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  1. 32 Year Old Cedar Roof Cleaned

    Looks great bruce. Want to send you a thank you, for you were one of the original(before the rcia) that got me into this. Your inspiration in the first few weeks helped. Looks great as they all do,
  2. Tile roof cleaning Arlington, WA

    Sorry for the late reply everyone, Thank you, we sent a very long time on it and was a very good learning experience. It is, same county I'm in! There cement tiles. Wasn't really expecting these tile jobs, we got another to do this weekend also, haha. 2800sf roof (: The picture's on the top of the roof turned out AMAZING, I was very happy to see how those turned out. Thanks everyone,
  3. Get A Free Link For Your Google+ Business Page!

    Huh, that link wasn't working for me for some reason. Maybe my android, but anyways, I think I found it. I asked to join, so hopefully it was the one you're talking about. Lol
  4. Get A Free Link For Your Google+ Business Page!

    Is this still active? Link didn't work for me.
  5. Just got done with this tile roof in Arlington, WA. No pressure washer was used in the process. The home owner said he was "extremely satisfied" with the final results. For more information visit us at www.aphroditeroofcleaning.com or give us a call 206-795-8959
  6. Becoming A Business, My First Year

    Hey Josh, just a funny story. I called you about two and a half months ago before even knowing about this website. Played phone tag with you couple times and ended up talking to you half asleep and don't even remember what we said LOL just remember stumbling over words at 4am haha. Just wondering if you remember me? -Gavin