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  1. PVC Hose Barbs

    Lori, have you considered stockīng them in stainless steel? We've had very good success with them.
  2. Eaton Compressor 9 HP Electric Start

    How is it working out for you Tommy?
  3. QSE from Cleaner Today

    Thanks Chuck and Chris. Let's pick the meanest biker bar in Fl next winter, and go raise a little hell, since you guys have my back :-) I thought my post was quite clear "Presuming you're a would be vendor, say as much." So, if ya ain't, ya ain't. Hope you're beating than damned cancer Chuck.
  4. QSE from Cleaner Today

    Ironically, this question was also just posted on FB. Presuming you're a would be vendor, say as much. I'll hold my thoughts and see if you take the high road, or not. Then I'll reply accordingly.
  5. In addition to removing algae stains from roofs we also remove rust stains. The import part is to ensure that the ferrous material or other source of the rust is addressed prior to the removal of the stains. Otherwise, the stains will simply reappear. Check us out online.
  6. Rust Stain Removal in Northern Virginia

    The same can be said for rust removal from most surfaces.
  7. This is one of the many clients that we serviced in Leesburg Va last year. The instant improvement to curb appeal was nothing short of amazing! A new roof would have cost the homeowner in excess of $15,000. Our services? Less than 10% of that! We're American-ProTech, the regions premier roof stain removal specialists: Professional StaffProfessional EquipmentProfession Results - Every TimeVisit our Resource Center then give us a call for your no obligation consultation.
  8. It's what we do.....

    Making roofs look great again! Sadly, a prior roofer had insisted to the homeowner that the shingles he'd replaced (around the dormers and a few on the east wing) were an exact match, that the other shingles were just 'dirty'. He was wrong. No doubt the roof looks TONS better even with the mis-matches!
  9. It's what we do.....

    It sure was Chris (It's short for NOrthern VirginiA, for anyone interested. This estate home was way North in Purcellville Va.
  10. premium forum

    It's on both forums. For this forum, it's http://roofcleaninginstitute.org/forum/64-secrets-of-roof-cleaning/
  11. How long for tree to Die?

    Arborvitaes are very chlorine sensitive. They're also very sodium sensitive, ie you can wipe one out with direct chlorine contact (systemic or otherwise) as well as via salt run off via the down spouts long after the treatment. It seems that there are other arborvitaes in the picture behind the brown one. I think that you got lucky on this one :-) Geraniums, hydrangeas, burning bushes and clematis are also VERY sensitive.
  12. Well, this one took longer than an hour! It was a fairly big job and it turned out great! Plenty more before and after pics can be found on our website, TheRoofCleaningCompany.com. Check us out online and hit the FB like button in the upper right!
  13. From drab to FAB, in about an hour...

    Thanks Chris. We've completed our services on quite a few churches over the years, but this was by far the largest.
  14. This little Cape Cod in Northern Virginia received a 'facelift' by American-ProTech. Curb appeal was dramatically improved, and the homeowner saved thousands of dollars as compared to a replacement roof. When it comes to your home in Northern Virginia, call the Pros at American-ProTech. Check us out online at TheRoofCleaningCompany.com
  15. New roof pump variant!!

    There's a new variety of the 5850 12v pump on the market. Bob at PressureTek.com is carrying them, and although they wholesale for more than the regular Delevan 5850, Bob has not increased his retail prices on them. I'm told that the motor has been substantially upgraded and that the motor housing size has had to be increased to accommodate the improved motor. I've just ordered 4 of them (along with a whole bunch of other things) and will provide unbiased feedback once we've field tested them. For anyone that's been on the RCIA for a while, you know that American-ProTech goes through LOTS of pumps. Fingers crossed that this upgrade reduces our pump consumption.
  16. New roof pump variant!!

    The new variant of the 5850 from Bob FINALLY bought the farm. But it wasn't the motor, it was the 'head gasket' for lack of better words. We got over 3 months of HEAVY use out of that bad boy! With the prior versions, we'd sometimes go through them in just a few weeks. Very pleased.
  17. New roof pump variant!!

    Thanks for the kind words Erick. Let's talk shop one evening. The RCIA is what got American-ProTech off the ground back in 2010. I'm forever grateful.
  18. Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia

    Thanks Kacy. Another business owner liked them so much, he edited out the eagles, and used them in a cheesy Fivver video to promote his own business He could have at least asked. Saw another pic from my web site (not mine, but I did get permission to use it) in a recent post of his as well. Go figure! LOL.
  19. Hiring a "day laborer"

    Beware contractor vs subcontractor status. There is a substantial, legal difference.
  20. New roof pump variant!!

    Update - we have yet to kill the pump with the new motor variant... And we typically burn through 12v pumps very quickly. So far so good!
  21. American-ProTech, TheRoofCleaningCompany.com, spent the day in Woodbridge and Dumfries Va today. The home in the picture below is yet another one of our clients in Montclair. The homeowner opted for the entire package, and the home sparkled when we were done! She was extremely pleased. When it comes to your home in Montclair, call the pros at American-ProTech! We're the regions leading roof stain removal specialist for a reason!
  22. Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia

    My eldest kid holds the Economics degree, not me, but I think I can get close to a correct answer. Supply and demand is what has driven the prices so high. The cost of living in general is high here. I suspect that it's largely due to the bullet proof economy. When I was in corporate management (Tech Sector) Northern Virginia surpassed Silicon Valley for Tech jobs. Couple that with the Fed, (lots of feds around here, lots!) and Government contractors on top of private enterprise, and you have a recipe for a good, strong economy. I have a new buddy in Florida that I met over the winter. He purchased a house on the water in Apollo Beach just to the south of you, on a canal, for $300K! You can't buy a town house for $300k here! But on the flip side, we just did a $795 house wash on a McMansion :-) And we cleaned his roof about 3 years ago too! It's all give and take I reckon.
  23. Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia

    Real estate is indeed pretty crazy here Chris. That particular home was in Falls Church, and is like many, many other small Cape Cods from the 50s there.. That little home would easily be $500K. Probably more. We cleaned the roof on a tiny, 1930s or 1940s home in Arlington Va a couple of years ago. It was going on the market. The owner proudly proclaimed that it was the lowest priced single family home for sale in Arlington, for ONLY $600,000. Insane.
  24. New roof pump variant!!

    It's an illusion due to the lousy photographer :-) They're both 3" in diameter, I just measured them. Also, obvious typo in my prior post, the new pump is about an inch longer (vs long).
  25. New roof pump variant!!

    As is typical with the lightnin' fast shipping from Bob, my new spare pumps have already arrived. I was doing an experiment with a standard 5850, and just placed a new model beside it for comparison. The motor housing is about 1" long to accommodate the improved motor that Bob spoke of. Specs of the pump (GPM/AMPs etc) remain the same. I'm cautiously optimistic.