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  1. Thanks Doug, I will give it a try. I did find one pool supplier that can get me 12.5% SH...15 gallon drum...$65 dollars....by the time I pick up running about $4.67 a gallon. I'm thinking OUCH!
  2. Dave, looks like those guys are just a chain store in your neck of the woods. Thanks for the effort I appreciate any and all help.
  3. I have a Leslie's close by and very convenient to most of my service area. Can you post an example of a mix that would be using 8% SH and the Leslie's fresh and clear? I appreciate your help with this.
  4. I have read about what happened to Doug, we have a Harcos chemical distributor but those guys are hard to deal with and the required purchase amount is out of the question. There is a pool supply in Concord near Charlotte that has liquid SH, that is a 125 mile round trip for me. If the TSP and Borax will give me a boost, I could mix that at the shop before heading out and then add SH on site.
  5. Chris, I found a recipe for applesauce on PWI , it included TSP and Borax. It was a old post when some guys were going to make a cookbook. I am having trouble finding a source for 12.5% sh, the Leslie's pool supply here doesn't carry any liquid sh, just granular CH which I have seen some post over there about using that, but I have seen others say that it leaves white streaks on black roofs. Back to the TSP and Borax would that boost my weak SH 8.25% is easy to get a sam's club but cleaning the roof as fast as possible i am sure would make more MONEY. Could I use the CH instead or am I asking for trouble?