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  1. Rinsing A Roof After Cleaning

    Ive taken to not cleaning roofs if there are no gutters. Not worth the risk. If I do take a job with no gutters I fully warn the customer of the potential "kill zone". 97% of homes in my area have gutters so losing a potential nightmare isn't to bad.
  2. Moss On old shingles

    How old is that roof? It'll come clean, but I think its to late for the "like new" appearance once its clean.
  3. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    Yea I hear that sometimes. More often the customer questions the strength required versus what the bulletin states and the leave it on the roof, again versus the bulletin
  4. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    Yea they really need to update their directions on cleaning a roof. Maybe listen to the people that have been cleaning them for years. It is very hard to explain to a very diligent customer the right way to clean a roof after they've read the technical bulletin from the manufacturer.
  5. Aluminum window frames

    Sounds like Weepers. Vinyl sided houses are notorious for them. Lately Ive been explaining it to the customers and how to remove them. No call backs
  6. Aluminum window frames

    Yeah, I call them weepers. Always walk the job when your done to minimize a call back for them.
  7. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    Its 36 here now. Supposed to be 40 ish by noon so Im waiting to go.
  8. Black spots on vinyl siding

    Yep. They're on EVERY house in Northern NJ. The last job I did the lady had them on her car.
  9. This pair of cougar paws

    I usually get the high top shoes from shoes for crews. One season and they're done.
  10. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    Ive received more calls for roof cleaning in the last week(now that its wicked cold) then I did in all of October. Heading out to do two jobs today once it warms up. Hate cold weather cleaning,but it is what it is.
  11. Recently I was asked what is going on with asphalt roofs. They appear streaked with black and growing things on them. Here is my response. In the late 70's-early 80's we had a petroleum shortage here in the U.S. Long gas lines,odd and even license plates determining when you could buy fuel etc. At that time asphalt shingle manufacturers were having trouble getting petroleum to use in their products, asphalt shingle. They had to come up with a new formula for their product so they added fillers to take the place of the missing petroleum. They added limestone dust to the base and coated with small amounts of asphalt. Calcium Carbonate,a food product was also introduced and used in shingle manufacturing. These fillers seemed like a good plan at the time. The problem with using these fillers they learned a few years later is they are food for algae,moss and lichen. All these organisms slowly eat away at the shingles seeking more food. The Shingle manufactures first noticed the flaw in their plan on roofs in the lower states. The higher humidity increased the growth dramatically. The manufactures had to come up with a plan for cleaning their product without voiding their own warranty. This method gave birth to the asphalt roof cleaning industry. Call it climate change,global warming, whatever, but the fact is it is more humid in the northern states now then it was 20-30 years ago, enabling the spread of the algae to flourish on roofs throughout the U.S. After all these years of complaints and lawsuits the Shingle manufacturers are once again changing the formula for their product. Rather then go back to the old formula they've decided to just add another mineral to the existing formula. The outcome of the new formula is still unknown. by Sussex County Roof Cleaning 973-948-2700 http://www. sussexcountyroofcleaning http://www.sussexcountyroofcleaning.com http://www.rcia.com http://www.newtonpainter.net Add Blog EntryManage Blog
  12. Once again Sussex County Roof Cleaning has saved another roof for a Sparta homeowner. Using our state of the art non-pressure cleaning equipment we were able safely and effectively remove the algae,moss,and black streaks. Restoring this ten year old roof to looking like the day it was installed. Using a certified roof cleaning company to maintain your exteriors cleanliness is a wise choice. The team at Sussex County Roof Cleaning has been fully trained and certified by the RCIA and use only Non-Pressure equipment to clean roofs and siding. For a free written estimate please call Sussex County Roof Cleaning at 973-948-2700 or check out our website at http://www.newtonpainter.com/ https://www.facebook.com/sussexcountyroofcleaning? http://roofcleaninginstitute.org/ Add Blog EntryManage Blog
  13. Attn Realtors, Selling a home is no easy task and selling one that looks like this is practically impossibleBut advising your clients were to spend their money like Roof and Exterior cleaning will help you sell that house so much faster and for top dollar,making you more money. Which home do you think will sell first? So have your clients make the smart choice for selling their home in Sussex County and have them call Sussex County Roof Cleaning today. 973-948-2700 www.newtonpainter.net Add Blog EntryManage Blog
  14. The many benefits of Roof Cleaning start with protecting your investment. A roof left untouched, but growing algae, lichen, and moss is drastically eating away at your investment in your roof, leading to premature wear, degranulization, and eventually a leaking roof. Many homeowner insurance companies are threatening to cancel policies due these types of damage. An infested roof, even if only appearing as black streaking on the surface, can raise your heating/cooling bills substantially. These streaks, as well as other forms of algae or moss hold moisture and retain heat. This causes heat build up in your attic spaces causing your climate systems to run more often. Maintaining your roof saves you from replacement, saving thousands of dollars and protecting the environment by keeping materials out of local landfills. On average a certified roof cleaner can clean your roof for about 10% the cost of replacing your roof. Many roofs that are maintained properly far out live there expected life span given by the manufacturer. Perhaps the biggest benefit in a homeowner's eyes is curb appeal. An ugly,infested roof is an eyesore. Let's face it, nobody wants to own the ugly house in the neighborhood. Now imagine trying to sell that house. If potential buyers don't like the outside of the house, they're not even going to look at the inside. In the buyer's eyes, if the exterior isn't maintained the entire interior is put into question. A home maintained with good curb appeal will sell much faster with fewer issues in the sales process then a home with bad curb appeal. Do yourself and your neighborhood a favor and call Sussex County Roof Cleaning to maintain the exterior of your home. We offer many services to maintain your home including roof cleaning, house washing, deck washing, gutter cleaning, gutter whitening, and skylight cleaning. We service the following towns: Andover BranchvilleByram Sparta FranklinStockholm Hewitt West Milford WarwickVernon Sussex Wantage Quarryville High Point FrankfordStillwaterBlairstownNewtonMontagueSandyston Layton Dingmans Ferry http://www.sussexcountyroofcleaning.com http://www.facebook.com/sussexcountyroofcleaning? https://plus.google.com/u/0/108270384795724760568/videos Call 973-948-2700 to give your home back the curb appeal it once had.
  15. Roof Cleaning in Blairstown, NJ

