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  1. Control Descent Harness

    Also check out the new DBI Sala Self Rescue 50' and 100' detachable that attaches to your own harness for half the price. I think it's actually replacing the one in the first post. Both are part engineered with 3M and DBI Sala are top of the line in safety.
  2. Control Descent Harness

    And for those working at height on roofs, fall protection was limited to roof-penetrating equipment. On the other hand, drilling holes into a homeowner’s roof can negatively affect customer satisfaction and potentially threaten the long-term viability of a consumer relationship. DIRECTV took a proactive, leading role in the industry to find a solution to this conundrum rather than attempting to circumnavigate regulations, and sought out Gravitec Systems Inc. for assistance. Three anchor methods to afford workers the ability to anchor the lifeline in any property layout without damage to homeowner property: a vehicle hitch anchor, concrete anchor and counterweight anchor. A slingshot mechanism that allows the user to string a lifeline over the house and anchor it on the other side, ensuring that the worker can install the fall protection system quickly and be provided 100 percent fall protection through job completion MORE
  3. Control Descent Harness

    In the event of a fall, activation is achieved by simply pulling the release cord, allowing for self-rescue in a controlled descent. The Latchways Personal Rescue Device™ (PRD)™ is worn with a 3M™ Elavation™ Harness. Reading about suspension trauma after a fall in a harness will make this look pretty attractive in some situations. Video above here's the .pdf
  4. Chem Handling

    That visine bottle sounds like a good idea, be ready for quick flush if need be.