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  1. What Roof Cleaning Pump Are You Using ?

    anyone here think the bandit setup from pressure is a good starting point for equipment?
  2. Online roof measurement

    if you google roof calculator- www.final-analysis.com/calculator should bring you to roof calculators showing lenght x width x slopr or pitch so-- 40'longx 28' wide house with a 9/12 pitch = 1400 total sq ft.
  3. Cleaning Steep Church Roof Tampa FL

    wow-- great job.- of course I'm not a fan of heights after taking a fall., but--great job Chris.
  4. Joining RCIA

    Chris T has been a good guy to me answering calls, questions etc as a newbie.
  5. Getting uncomfortable

    I know its a real newbie rediculous question.Anyone have any marketing materials they care to share or know where I can go that might b "canned". Instead of experimenting. thanks chris haines
  6. Using Independent Sales Reps

    Looking to add a canvasser/sales guy. The non compete is a good idea. I heard one guy hooked up with a tennis court guy for cleaning moss. I approached a commercial contractor today - figured he'd get some leads from time to time. Chris Haines