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  1. This pair of cougar paws

    I like the high tops with the straps on them. The soles are cheap and replaceable. $15 for a new set. They Velcro on and off. The boots are what’s pricey. $125-$160
  2. Wysiwash

    Don’t waste your money on any BS. I clean 52 outdoor dog kennels every Tuesday! I use what’s recommended by the “HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES”. Which is : 32/1 water/bleach. Add a light touch of surfactant. Make sure you rinse very well! I’ve reduced kennel cough and other diseases by an enormous amount according to the Kennel owners. They love it and so do I.
  3. Home Sellers Need to Understand the Benefits of Roof Cleaning

    That’s why I love realtors! Once you do work for one and show them what we can do, they keep wanting our service!
  4. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    I like my enclosed trailer. I have it wrapped so it too is a billboard. Paid itself off quickly. I like the fact I can lock all my equipment up if need be wherever we are. Problem now is, I need a dual axle..
  5. Black spots on vinyl siding

    Looks like a combination of shotgun spores from artillery fungus and bug sh*t.
  6. Cedar Roof Cleaning Basics

    Would it be safe to mix Oxi Clean with sodium hydroxide? I am out of sodium percarbonate.
  7. deleted my own topic

    Deletes my own topic
  8. Hiring a Sales guy?

    I just hired my first sales guy who will be starting this coming season. He's ben in sales for over 10 years and is currently doing great at it. He is also one of my good friends. We worked out a cash commission payout as of now. For those of you who have sales employees or anybody working marketing for you; pros/cons, any advice and how successful has your sales people ben for you?
  9. Direct Mail Marketing - Old Knowledge

    I do not find or label any names. I do not put anything but the addresses on the envelopes. This might even make a homeowner more curious as to what's inside
  10. Direct Mail Marketing - Old Knowledge

    Here is the link to another post about this topic. This thread also provides you with the link to the free online address tool.
  11. Direct Mail Marketing - Old Knowledge

    No I do not write anything by hand. That takes way to long and looks unprofessional. When looking up addresses on the free online tool, I collect a list and type it on a PDF(word). Then I go to the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store and purchase blank mailing labels. The same exact ones sell at party city for $6! So get them at the dollar store, it's definitely a bargain. So once you get them, it provides a website on the package of mailing labels that you go to which lays out a printable format that lines up with the mailing labels. Copy and paste all the addresses in the boxes of the format. Put the mailing labels in the printer and print. Pull each mailing label off and stick to the envelopes. Done. O and as far as the names go I don't have access to that. The addresses works fine.
  12. Getting Big Residential Roof Cleaning Jobs.

    The biggest residential job I've done was $1,500. Not bad considering I just finished up my second season of roof cleaning. Chris I use that re-schedule jobs pitch all the time. LOL
  13. Direct Mail Marketing - Old Knowledge

    I send out flyers/post cards at least twice a season. I order them off of Vista Print, then I put them in envelopes myself. This way it gets the customers attention when they have to open it. This definitely gets me jobs and is well worth the time and money. I also spent $600 on postcard mailings from Vista Print. Out of 1,000 postcards, I got one job... $400. Never again will I send just postcards. But if you put them in an envelope, the customer actually looks at it. That's the key, I get a ton of jobs this way. Also I don't drive anywhere to get addresses. I sit on my ass in my living room and use an online tool along with google earth that will give you almost any address you want. I posted this about a year ago in secrets of Roof cleaning. The link to the tool is also in that thread.
  14. SEO Help Needed: Incoming Links?

    Your right Chris! I have learned from experience that posting on this forum and other forums have ranked me up to # one/two in my area. Great advice!
  15. How to properly price a roof clean job?

    Google Earth 99% of the time. Saves time and money. Customers are happy to have an estimate emailed to them within 10min. Commercial and larger jobs are usually on site estimates.
  16. Service area map?

    I use to have a map of my county and the surrounding counties on my website. However, I keep getting calls outside of this area in which I perform the jobs. I also add in $ for drive time etc.. So I removed the map and just put the whole state of Indiana picture on my website. In doing so I wanted to let customers know, I will drive anywhere in the state if it's worth the money. Heck I would drive anywhere if and provide services if it were worth the money. So when you post a map on your site make sure it's a big area, otherwise you may deter customers.
  17. Gain Dish Soap For Cleaning Roofs!

    FYI: GREEN Gain dishsoap is the thickest of them all. I called Procter & Gamble today.
  18. How long for tree to Die?

    I did a job on June 24th. Watered a ton and collected run off. I got an email and the guy asked if the chemicals can do this. I emailed him back with a Few questions. This was over 6 weeks ago. I know my over spray was not this bad. I'm thinking if anything the roots.. It has almost Ben a record dry season here the past month. So if he wasn't watering then I'm thinking it could be that as well. What's your two cents based on the information?
  19. How long for tree to Die?

    I spoke with a 40 year veteran in plant specialties and landscaping. Conclusion; guy didn't water enough during this drought. The customer thought that the sprinkler twice a week was fine. Lol. At minimum the arborvitae trees need 2" of water each week. Didn't meet the requirements.
  20. Paying Your Employees

    I'm paying my ground guy $16/Hr. I'll be spraying all the roofs, until we get busier.
  21. The Best Water Hose For Roof Cleaning

    Chris, I tried clicking on the link for the firemans hose nozzle. It says it doesn't exist anymore. Of course you posted that in 2013. Anyway, what firemans nozzle would you guys recommend? I was thinking about this one from chemical guy.. https://www.chemicalguys.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=ACC_2009&CartID=1
  22. The Best Water Hose For Roof Cleaning

    If the mean green is hooked into a hose reel, does that affect the gpm or pressure opposed to running it straight from the spigot?
  23. Weather and Time of Day

    When I send direct mail flyers, I make sure the forecast is partly cloudy for the next couple of days. www.UltimateRoofCleaning.com
  24. Marketing For Some That Time Of Year

    I use direct mailing targeting only houses with roof streaks. Any realtor company in any given area or places like Zillow makes it easy to identify houses with alage. They also give the address on the same page. Not only do they display houses for sale, but also homes that have recently sold. So for houses that are for sale, this is what's on my envelope top right corner " Trying to sell your house? Increase your curb Appeal! We remove those black streaks on your roof!" This targets well and gets attention. Last year I had an incredible 20% return on my direct mailing. Out of that 20% that actually called everyone booked except for one house. www.UltimateRoofCleaning.com
  25. The Importance Of Web Site Loading Speed

    Thanks for the tip. I just increased my speed from 10+sec average page load to 1.1sec page load. Still working on my site. Might even redo the whole thing. It needs it. www.UltimateRoofCleaning.com