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  1. Class Action Lawsuit - Home Advisor

    Yup, they're down right CRIMINAL if you ask me. Yet somehow, we always get these guys who just joined the site, or facebook group, or whatever coming in and saying how fabulous it is, and how they make a million dollars because of HA. I'm trying to figure out how you get that much money from fake leads, lol. Not only do they use your company name and your phone number, redirected to one of their lines, but they will also spoof local phone numbers when they call you. They know that you won't answer their out of town numbers, and they know you're not ever going to answer if their name shows up on caller ID. I can't wait to see lead companies tank. ALL of them.
  2. Class Action Lawsuit - Home Advisor

    I can't stand Home Advisor. They ripped me off when they were Service Magic. I highly recommend ALL contractors stay away from HA. They sell fake leads, and that alone is reason enough to not give them your business. If you're closing 90% of your leads, you are very rare, because almost nobody does that. Their reps like to join groups and claim all kinds of great success with them that really doesn't equate to what the average person will get. The average guy is going to get a bunch of fake leads, and them dipping into his bank account when they're not supposed to. The thing is, if you don't dispute the fake leads, you just get screwed. If you DO dispute them, it's still up to HA whether they keep your money. This is not a limited experience or a fluke. Literally almost everyone who has used them has the same kind of experience. People who don't exist, phones that ring but never answer, blah, blah. My advice is STAY FAR AWAY from HA and any other lead service.
  3. Metal Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

    Here's a cool shot of a metal roof cleaning we did recently. We've had a number of metal roof clients calling lately. It's something we seem to do real well. One thing that sets us apart when it comes to having your metal roof cleaned is the fact that we not only rinse the roof, but we neutralize and release all of the cleaners from the surface to help prolong the life of metal roofing material. This critical step is important, and not only helps protect the roof from damage during the cleaning process, it also helps to remove the residue left behind. This means your metal roof is shiny like a new penny when we're done cleaning it! We are the only RCIA certified metal roof cleaning company serving Jacksonville, Florida. If you or anyone else needs a metal roof cleaned, give us a call 904-304-0810 or visit our roof cleaning page for more information. http://www.ultrasoftpressurewashing.com/services/roof-cleaning-jacksonville-florida/
  4. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    You will learn exactly what equipment to use, how to use, mixture ratios, how to advertise, you will get help with successful advertisement, you will get help from beginning to end, and once you're a member you get access to Chris Tucker. He will take his tone to personally guide you to success. I owe him more than anyone else in this industry because he had helped me make tens of thousands of dollars with hundreds more to come. Three membership is worth it just for access to the hidden boards to learn, but having Chris to help you is worth more than you can imagine right now.
  5. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome Jesse. You've come to literally one the best organizations in this industry, hands down. If you want to grow a successful business, this is the place for the help.
  6. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    The idea is that you basically run a hose from the lid vent to underneath the trailer. This helps because the fumes from SH are heavier than air, and they fall down onto the trailer and contribute to rusting it out. It's just one extra thing to slow down the decay by venting it to ground level below your trailer. Also, on my old trailer the ladder racks were right above the tanks, and you can see how it rusted those terribly in comparison because it vented right out the top. Diverting those fumes anywhere else will help.
  7. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome Jim. I'm sure you will make a great addition (Adam Austin)
  8. Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant is the BEST!

    I've been using it this past year. One pail does go a LONG way. It also does a good job at sticking. Just have to make sure it's mixed well. I feel it does better if I cycle it through the pump back to my tank. Stirring doesn't do as good for getting it mixed into solution but does work. Slo Mo is THICK....like pouring molasses into your tank, and it STICKS!
  9. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    That was a huge part of the reason they chose us!
  10. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    In our case, our advertising brought them to us. We didn't have to seek them out. I'm pretty sure they looked at other options, but chose us because of our knowledge and expertise related to the process.
  11. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    Same here. We are the go to company for some shingle manufacturers when the algae resistant shingles don't hold up. We do their warranty cleanings. What better choice is there for a homeowner, than the company the shingle manufacturers themselves choose to clean their roofs in Jacksonville, Florida? It's clear shingle manufacturers want RCIA certified roof cleaning companies taking care of their product!
  12. Ultra-Concentrated, Super Thick and Soapy SLO MO SOFTWASH SURFACTANT for Sodium Hypochlorite

    I don't mean that in a silly way either. That's just how a business works. Every single thing your business does is paid for by clients. If it costs more to provide better stuff, that cost goes to the client. Same with the grocery store. If gas goes up, so does the cost of my food. The problem with them is gas went down by HALF and food costs just kept going up, but that's another rant, lol! Ferrari doesn't give you plush leather at hyundai's cloth seat prices.
  13. Ultra-Concentrated, Super Thick and Soapy SLO MO SOFTWASH SURFACTANT for Sodium Hypochlorite

    The shipping cost is paid by the client. I don't see an issue there. Everything we do is paid for by the client. In fact, I'll be ordering some parts from PWP, also paid for by my clients.
  14. Ultra-Concentrated, Super Thick and Soapy SLO MO SOFTWASH SURFACTANT for Sodium Hypochlorite

    I've had time to use slo mo quite a bit. It's like pouring molasses when we measure it for our mix. Needs stirred or cycled through the pump for a good mix. It is sticky!
  15. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    I spend my days breaking the stigma that we're just "spraying bleach" with each and every client!