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  1. Roof Cleaning Manassas Va

    Awesome job as always Ted.
  2. Let's see your quote and or invoice documents - I'll show you mine

    I think that's the painter in us. When estimating painting we pretty much need to see what we're getting into. Roof cleaning and pressure washing are normally done over the phone.
  3. Let's see your quote and or invoice documents - I'll show you mine

    Me too. If I don't do it then it sometimes won't get done.
  4. The Fiverr.com website

    Awesome site.
  5. The Best Water Hose For Roof Cleaning

    I picked up a mean green this summer. So far so good.
  6. RO and DI water

    Seems overkill, but interested in what you find out. Has it helped at all?
  7. Joining RCIA

    Welcome Chris.
  8. Roof Cleaning Advertising Scams

    I get those calls too. The throw the buzzword golf course / coutry club and think you'll have to have it.
  9. Using Independent Sales Reps

    I would jump all over it. I have put up a few ads looking for a sales rep with no luck. Personally I would make him charge a little higher price than I would. He is a sales person so he should be able to get it done and it would offset his commission a little bit.
  10. An other example of how NOT to clean a roof

    You really can't blame of homeowner for allowing it, they don't know better. You should blame greedy organizations for certifying roof cleaners that are power washing roofs. They should know better.
  11. New Website Proof

    Looks great Hank.
  12. Fully Set Up Wordpress For Cheap!

    I was happy with godaddy, still have my domains there. Great customer service.
  13. Fully Set Up Wordpress For Cheap!

    I have had horrible service through bluehost. Some of their techs are complete morons. I blame them for killing my first site. Another time with bluehost I went from one hosting plan to another plan they had. I was on the phone for over 8 hours and my site was down for about a week.
  14. Lead in Summerville, South Carolina 2/7/2013 @ 1:38PM

    We should a private area on here for leads.
  15. 1/2" Kuri Tek vs 1/2" Siralite hose

    Jim, I use quick connects for where we hoop up to the pump. No leaks yet. Never used cam locks.