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  1. NO, still using it daily, Have traded away my hastelloy though.
  2. how do i get logged in to the old forum after paying my membership that


  3. Question on membership payment.

    It costs nothing to open a pay pal account. Once opened you can use your credit/debit card to pay for RCIA membership.
  4. 2nd Roof Cleaning Today

    no need to rinse between applications.just wasting time and materials. Wait til the roof is clean and then rinse if you prefer.
  5. Newly Registered - What's next?

    Try it now. Here and also the other forum.
  6. Cedar Roof Cleaning Basics

    Call Bruce Sullivan. He is the cedar expert and has perfected a system for cleaning cedar.
  7. Warranty Cleaning Of Algae Resistant Shingles

    Contact the different manu. and provide your contact info for your area. inform them you are qualified to perform warrant cleaning if needed.
  8. Become An RCIA Certified Roof Cleaner !

    To become a certified roof cleaner, you must first become a Premium member. ($129.00 annual fee). Then there is a $200.00 (one time certification fee) payable thru Paypal. You will then be emailed a 50 question test which requires a 80% passing grade. I will then arrange a telephone call with you and Chris Tucker who will then ask you approx. 40 more detailed questions covering a wide range of roof cleaning topics. After successful completion, your title will be changed and your info will be entered into the directory listings for your home state. I can be reached for info at 502-773-1730
  9. Gave a quote today to clean the roof of a very large church. $7500.00. Church is probably valued over $15m.
  10. Need Advice!

    First off, never ever use a pressure washer on a roof unless you want to totally destroy it. A soft wash set up is very simple and can be built for under $500.00 and will deliver excellent results safely.Start out with a 12v electric pump and graduate to an air system in the future. Delvan fat boys are under $200.00. Garden hose and a nozzle and you'rer all set.
  11. Air pump setup diagram

    the top pic shows the chemical out and the place where your muffler screws in. You can run without a muffler if you don't have one. Just be noiser than with one.
  12. Electric Compressor

    ​Most electric air compressors draw a pretty heavy load. Most outdoor plugs at houses are 15-20 amp circuits.The chances of a breaker kicking are pretty good. What happens when you kick the breaker and the H/O isn't home and the freezer/refrigator is on the same circuit?? ($$$$)...Think about the conq1uences.
  13. No hype to if, if you use a good size air pump and not a toy size been thru all the 12v and most are junk after 6 months of use. Got over 3yrs of use on my1" ARO.
  14. sodium hypochlorite

    Check the manufacture date. it will stay pretty fresh for about 30 days if kept cool. You will use about 20-25 gals for the 75-80 gal solution, so you will use it up fairly quick.
  15. HELP HELP!!!

    Sounds like a suction leak somewhere. Do you have a injection control that is turned on??