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  1. Air pump setup diagram

    You should have a good length (I'd say at least 15', I run 50') of hose coming out of your compressor then you connect the air hose to your water separator first, then filter/regulator and finally the pump.
  2. Air pump setup diagram

    Here is a basic diagram of an air setup from Lori at pressurewasherproducts. It should give you a starting point.
  3. I've heard of them before but don't know of anyone that has used them. Pretty happy with the HF so far.
  4. Just received the Harbor Freight circular today and lo and behold the 14 HP, 30 gal air compressor is on sale for $999, usually $1099. Apparently this big one doesn't go on sale very often.
  5. Benitez and Hudgins Pressure Washing

    LOL, I'm sorry I gotta say it. "I know you are not on that roof pressure washing!"
  6. I was thinking along the same lines. So far, everyone is saying good things about them. I take good care of equipment so hopefully it will hold up for the long haul.
  7. Ran compressor yesterday for a little break-in. Oh, how I love electric start. It was actually quieter than what I thought it would be. It's still loud, but it doesn't make you run for cover or anything.
  8. Finally picked up the Harbor Freight 30 gal air compressor a couple of days ago. That thing is massive. I've got a 15 ft box truck and I'm already starting to feel cramped. Going to fire it up tomorrow and let it break in a little.
  9. It may be just me and I'll probably sound crazy, but I've noticed that when it is bright and sunny out, that it seems to "mask" the GM on the roof. I'm sure all of us do this - cruising down the highway and you instinctively look at roofs. As you are going by houses, your mind is saying needs cleaning, next house - needs cleaning, next one - got a new roof (coulda saved you thousands of dollars if I had got there in time!) and on and on. But some days, the GM just sticks out on the roof like a sore thumb, particularly when it is partly cloudy, early in the morning, or late in the evening. See that same exact roof on a bright and sunny day, it looks like it barely has any GM on it. Now I know if the roof is completely covered in GM, that's one thing. But when there are blotches and streaks here and there, a sunny day seems to hide them. I can still see them, but I can hear a customer saying "I don't see anything" or "It doesn't look that bad". Same roof on a partly cloudy day and your saying "Holy Magoley, that roof looks bad!" Same thing with rain, if the roof is soaked, can't see GM as bad, but when it is just moist, it pops off the roof like a neon sign. Just an observation. Again I might just be crazy too!
  10. Yep, I've got that in my notes and on my very, very long to-do list.
  11. Yeah, I saw that. Definitely will bring the box truck its going to be mounted in to the store. As long as they can get it in there with their forklift, I can faniggle it to it's final resting place. Just hope I have as good of luck as you and others have had with HF compressors.
  12. When I go to purchase one at the local HF, I will try and get details on their new return policy.
  13. Chris, you make em, and I'll compress them! Been in the computer industry for over 22 years. Most people have high speed Internet anyway so I don't think the file size would be too much of an issue. But I feel for the ones who don't. My in-laws are way out in the country and still have dial-up. Just getting Google's page to load is an exercise in frustration, much less trying to get any real work done.
  14. Whew! Thanks for the input everyone. Ted, I saw that you started offering exterior cleaning services and that was gonna be my next comment, about exterior cleaning services and not just roofs. You beat me to it. That's one reason I had to take a step back and re-evaluate my list of company names. I had narrowed it down to a few, but most names made it sound like we just cleaned roofs. Hopefully, I will have a name down by the end of day tomorrow. Dime holding up a dollar, but I want to take my time and come up with a good company name. Will be waiting on pins and needles for your future announcement. I may PM you tomorrow and pick your brain on some items. Hey, if your approach works for you and it can translate over to me, I'm all in. I know there are several different approaches to marketing and I'm going to probably have to dabble in all of them to be effective. But starting out in my sub-division, I may go door-to-door. I know enough people I could probably just guilt some into getting a cleaning! I actually had neighbor across the street come over and borrow a fish tape from me the other day and he asked me if I knew how to get rid of the black stuff on the roof. I think he kinda saw the shock on my face. Then I told him that I'm in the process of starting up a company that does just that. He told me he would be my first customer. He's getting ready to sell his house and wants it looking good. Just gotta get everything going into hyperdrive to get the business off the ground and pounding on doors! I have a ton of ideas on marketing as I took literally about 20 pages of notes while I was reading through all the forum posts. But, I like hearing from the experts as to what worked and didn't work for them. I agree 100% about educating the masses. Of say, ten people I've told about the roof cleaning business, none of them knew that kind of service even existed or that the "black stuff" on the roof wasn't just cosmetic. I would take the time to do a quick 1-2 minute spill with them to educate them how the whole process happens and everyone seemed genuinely interested. Albeit, these were friends or acquaintances, but still they all were interested in the service as soon as I get the company up and running. Again, thanks for all the comments and keep them rolling on in!