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  1. Let's see your quote and or invoice documents - I'll show you mine

    both..imbedded link to show u all the quote i use and tab function for it.
  2. Let's see your quote and or invoice documents - I'll show you mine

    how did u do this? i currently use excel and convert to pdf before emailing to customer. shall i just post my quote here or message it? thats a pretty cool quote btw
  3. Doing Roof Cleaning Demonstrations

    Maaaan Chris, this is an awesome video!!!! after i had those couple of days knocking on doors in this freakin heat all day and not but one person gave a damn i really didn't feel like knocking on any other doors even though the damn circumstances obligate me to find other ways. this is Great inspiration and mentorship. Congratulations on your business & thank you & the many others that are mentoring us newbies.. keep it up... Alex
  4. The 29 Second Pitch

    Dave, This is an awesome post. I was on neighborhoods all day today knocking door to door trying to refine my (sales pitch) but didnt have much luck.. desperatly trying to make this work i knew i was missing something amd i came across ur post.. thank you for sharing.. tomorrow will be a new day and new doors to knock. Do u still use this currently?
  5. Becoming A Business, My First Year

    Hey Josh, What accumulator did u use on this rig?
  6. "New" Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Mix

    Should i lower SH concentration? I appreciate the advice.
  7. "New" Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Mix

    Okay, just perforned 1st job yesterday cleaning a 2500 sq ft hom. Used 30% SH to water and added 30oz of gain dish soap in a 65 gal tank to try and mask smell but home owner mentioned today that they have a strong bleach smell.. as far as the solution it worked great. Stuck to the roof like glue but im afraid of getting some more complaints. Oh and the bleach im using is 10% SH. Thanks for your time. Will be becoming premium member soon.
  8. "New" Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Mix

    Hi, im new to the business excited to get started just one quest. This 30% solution wont hurt the landscape?