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  1. Want input on trailer layout

    Hopefully you put the compressor all the way to the front. You will find tongue weight like that is just fine.
  2. Electric Compressor

    Look at the cfm on electric units too. Pretty weak unless you get into 220 volts which obviously isn't practical.
  3. Should I Join The Pressure Washing Resource Association (PWRA) ?

    Technically no. The deal is you need to join PWRA (or Uamcc or PWNA or WCRA or MWCOA. I found PWRA to offer the things most likely to help me) before JW writes your policy and since I am a startup the timing was right. However, if you currently use JW I am betting they would listen to reason if you asked them if they would honor the discount anyway if you join. Below is the exact quote from the email from JW. In my case now that I did the actual math the discount is really $245 a year which is still a no brainer. I have attached some information regarding a few of the pressure washing associations and forums that you may find interesting. If you were a member of one of these associations before I bind coverage I would be able to offer you a discount.
  4. Should I Join The Pressure Washing Resource Association (PWRA) ?

    I joined PWRA today as a matter of fact. Since I joined and paid $199 for the year my insurance is almost $300 a year cheaper with Joseph Walter than it would be if I didn't join. It's a no brainer. My account is not fully functional yet as it takes a couple days but the marketing stuff does look pretty good plus there are other discounts and things that will help.
  5. Become An RCIA Certified Roof Cleaner !

    Hello, I am a new member and new to the roof cleaning business as well. I am very interested in becoming certified. I realize there is an emailed test and a verbal test but I have been using the search button and also reading this site to try to find out what more information on what these tests actually cover. Is there some information available that would make learning the answers to the questions possible? Thanks!