    Yet another roof saved in Blairstown,NJ by Sussex County Roof Cleaning. Using our No-Pressure system we were able to safely remove all forms of algae, mold, moss, lichen, and the black streaks from the asphalt shingles on the home. Not only does it dramatically increase the curb appeal, but it saves you money versus a costly unnecessary replacement. Using the same system we also clean your siding with No-Pressure. Call Sussex County Roof Cleaning at 973-948-2700 and improve your homes appeal today.
  16. Roof Cleaning in Blairstown, NJ

    Yet another roof saved in Blairstown,NJ by Sussex County Roof Cleaning. Using our No-Pressure system we were able to safely remove all forms of algae,mold,moss,lichen, and the black streaks from the asphalt singles on the home. Not only does it dramatically increase the curb appeal, but it saves you money versus costly unnecessary replacement. Using the same system we also clean your siding with No-Pressure. Call Sussex County Roof Cleaning at 973-948-2700 improve your homes appeal today www.newtonpainter.net
  17. Let's see your quote and or invoice documents - I'll show you mine

    So Ted if your not going to see them how are you estimating them? Google earth? Its such a crappy pic on there I d rather go see it and educate the people. With any luck they sign right then and there.
  18. Let's see your quote and or invoice documents - I'll show you mine

    Nope old school for me. Nebs Prints them I fill em out on the spot. Done. Next
  19. sodium hypochlorite

    Probably not. Clorox and what we all use are two different things. Clorox sits around on the shelves getting weaker where most buy fresh SH at 12% and dilute it down to the % we require. You might get away with the store bought for light GM but i would add some TSP and other ingredients for a stronger cleaner. You could add some Sodium Hydroxide as well to stimulate the Hypo ion. Check the internet,local pool supply, etc. Pool supply is gonna eat up a lot of potential profits. but you'll get the job done right.
  20. Northern NSQ 7 gym 12v pump

    I gotta ask. You say you've had problems with the air pumps. What happened that made you go back to 12 volt?
  21. Why would you worry about cleaning your roof? We've all seen it on trees and rocks those round plant things, green moss,and blackness, but what are they and why should you care if they’re on your roof? They don’t seem to hurt the rocks or trees so who cares if they grow on my roof. Well not only do they make your home look dreary and dirty but actually they are feeding off one of your biggest investments, your roof. A roof left with all these organisms actively growing is constantly deteriorating and will eventually cause a leak in the roof. Due to the potential for roof leaks many Homeowners Insurance Co. are now forcing their clients to have the roof cleaned or immediately replaced. Most clients have it cleaned. Lets face it the last thing anybody needs is another bill, but given the benefits of having your roof cleaned it just makes sense. Some of the benefits are; Instant curb appeal- don't be the neglected house in the neighborhood. Instant increased value- if your thinking of selling nobody is gonna buy your nasty roof. Your health- do you think breathing in that mold and bacteria is good for you? Save on heating/cooling bills- those organisms hold heat and moisture causing your heating/cooling bills to be higher. Common sense- spend a little now on cleaning and put off spending alot on premature replacement. The benefits go on and on. To take immediate advantage of the many benefits do what most people do and call Sussex County Roof Cleaning now. Sussex County Roof Cleaning No Pressure=No Damage 973-948-2700 www.sussexcountyroofcleaning.com
  22. 30 Gal Harbor Freight Compressor

    I personally don't trust HF. Others on here love them though.
  23. 3/8 All Flo pump at work

    Is this a new trailer set up? Must be its so clean. I carrie so much stuff I could use a trailer for my trailer.
  24. EXTREMELY Dirty, Hyper Lichen Encrusted Metal Roofs...Help!

    Yeah but your gonna take the paint off with it. They're trying to avoid having to paint the roof.
  25. EXTREMELY Dirty, Hyper Lichen Encrusted Metal Roofs...Help!

    So what was the end result of this metal roof?