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  1. Here is a recent Cedar Shake Roof we cleaned in Traverse City Michigan. Extending the life of this Cedar Shake Roof for years to come. If you live any where in Michigan and need your roof clean, call us at 1-800-536-4598 or contact us at Http://www.saveyourroof.biz
  2. 30 Gal Harbor Freight Compressor

    I noticed that on the Tahoe Power compressor, the air fitting is (I believe) a milton fitting. The hole in the end is twice as big as a normal air fitting. I am also using a 3/8 on and off valve at the Yamada pump and 3/8 air hose. My question is why would I restrict the air flow with a 1/4 water/oil separator? Should I get a 3/8 water/oil seperator? I just water maximize the cfm out put to the pump.
  3. 30 Gal Harbor Freight Compressor

    I was in Harbor Freight yesterday and wow! That compressor pump is huge! Unfortunately I can not get that compressor to fit in a regular truck bed with a 100 gal chem tank and 50 gal mix tank, hose reel pump etc… We currently use the double or triple cylinder wheel barrow type that ends up on the tail gate.
  4. 30 Gal Harbor Freight Compressor

    I am working on setting up another truck with new equipment and I was looking at the big compressor from Harbor freight as well, looks like a nice compressor. I did find this one on craigslist (new) for $400.00 cheaper may go with this one.
  5. 1/2" Yamada Kynar Pumps For Sale

    Ryan, I sent you an email. I am interested Thanks! Larry
  6. Post Pictures Of Your Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Rigs

    Thanks Chris! The one feed is on the suction line and the other will mix or add chemical.
  7. Post Pictures Of Your Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Rigs

    Equipment used by "The Roof Cleaner"
  8. RO and DI water

    If I recall, the filter tanks used to provide DI water are recharged with caustic soda which is an acid. The tanks produce only so much DI water and have to be recharged. It takes sometime to produce RO water and usually stored in a holding tank. Years ago I worked for All Florida Water in Pompano Fla., that catered to all the car dealerships up and down the east and west coast of Fla. They would exchange the tanks and service the pressure washers at all the dealerships. My father retired from Culligan Water Conditioning and could provide me with any additional info if needed on this topic. Simple Cherry seems to work best for me for spot free needs.
  9. Dave, Nice Job! Roof Cleaning in Walker MI.49534. Larry
  10. Online roof measurement

    Dave, very interesting, I will try it Thanks! Larry
  11. non invasive fall protection?

    I am not to sure that the pipe anchor is OSHA compliant? I do not want to use a roof anchor either, I would like to find out if you could tie off to a tree on one side of the roof and work on the other side with warning flags six feet down from ridge. Need to find out if this would be OSHA compliant. Seems like the best option.
  12. Metal Roof cleaning in Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Dave, Nice job cleaning that metal roof! Looks great! Larry
  13. Lichen, Lichen, Lichen.....big Ole' lichen!!!!

    Hank, I guess you were not kidding about using same colors on your truck as ours. Thats okay looks good! Larry
  14. Box truck

    Nice set up!