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  1. Yellow staining after spraying a roof.

    I remember as a kid a that my dad used to bring home retired work motivational posters, and one read "Measure twice, Cut once." My new maxim, when it comes to roof cleaning is, "Inspect twice, set your ladder ONCE." Thanx for all the help on this guys. Have a great summer.
  2. Yellow staining after spraying a roof.

    So it's like shampooing, "Lather, wait, repeat (if necessary)."
  3. Yellow staining after spraying a roof.

    Thanx for the help guys. I use the 2:3 ratio. How much time is normal between applications? Minutes, Hours, Days? Thanx also for the encouragement. I'm not alone.
  4. I recently had the experience where I sprayed a roof with the "quick apple sauce" and the algae changed from dark to yellowish. Am I expecting too much too soon? I'm still very new at this no-pressure roof cleaning, and get hinky when a roof doesn't look clean when I leave a site. Please help. Thanx.
  5. "New" Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Mix

    What affect, if any does the copper sulfate have on the asphalt roofs? I considered buying some, but the warnings gave me pause until I can get some more answers from you gentlemen.