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  1. First Year Sales

    30-35 cents... in south Florida that's like a seeing a unicorn or bigfoot
  2. Why The Roof Cleaning Chemicals Can Kill Plants

    I like one of the other videos where we see a tile roof being cleaned with a caption that reads as follows, "Chemical roof cleaning kill plants!"... Yes thank you captain obvious. If you do some research on roof cleaning you will learn that it is in fact a plant on the roof surface. Therefore killing the plant is the goal in roof cleaning. As opposed to just rinsing some of it from the surface with water. "Does NOT remove dirt/debri"... Well that doesn't really apply to roof cleaning since dirt/debri are not the main cause of the black coloration of a roof. Again its a living plant on the roof surface. "It bleaches the color of the tile and your roof look faded!"... Along with the bad wording, this statement is false. Every roof I've ever cleaned with chemicals went back to its natural color and a faded tile roof is caused by high pressure washing year after year removing a layer from the surface each time it is cleaned "Rots your base sheet"... How does it reach the base sheet? "Corrodes your metal"... What metal? Not a smart idea to show up on a non pressure roof cleaning forum and say here's an alternative to toxic chemicals when in one of the videos you have a yellow 2.5 gallon jug next to your pressure washer. The exhaust from that machine is also toxic but you don't run it in your house and breathe in the fumes now do you. Although maybe you should try it and let us know how that goes for you.
  3. 3/8 All Flo pump at work

    air inlet
  4. All-Flo air pump question

    Pulsing is normal, in pickup and the spray line. If using a drop hose as a pickup from the top of tank make sure it doesn't vibrate out of the mix tank. Puffing a cloud sounds like water vapor. Get an air/water separator before pump and drain tank daily. The cloud shouldn't be an issue. You could just disconnect the air hose from the pump or use a ball valve to shut off air when your done and never have to touch the regulator. Spray some kind of lubricant in the air inlet of the pump every now n then to help with it locking up and freezing in the middle of a job. Practice, practice, learn.
  5. Yellow staining after spraying a roof.

    At that ratio the mix should foam up and start working immediately but I give it minimum 10 mins; 15 if shady or cool (don't usually have that in s fl). By the time I spray the whole roof I can go back to where I started and repeat. I did a shingle roof last week that was completely soaked from the rain as I was setting up equipment and it still worked as normal.
  6. Yellow staining after spraying a roof.

    20 sh 30 h2o, supplier goes through 1500gal a week, not weak mix or sh. I've never had any black roof come clean with just one application. At least two coats and some touchup spots after that. You could spray straight sh if you wanted a stronger mix but I wont. It will not clean up with a couple good rains if the roof is left looking like picture #4 above because you haven't completely killed all of the GM. All the black is gone when I leave also... picture #5.
  7. Yellow staining after spraying a roof.

    I had this same question when this first happened to me. I mostly have this problem with shingle roofs. All you have to do is spray the roof again. Usually it takes 3 coats if its really dark to get it completely clean. On occasion I've also had to rinse the roof because it can leave an orange tint behind. I put in some pics as an example to what you're describing.
  8. The smell is just part of the process. They will just have to deal with it if they want a clean roof without using a pressure washer. It will go away in a few days. Plus any neighbors that are downwind will wonder whats going on when they smell it. I pay $.99/gal. But with lower costs comes much lower prices.
  9. Low Priced Roof Cleaning Pump!

    Get bigger size tips and you will get more flow and less mist. Ex. If you have #10 go to #20. Your pump will pump more liquid and it will suck up your air supply faster with bigger tips. I have a bigger set of tips for shingle roofs and a smaller set for tile roofs because the shingle roofs can "hold" a lot more chemical without runoff whereas a tile roof just creates runoff with anything more than a mist.
  10. Fittings For Roof Cleaning Hoses

    Hey look a squirrel. WTF!?!
  11. Supporting Prices For Roof Cleaning ?

    Great idea... if only it could be a reality. You and I both work in FL Chris so we both know how bad the prices are here and how much competition there is. There will always be customers who want the cheapest price and there will always be someone out there that will undercut the rest of us to make a penny while the rest of us charge dollars.
  12. Box truck

    ... And probably weeks to set up. Looks like ALOT to a beginner like myself. Great job on the new rig. Awesome pluming work. I was proud of myself for getting my pressure cleaner on my new aluminum 4x8 flatbed and piped into my buffer tank today... now you make me feel bad LOL. I don't even want to think of the price tag of everything in there. Microwave is a cleaning must have LOL. Why do you keep 275 gal of solution sitting in the driveway like that? Wont it just go bad? Also, what size hose are you using for the water intake on the 4gpm machine? I also have a belt drive 4gpm machine and used 2ft of 3/4" ID straight from the tank to the inlet and it drew the water in with no problems.
  13. An other example of how NOT to clean a roof

    I wish customers would use a little common sense and do a little bit of research before letting these people with pressure washers blast their roof away. I mean seriously, is it that hard to figure out that maybe blasting a shingle roof with high pressure water might damage it? Its not hard to type roof cleaning on google and the first thing you will see is the video "The truth about roof cleaning and roof algae" from Barry of Midwest Pro Wash. My opinion is that there are two reasons a homeowner chooses to pressure wash their roof... 1. they are don't know about our methods or 2. they are price shopping for the cheapest way to clean their roof. If they really dont know about softwashing and non-pressure washing then I feel bad for them when their roof destroyed. Hopefully they will learn a lesson and call any of the experts from the RCIA next time. But if they are price shopping for the cheapest service then I hope they get whats coming to them. I had a guy just yesterday tell me he was going to pressure wash his shingle roof instead of hiring me because the other guy was $100 cheaper. I asked him if saving $100 was worth having a $10,000 roof replaced because the other guy destroyed the shingles. He proceeded to tell me that pressure washing wouldn't hurt the roof. I gave up at that point and told him to call me in a year when his roof is black again, if he still had a roof left and wanted it done the right way. Needless to say I'm frustrated with stupid people and "the other guy" taking jobs from under me. Another customer told me he had his 4000sq ft tile roof done last year by two mexicans that used surface cleaners for $100. I did manage to get that job because he understood that was the wrong way and I cleaned his driveway for free after the roof cleaning. I know every market has the "lowballer" that takes jobs away from us but when I get call after call and give quote after quote and don't get the business its irritating. I guess I just needed to vent and get it out of my system and this thread got me going lol