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  1. Why Roof Cleaning in Columbus Ohio?

  2. Air pump setup diagram

    First off. Thank you guys! I have a few questions. I have air coming out of the bottom of the water separator. Is that normal? I also bought a regulator from Kevin, so I removed the one that came on the machine. Only the one is needed, correct? I've attached a picture of the kit assembled on the floor. Everything look kosher? compressor, 50ft of 1/2" air line, tsunami separator, regulator, 20 ft of 1/2" air line, pump
  3. Air pump setup diagram

    Great. Thanks.
  4. Air pump setup diagram

    ​great. Thanks.
  5. Air pump setup diagram

    That's a great diagram. Do you guys use water separators between the regulator and the pump?
  6. Air pump setup diagram

    Thanks garyw! What exhaust should I look at?
  7. Hello guys. I bought a pump and regulator off Kevin, but am looking for basic setup instructions. I have a 1/2" pump, regulator, tsunami water separator and new harbor freight 9 gallon compressor. Would someone mind drawing me a diagram for how to set this up? The pump has 4 ports, but I'm used to a 12v that just has one in and one out, so I'm not sure what I'm looking at. I know one is air in, one is chem in and one is chem out, but I don't know what the 4th is or which ones are which. My fittings and manifold fell out of the box during shipping and then the second set was stolen by one of his employees, so I'm skipping the manifold for now. I really appreciate your time. I'm sure many others could use this basic information. Thank you. Brennon Williams Soap and Water www.SoapAndH2O.com