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  1. Newly Registered - What's next?

    Hey Gary. I thought we went through this before as well. I am a premium member as well. And I don't usually go to members only discussions. But I just checked in when I seen this thread and on the old forum and I am also unable to get into the premium members only. Can you check that for me here and on that one too. TIA, Glenn PS I also am doing a new roof cleaning logo and have a graphic artist clean up my sketch. Anyone got any suggestions on who or how to get a good logo designed?
  2. New roof pump variant!!

    Did anyone ever find out which shurflo jeff uses? I am air now, but just curious. I used to use the shurflo and also thought they were the best. But in my attempt to find better ones I tried every one out there. And don't remember which shurflo I like the most.
  3. Safe Tile Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

    Yep I agree. I look at the other angle too. That being, as long as their are hacks out their doing it the wrong way it only makes more work for me. Friend or foe, it makes me dough. Becuase I have made a lifetime income going behind hacks. My target customer is the one that knows the value of "paying for what you want" and has already made the mistake of "getting what you pay for." All customers have a paint horror story. We have made a living being on the flip side of that coin.
  4. Safe Tile Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

    Quote : The damage done is irreversible, and leaves the tiles looking dull, compared to their original appearance. To the OP I completly understand if you make that statement in the context of your sales pitch. But other than that its not totally true. WE clean roofs and are also a paint contractor and repaint and restore tile roofs all the time. We just sealed a classic terricotta clay tile roof yesterday that looks amazing. Clay tile is amazing. I say that because like I told the customer. Its like a classic car. Of all the tile roofs I have cleaned in 20 years its the only tile style that I can get to look as good as the day they installed it. ( that being said OP your original statement is at least 80% true) If you let me seal it it will be better. Kinda like a frame off restoration on a car. He cannot believe what I did. I took an old abandoned for 2 years house roof where the tile was as black as muck and made it better than new. Chris I almost came back down and told him "deals off" . But he was not home so I stayed. I used my normal mix beefed up and hit the worst spot 3 times without the least bit of change. I think it had a baked on glaze locking the GM in. I persisted and won that battle. What a thrill when i seen his face. He asked me at least 5 different times. "YOu used your pressure washer didn't you?" You had to pull it out didn't you? Nope we don't ever do that. EVER MAN!
  5. What Roof Cleaning Pump Are You Using ?

    They are not complicated at all. Your over analyzing it. What is complicated is constantly having to replace a 12 volt pump that can't handle one of the harshest chemicals on earth. Or keeping the pump cool enough and a battery hot enough. I simply put gas in now and pull the cord and off I go. Literally. Bye! See you guys later. Before that I was always fiddling with something and unable to walk away. Thats why i changed to Air. And it has changed my life. Not for distance at all since we walk every roof. We are painters too so its no big deal to us. We got to walk them to paint them anyway.
  6. Largest quote ever!!!!

    Conrats to you! I know how hard a sell that is. Is it tile? Every once in a while i get a multi foof job that exceeds that. But its almost always tile because they last 50 years or so. In fact most or residential roofs i do are tile. They are not likely to spend that much on a shingle roof when they don't last all that long in Florida anyway. i got a condo job coming up that exceeds 12k. One of the main reasons I wanted this air system up and running. I did these roofs about 10 years ago with a 12 volt system. But I don't want to this time.
  7. 1/2" Yamada Kynar Pumps For Sale

    Ryan, WE talked amonth or so ago about these pumps. Any idea when some more will be available. Glenn
  8. 1/2" Yamada Kynar Pumps For Sale

    I would like one too. But have to ask why they are selling so cheap? Are the rebuilt or new?