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  1. Gain Dish Soap For Cleaning Roofs!

    How much are you using per batch? and what is your batch size?
  2. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

  3. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    I love it so far. I have tried it in various different ways and setups. The set up works rather well. I have found out that adjustable voltage setting doesn't help much. It makes a lot more noise, you can tell it is cycling faster, but has no noticeable affect on the spray. With this setup you have to walk the roof! I lost my 4 banger and am now using power washer tip(s) or the Master Nozzle. With my set up, the 5850 pump from pressuretek, 5/8 poly hose, a commercial car wash wand with power washer tip(s) OR Master Nozzle, http://www.masterindustriesllc.com/ I have a 65 gallon tank and bottom draw from it. 10' intake hose to the pump, 100” of hose from the pump to the wand, wand has a 18” extension then a quick connect for the PW tips OR I use a barb connector to attach Master Nozzle. When using the wand and PW tips I only use the BLACK 60 degree tip. This allows a nice fan pattern to be used. If you turn the tip sideways, it makes getting near the edge of the roof with minimal over spray. I use the Master Nozzle when I want more suds to build up on the roof. Using smaller tips creates more of a mist but cycles the pump more often. This set up only sprays about 10' in front of you, the good part about this set up is that it hardly ever cycles the pump, the bad is that you use a little more chemical. This is where having the lower GPM pump is a good thing. Go to www.roofcleaningofmidmo.com and watch the video to see how it works. I am using the HO electric, have a battery back up if I need it, and so far I have not tripped any breakers, I think that this is due to the fact the power supply has its own capacitor(s). If anyone has more questions let me know.
  4. Newly Registered - What's next?

    My experience with fiverr was not a good one. Then again I only tried them out at $15. After seeing what they offered me, I contacted a graphic designer that I knew. If you want her contact info let me know.
  5. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    I am still playing with tip sizes. How many volts to run for each size. How many gpm are being used.
  6. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    Here we have 99% asphalt roofs. My battery was only putting out 9.5 volts so my pump was lagging and I couldn't get a good stream with anything other than the 60/65 degree tip. Now that I can have my pump running at an optimal level I am going to see what works best for me.
  7. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    I am running the 5850 from Pressure Tek.
  8. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    Just got done with a job and was going to flush out my pump when I noticed the power supply had come in. Out of the box you have to attach the power cord to the machine. The simple diagram makes this easy. Not wanting to completely change the set up I have now, I have clamps that attach to the battery right now. I just stripped some wire I had on hand and attached them into the right location and clamped them together. Right away the pump was pumping harder than it ever has with my battery. Since this have a voltage adjustment screw on it, I played with it a bit. On the lowest setting the pump hummed along like it has did with the battery. With a slight turn of the screw the pump started to pump faster and farther, as expected. With the screw turned all the way up the pump was probably pumping more than it was rated for. This might be a good thing if you need just a little bit more distance for a very short amount of time. I will play with it some more when I am on my next job and see what it can do.
  9. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    Price Update Price has dropped to $60 and shipping is only $5.
  10. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    I just ordered mine. I will do a write up when I can
  11. 1 Million Cups

    What they do is have a small “new” business talk to a group of other business, some small some large, and it is to network and receive feedback from the community. Well it was a bust. They said that my business was not unique enough since another company is doing it, agent clean. So I wished them well for now but might drop back in from time to time depending on who the speaker is. This group is a great way to find out about new and upcoming business and products in your community. They do have a location in St. Paul
  12. 1 Million Cups

    I was wondering if anyone has presented at a 1 Million Cups meeting. If you have what was your experience like? We have one in my area and am thinking of going to a few meeting to see what might happen. http://www.1millioncups.com
  13. How to properly price a roof clean job?

    It's impossible to tell the square foot of a roof based off the square foot of the house. A ranch house without a basement might be 1500 sqft and the roof might be about 2000 sqft A ranch house with a "finished" basement would be 3,000 sqft and still have the 2000 sqft roof. Also A ranch house without a basment can have the same sqft roof as a 2 story colonial.