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  1. Fall protection tip, rafter tie off and hip anchor

    I'm the one right now on the roof with helpers on the ground, but I too want to get off the roof. I'm seriously thinking of sending my guys to Reality Rope Access for training/certification. I ordered their manual a few years back and it is very thorough. This business has risks, chemicals-power-heights-driving, and managing risk is so important! But, avoiding any risk is profit avoidance.
  2. Fall protection tip, rafter tie off and hip anchor

    It'd be nice to not have to get on a roof. But cleaning solely from the edge just isn't going to happen in the Pacific Northwest. The roofs can be covered with all kinds of growth and fallen debris, pitch of roof can help preventing massive build-ups, but it still requires on-the-roof to remove. Doug Fir needles are difficult to blow off from the top down, I wouldn't want to try and remove them standing only at the gutter line—I'd still be at the first job years ago. Moss is so much easier rinsing off from top down as well. I can't speak for others, but these are some of the reasons we harness up and get in the roof.
  3. The Best Water Hose For Roof Cleaning

    I do not have my water hoses on reels. I find having 50' lengths is the best for us. It is easy to set-up and break down, and stretching out 50' lengths doesn't require too much space. If I have 150' of hose connected, to dissemble and put away I simply disconnect the furthest connection pull the furthest hose with me to the next connection, disconnect that connection and pull two hoses to the end of the last hose. Now I have 3 hoses stretched straight with the female ends furthest away from the truck. I coil up each hose and end up with the 50' coils in one location, right next to my vehicle. It is much harder to do this with longer lengths. If I had my water hoses on reels it would be one continuous hose, which would be the simplest, IMO.
  4. The Importance Of Web Site Loading Speed

    Good info, my page Beckon Call could use some speed improvement, but for mobile it gets a 97/100 for user experience. I really need to to revisit and update, my services could be highlighted better. But, I am still ranking awesome locally.
  5. Want input on trailer layout

    The compressor is quite heavy, over 500 lbs. My concern is by moving it all the way forward to the front is my tongue weight will surely exceed 500 lbs. My current truck has a 500 lb tongue limit. I am hoping to add a larger truck this summer.
  6. New roof pump variant!!

    That is great piece of information!
  7. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    This could definitely be a good alternative to using a battery. I am curious if anyone has set it up, and what has been learned.
  8. Want input on trailer layout

    Okay, I am waiting on items and am now having way too much fun. I found a program called SketchUp, it can be found at http://www.sketchup.com and it is pretty darn cool. Until my tanks arrive I am waiting on final configuration. Until then, I can play around with mock-ups. From everybody's advice on balance this is one mock-up I've came up with, and the compressor could also be moved to the very front as Pro Clean Exteriors suggested. With this set-up I can use the fresh water tank to offset the weight of the SH and Mix Tank side. What do ya think?
  9. Want input on trailer layout

    Yes, it's a dual axle. I think I'll be doing something very similar to what you suggested on placement. The reason for the water tank is because the roofs mere really need to be rinsed and the area has varying water pressure with quite a few homes with wells. A booster pump works in some areas but not all. With a water tank use as a buffer I can have the exact same rinse quantity regardless of the water situation at a location. I've been using jigs for a few years now and really hate the lifting, carrying and pouring. The SH will be gravity fed more than likely into the mix tank, or possibly pumped with my pump. Either way it will not take too much time, and it eliminates lifting/pouring of 50-60 gallon jugs of a caustic chemical. It's risk management I guess. the feedback so far I've received in this group has been valuable. There are differing views and processes, but it is really thought provoking and nice to have a differing view or positive encouragement!
  10. Well I got the trailer coated. If you're interested in what I used, here it is: Primer: Devguard 4160 Multi-Purpose Tank & Structural PrimerWalls: Devguard 4308 Alkyd Industrial EnamelFloor: Devoe Bar-Rust 235 (2-part Epoxy) All of these coatings play nicely with SH. The Primer is overkill for the Enamel paint but is strong enough to be covered with the epoxy. I coated everything with the primer, then did the walls and followed with the floor epoxy. It's not a one day project, but the results are awesome and was worth the time put into it. The first test: I picked up a compressor from Kevin Enderle 2 1/2 days after the last epoxy coat went on the floor. The compressor slid on the floor (500 lbs) and no scratches. Kevin will attest, I am sure, that the smell in the trailer was still a little strong.
  11. Want input on trailer layout

    The SH and mix will be in sealed tanks, filled from outside of the trailer and also vented through the roof. Hopefully minimizing any SH freely roaming inside the trailer. The compressor is the constant weight, so moving it forward and the tanks back I do think is the best solution. The SH and Fresh water will fit side by side. I am going to test the tongue weight with the compressor just forward of the front axle.
  12. Want input on trailer layout

    The fresh water will not travel full. But, after looking at this for awhile and getting feedback I am leaning towards: Moving compressor to just in front of front axle, and centered. Moving both tanks over axles. I will start out with SH in the one tank and can fill fresh water tank to balance out. As the day progresses and the SH is depleted I simply decrease the amount of fresh water to equal weight of SH. My thinking is moving the compressor towards the front and centered it keeps the tongue weight about the same. I am getting a tongue scale to test out my theory. Also, I guess I didn't have a notifications button on so I was not aware you guys had responded. Thank you for your input! I am learning as I go here and really appreciate the added insight.
  13. I got my compressor installed, thanks to Kevin Enderle! Now I am trying to figure out how to lay out the rest of my trailer. I will be using 2ea. 70gal stacked tanks (for SH and Mix), and a 240 gal for fresh water. The fresh water I will travel with empty (or nearly empty). Do you see anything wrong with this layout or have suggestions?