty cents! for a website that ranks at the top of google!! Here are the ranking of the test sites "Roof Cleaning Westwood" is losing at 1 keyword to a site I built in Jan "Roof Cleaning Randolph" at 3rd is losing to a site I built in Mar and my directory! "Roof Cleaning Demarest" would be #1 if my directory listing wasn't! These sites hit these rankings in less than 10 days, one in just 4 days...these shots are from today. STATES: Alabama Connecticut Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Iowa Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi New Jersey (full) New York north Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode island South Carolina Tennessee Texas Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin If you provide no pressure roof cleaning in one of the states listed and want to be notified when your state network becomes available, send an email to: thefuture@roofcleaninginfo.com Include: Name State Website Market (area/city) Phone Number
  11. A Great Business Forum!

    Root PR means very little.....compound that with the fact that PR0 sites can outrank a PR3 site (serps are independent of PR) and further compound that by the fact that link-juice is divided by # links per page......and you might as well write posts on paper, stick them in a bottle and throw it in the ocean for all the good it does. PR is like money....if you have 3 dollars and give it all to 30 people, they all get 10 cents......minus the PR loss (like a tax) at each step (link) you might get only 8 cents. On a forum, you'll find hundreds of links, not 30. The page that link goes to (smallbusinessbrief.com/forum/index.php) has 309 links.......divide a PR5 by 309......follow one (Search Engine Optimization) and that page has a PR-NA and 175 links.....you still haven't made it to a thread yet and the PR is at zilch divided by 175. Followed it another link deeper to (After Panda And Penguin:Affected Your Site?), also a PR zilch and that threads first page has 172 links. Forums have a place in marketing but it isn't link juice......you might as well be filling a swimming pool with a table spoon if you are trying to build PR from forums.
  12. A Great Business Forum!

    A forum will have 10,000 different opinions on SEO...I'm sure you will be able to find a thread or post that says what you want to believe. It would be much better to follow an expert on a reputable blog like SEOmoz or SEObook....
  13. SEO Help Needed: Incoming Links?

    None of this is true.... Google is huge beyond comprehension....Google crawls with bots and indexes with programs, not people....so the only limitations they have are those they set for themselves. Getting a site crawled is a matter of Google finding a link to it on a site that it crawls often. Soon after it crawls the site, it places it in the index. How it ranks when it is first indexed is based on all the same SEO factors every page faces. I regularly get new sites crawled in days.....on page 1 in days. 95% of all the people mystified by SEO are wallet raped by the 95% of SEO providers that don't have a clue......or perhaps like the easy money. I built this site in a week.....launched it on 2 Jan. It was crawled in less than 24 hours and landed on 7th spot on it's initial indexing. On day 3 it hit #1 and has been there ever since. I just took the #2 spot with another site I made and it took 4 days to crawl and rank 2nd.
  14. Fully Set Up Wordpress For Cheap!

    I can install WP manually in under 5 min from a zip and that includes creating the mysql DB and editing WPconfig file. It's really not a huge perk.
  15. Fully Set Up Wordpress For Cheap!

    Dave at Roof Refresh stood up for Godaddy against my neg comments.....until his site went down. After being down 2 days, he called bluehost and those bozo's told him to transfer the domain....and he did. What would have been a simple migration from a WP backup was overly complicated since I could no longer access the WP site since the domain now resolved to an empty hosting account at bluehost. Godaddy's DB backup process is a joke to work with. Because there were old backups in the WP files and I could not get into WP.....the FTP transfers took all day. Big names does not mean the guy on the phone has a clue about anything.....he's a level 1 tech.