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    How do I get access to the other forum if I paid for membership here. Do i need to register on the other also? 
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    My name is Wade and I am new to roof cleaning I have been on here reading for a while trying to gain as much info as my brain can handle.  I really appreciate all of you guys, y'all are very helpfull.
    Me and my buddy are about to start a roof cleaning business in the Houston area.  I did pressure washing and flet washing for about four years and got out of it in 2009. Even then I would come to this fourm and troll  for info.
    At the time I just did not have the time to add Roof Cleaning to my other stuff.
    I would also like to thank Kevin at Peak of Perfection for talking with my the other Day. I look forward to getting to know many more of y'all.
    I am only doing this part time. i am a firefighter in Houston for my full time job.