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  1. Hey guys I made another video for all you guys who have your hose kink on hose reels watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhOft-psmV8
  2. The Best Water Hose For Roof Cleaning

    We have a 100' and a 75'. Couldn't be happier with the hose.
  3. Want input on trailer layout

    Very good point.
  4. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    That looks like an awesome alternative to using batteries!
  5. Want input on trailer layout

    I like that layout a lot more. I would put the compressor to the front if it were me. That way you have access to the front and back of tanks with out any issue and the compressor is away from the tanks, just in case. Overall a bigger improvement on placement, a lot more balanced than before.
  6. Want input on trailer layout

    I agree. Switch over the other tank, if you can, as that is a lot of weight on one side. Maybe shift the compressor forward a little and put the SH tanks towards the rear axle on the same side. But then you run the risk of possible SH getting on the compressor if anything happens with them directly next to each other on the same side.
  7. How to get in the forums after you pay?

    click secrets of a premium member that's really the only tab for premium besides pics and stuff.. Anything else might be old non working stuff if no Gary is helpful
  8. How to get in the forums after you pay?

    Log off then back on I think it's automatic