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  1. How to get in the forums after you pay?

    Thank you for the helpful info Curb Appeal. Much appreciated.
  2. How to get in the forums after you pay?

    I just tried that, but it did not work. Every time I click on the members only tab on the old site, it still tells me that I need to be a premium member.
  3. How to get in the forums after you pay?

    Thanks Matt.
  4. Hello, Just curious in regards to how you proceed after you pay your $129.00 premium membership. I paid it , but have not heard back from anyone yet in regards to proceeding from this point. and still cant get in the other forums. Thoughts anyone?. Thank you. Best Regards, Shaun Harton.
  5. Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning Charlevoix, Michigan

    Awesome job, I know where this home is located, Charlevoix is only a 2 hours from my hometown. I used to work with a Cedar log home construction company out of Highschool about 20 years ago, and I was in charge of Staining all of the log homes we built in that area. I remember this home. Its a beautiful area, with a lot of Roofs that need cleaning. I go up there all the time in the summer. Small world. I would really enjoy speaking with you Bruce. I started a Roof Cleaning Business in Central, Mi, called Roofwash Exteriors's , and really like your setup that you have from Pressure Teck. I look forward to speaking with you, and also meeting everyone on this forum. Best Regards, Shaun Harton
  6. Roof Cleaning Cadillac, MI

    I am sure we will run across each other, you in my back yard now. I service all of those areas, and have had great luck. See ya out there. Best Regards,
  7. Become An RCIA Certified Roof Cleaner !

    I am also interested in getting certified. Please advise. Thank you, Shaun