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  1. What Roof Cleaning Pump Are You Using ?

    I am new to the forum and somewhat new to roof cleaning. I have been doing only Tile roofs in Sarasota for about 6 months now. I have been walking the roofs and using a FB2. I placed a post last week where I asked about walking the roof versus doing it from a ladder. Many commented that most of the roof can be done from ladders. My concern is that if I have to get on the roof to do the parts that are not reachable (lets say the slopes behind the pool cage), why not just do the whole thing from the roof? The second thought is that if I am going to be on the roof anyway to do the part I could not reach from the ladder, does it really matter if I am able to shoot 25 feet versus 40 feet. I'd rather just take a few steps and not have to deal with a gas motor that drives a piston to create air that is finally used to drive the diaphram pump (seems like a lot of contraption just to spray chemical). I took my FB2 apart today and the diaphragm appears to have gotten stiff. I found a place that sells replacement upper and lower for about $70.00 + $15.00 shipping, but for all the hassle, I might just go with a new pump for aprox $180.00. I have been buying the Hang Tite to add to my mix, but last week I almost slipped even though the algae had been cleaned where I was stepping. I concluded the same thing as Apple, that the surfactant was the issue. Maybe I will try just the SH and the TSP. Isn't the TSP pretty nasty stuff from a health standpoint? I know HD doesn't sell it anymore, but my local lowes store has the bigger box or $10.00. Maybe I should swap out the soap for the TSP?