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    Hi, i trying to publish a blog entry but I do not see am"entry button" or a "publish" can some please advise? Thanks! Roof Cleaning Oceanside CaA blog by San Diego Roof Cleaner Follow this 0ENTRIES 0COMMENTS 0VIEWS 5ABOUT THIS BLOGJerry, USMC-retired, needed to have to concrete tile roof cleaned, he called several local companies and the only option offered was to pressure wash his roof. After speaking to San Diego Roof Cleaner, he learned that the best option is to use a no pressure cleaning system to avoid damages to his tile roof and the only proven method to kill the algae and bacteria growing on the roof. Jerry and his wife were very happy with our services and could not believe how clean their roof turn out! Thank you Jerry for your service, in gratitude he recieved his military discount. Show more Add Blog EntryManage Blog Entries in this blog SORT BY No blog entries have been created Submit New Blog Entry