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  1. Do you wonder who made those black oily streaks and dark stains on your roof? It could be space aliens or maybe from racoons skidding their bottoms across the roof, tar baby tracks, jet fuel (From alien craft), tree sap, acid rain or really black dirt. Believe it or not, it is caused by Gloeocapsa Magma an algae. As this space mutant algae eats and multiplies, the colonies become larger and more dense. The dense area of the algae colonies are evident by the ugly black poop streaks which algae excrete as a protective sheathing that stain the roof. Along with the stain Gloeocapsa Magma eat the limestone filler in the shingle, they turn nitrogen into ammonia which acts as a fertilizer source for moss, algae and lichens causing them to grow and flourish. This air born algae is more prevalent as you travel west of the Cascade mountains. Besides the damage they do by eating the calcium carbonate, limestone layer, they also promote the colonization and growth of other destructive organisms. The effects of the algae are not only unsightly but very costly if not treated. If your roof is infected by algae, space aliens, or other mutant organisms such as Northwest mega mutant moss or lichen, have the best certified roof cleaner (non-pressure spray system) inspect it as soon as possible. Bio Soft Wash 503 383-1285
  2. The Harbor Freight Air Compressor

    Does the HF big one with 18.5 CFM give you enough power for your 1 inch pump? Are you using 1/2 inch hose or 3/4? Where do you get 3/4, I have not seen any.
  3. The Harbor Freight Air Compressor

    How is the harbor freight compressor holding up? Can you give an update.