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  1. 1/2" Yamada NDP-15 QUICK SALE

    Long shot, but do you still have this?
  2. Air pump rebuild time?

    got 8 months it, one busted tube. Had good success with it, rinsed after every job. I'm using air at the moment but I think I might need to rebuild the diaphragm, at least till I get a 1/2 pump
  3. How do you know when it's time to rebuild your AODD pump? Does it completely take a crap or is there warning signs? I don't know how much time I have on mine as I've switch between the air system and an Udor system. I'm currently running an All Flo 3/8 Thanks
  4. Paying Your Employees

  5. Trailer Towing

    I'm self conscience every time I hook up the trailer. I swear at some point it's gonna get loose on me
  6. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    One of the major reasons I abandoned 12v was the fact that I spray 80% tile roofs. My Delevan 5850 with 30 orifice was putting down to much chem. That said with this idea, and say maybe I set up three different pump sizes that are plug and play with my inlet and outlet, then i could in theory run whichever pump I need based on my roof. Example 7gpm FatBoy, 5gpm 5850, and something smaller in the 2-3gpm range for those tile roofs with the appropriate nozzles for each Sorry if slightly off topic, just thinking out loud
  7. Facebook Pages For Roof Cleaning

    I try to keep up with it but Ido get lazy at times Here's ours https://www.facebook.com/3LMpressurecleaning
  8. Udor Zeta Zeta 85 P and Zeta 40 Roof Cleaning Pumps ?

    Have you still had continued success with the Udor Zeta? Thanks
  9. 1/2" Yamada Kynar Pumps For Sale

    Any still available?
  10. The Importance Of Web Site Loading Speed

    A A A C D for the new site @ 3LMroofcleaningorlando.com I'm still working with it though
  11. All-Flo air pump question

    I'll try this as a regular maintenance Yup, both of those. I'm rather new to using a compressor regularly but it seems like there is a lot of water in the separator after each job.
  12. All-Flo air pump question

    Another question this pump, or slight problem. Was working on a 6000sqft tile roof. After going through a 100 gallons of mix I then used the pump to transfer 50 gallons of fresh SH into the mix tank. As soon as I started to clean again when I opened up wand the pressure was extremely high momentarily, then went back to normal, I then went back on the roof and I started spraying and lost pressure. this kept happening until finally I squirted some silicone spray in the air inlet of the pump and then it happened a couple more times then ran ok. Any idea what was going on?
  13. 3/8 All Flo pump at work

    I had wondered about that puffing vapor, where do you shoot the WD?
  14. 3/8 All Flo pump at work

    What psi do you normally set the compressor itself at?