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  1. Works great in garage... will put trailer together over the winter months... Also, bought 2 new Bobcats for my construction company... Been super busy home building as well... Happy Veterans Day as well good buddy.... Hope you are enjoying your day and thank you for all... !!!
  2. Bought me an Eaton 9 HP Electric Start pushing a Yamada FVT 1/2" kynar pump utilizing 5/8" chem line... Will keep you guys posted with the performance !!!
  3. Hiring a Sales guy?

    What is the percent that you would offer these canvassers... ??? It's funny as I am a working man... Daily... It's amazing on how much time I spend in the construction industry with clients... I enjoy both facets and do extremely well at both... but... I much rather just do the work... Starting off I will be doing both, but, it would be nice to have someone answer the phones and set my schedule...
  4. Hiring a Sales guy?

    Where is the best place to find these sales people... ??? The sales people that actually do go door to door... ??? One good lead is to find your local monthly meetings for realtors / private investors / etc... This is a great place to market with your local real estate network... Most of the time they form a line and whomever wants to come up and give your 2 minute spiel in front of the group that night you can... If you are camera shy just pass out cards amongst the group and you get the same point across... BTW most of these meetings have a yearly due, but, it is small compared to the amount of work you can obtain... The one that I know of is $ 149.00 per year... They meet once a month... First meeting you can go as a guest so it's free... Def. worth checking out... That's peanuts considering... !!!
  5. Trailer Towing

    As we say in the wood working industry... Measure twice... Cut once... !!! Back in 1995 when my father owned some heavy equipment machinery... I was driving our Ford L9000 dump truck pulling an empty 20 ton trailer... On Providence Road. going South... Right after passing New Town Rd. which starts going uphill... A slow but very steady 50 mph. uphill.... Kaboooom the trailer came off the pintle because I forgot to latch it down... ZapItWash... You know exactly where this is... Right past the Auto Bell on the right side going towards Waxhaw... When that happened it was instant WTF adrenaline rush... Fortunately no other cars were headed in that direction because the trailer crossed completely over the North bound lane... Fortunately it was chained down because she was dancing... !!! Only a 2 lane road... Right after I stopped a motorcyclist was next in bound heading North... If that trailer would have hit him it would have been good night for him and for me... I'd still be locked up... !!! Moral of the story is... Whatever type of hitch you are using... Check twice to 3 times to make sure all is in check... This incident was 100% my mistake for not checking twice... Fortunately it ended well... !!!
  6. Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia

    That little single family is in the $ 500K mark... ??? My God... probably 1000 sq. ft. max with an attic ( 2 dormers )... Pooooof.... High Dollar DC area... Kaaa ching kaaaa ching... $$$... !!! Hope all is going great Ted... !!! Tommy
  7. Yamada NDP - 15 FVT 1/2" pump

    Good to hear Chris... Thank you for your response... Quick question... What do I do with that exhaust port... ??? Now it has a plastic cover inserted into the threads... it pulls right out... Thanks Chris
  8. Long time no chat fellow roof cleaners... I ended up moving to Florida for this past year with some pretty decent sized construction contracts, but, I have decided to move back to Raleigh, NC and start my roof cleaning business... Long story short my heart is not into dealing with the everyday construction grind / dealing with unqualified subcontractors and most importantly the people here in South Florida ( Delray Beach ) do not want to pay you anything for your services... Moving back in the next few months... Currently, I am still in Florida... Sooooo I ended up purchasing a pump the other day to start gathering up what I need to get started... I ended up purchasing on Ebay a Yamada NDP - 15 FVT 1/2" pump... I will be powering this pump with a Polar Air 20 CFM compressor... I believe I got a really good deal at under $ 400.00... ( for the pump ) I plan on using a 5/'8" line to supply my solutions... What do you guys think of my pump choice and what other recommendations for my air supply lines... Also, I am thinking about mounting 2 ( 150 gallon tanks ) on a tandem axle Gatormade trailer... 7,000 lbs both axles with electric brakes... 12 footer Hope all of you guys have been doing well both personally and in your roofing businesses... !!! Tommy
  9. What Roof Cleaning Pump Are You Using ?

    I agree with working together... raises the price points and keeps OUR market stable... I wish all people thought like this... !!! Cut throat tactics never work... stick together seperately and keep raising the bar and everyone wins... !!!
  10. Let's see your quote and or invoice documents - I'll show you mine

    Looks great... I like your " Payment due upon completion "
  11. First Year Sales

    30 - 35 cents per roof cleaning should bring some strong numbers... A 2,500 sq.ft. home @ .35cents = $ 875.00 If those numbers will work in my area I would be thrilled because that is a great return for the time and efforts ... It sounds like I need to make a few calls and get some pricing from the non-members within my area...
  12. New To Roof Cleaning...

    What size air compressor is recommended... ??? ( CFM, tank size, horsepower, etc... ) I have looked on Ebay and found some nice NEW units ranging from $ 500 - 3,000.00 range... I personally am a HUGE fan of the electric start models... This is the route I am going to use as well with an enclosed trailer for advertising correctly... Also debating if I should add a hot water unit 8 gpm's to advertise pressure cleaning as well... I am not sure if it would be worth doing so as I am planning on heavily marketing the roof cleaning side of the business... I know I have competitors in my area, but, I have recently noticed as I am new to Raleigh, NC... the roofs are filthy and everywhere you turn is a dirty roof ( commercial and residential ) Thanks for the great info on this forum... !!!