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  1. Im currently looking at general business insurace coverage, but one thing that I have never fully had a good grasp on was being bonded. I would like to know how important this is and if you guys recommend being bonded along with being insured?
  2. As I begin on this new venture I have been doing much research on the actual cleaning of roof cleaning, and not much on the actual business side of it. I have the slightest idea as to how much to charge for a job. I would like to get some input as to how many of you do it. Do you guys charge per hr or sq footage of a roof?
  3. "New" Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Mix

    I understand simple cherry is not a replacement for tsp, I was just looking to enhance the SH/gain mix. I just recall you stating in a thread that adding simple cherry gave you results almost as good as the regular apple sauce. It sounded like a great alternative, since I have simple cherry I wanted to test the mix out. Just didn't know how much to add to a say 50gal mix?
  4. "New" Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Mix

    I remember reading somewhere that Simple Cherry could be used in this mix to create a 'super mix'. I was just wondering how much of the simple cherry to add to this mix? I have very little knowledge and less experience with TSP so would rather much avoid it.