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  1. Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant is the BEST!

    I used Slo Mo for the 1st time today and this stuff is Awesome, I love it! I used 4oz in 60 gallons. I pre mixed in a half gallon of cold water. I will definitely never go back to Gain.
  2. Joe Walters Insurance

    I also use Joe Walters ins
  3. Welcome Wagon

    I read some reviews on them and there were quite a few negative ones. They say they are expensive and didnt get results. Being based in Florida, I would have thought there would have been more roof/exterior cleaners that had interactions with them.
  4. Welcome Wagon

    Hey all, Has anyone ever used Welcome Wagon for advertising? They are based out of Coral Springs Florida. www.welcomewagon.com
  5. Rubber slate roof help

    Typically no surfactant on slate roofs. I use a 40% mix on steep slate roofs. They come out great like this church roof I cleaned last fall. Clients were wowed!!
  6. Lichen removal Charlestown NH

    Lichen is rampant up here in Charlestown New Hampshire. Small immature lichen growths can be removed easily with little to no damabe to asphalt shingles with a high volume rinse.
  7. Aro non-metallic 1" aodd pump for sale

    Gary do you still have this pump for sale?
  8. The Harbor Freight Air Compressor

    Ive been thinking about getting one of these replacement pumps for my 5hp honda engine 9 gal contractor compressor. I do use an additional 11 gal air tank as a buffer. Specs show 17cfm@40psi and 15cfm@90 psi. To power my 1/2" Yamada. Should make it work just fine.
  9. Maine

    Ya its about 4 hours from me. Just a little too far. Sure, maybe if you are over in the New London area let me know.
  10. Maine

    Is there anyone here near Greene Maine for an asphalt roof cleaning?
  11. Roof cleaning in Walpole New Hampshire

    Dirty roof? Why spend $5000-$20,000 replacing your roof before it's time is up? A typical asphalt roof in the Walpole New Hampshire area should last from 20-35 years. I have seen lots of roofs 8-10-15 years old that are covered with GM (Gloeocapsa Magma-Black streaks) Moss, Lichen and or Rust stains that are being replaced needlessly costing New Hampshire home owners thousands of dollars. We use the industry's only cleaning method approved by the ARMA (American Roofing Manufacturers Association) which are the asphalt shingle manufacturers of North America. Non pressure cleaning leaves your roof & exterior surface Damage Free!! NEVER USE OR HIRE A CONTRACTOR TO CLEAN YOUR ROOF WITH A PRESSURE WASHER. A PRESSURE WASHER WILL DAMAGE YOUR ROOF RESULTING IN HUGE REPLACEMENT COSTS!!! With your roof in Walpole New Hampshire being one of the most expensive structures of your home, it makes sense to maintain it as best as you can. Hiring a professional New Hampshire roof cleaning contractor will save you thousands of dollars on premature roof replacements. We also clean and revitalize Slate roofs, Metal roofs, siding, decks, patios, cement, fencing in Walpole as well. Please visit our web site www.streakyroof.com and view our gallery to see what kind of difference we can make on your home. Cleaning completed During treatment During treatment
  12. Largest quote ever!!!!

    Cool, how big is it?
  13. Cleaning a metal roof?

    I plan on using Anti-Chlor which is sold just down the road to neutralize the metal roof with.
  14. Cleaning a metal roof?

    Thanks Chris. Seems to make the most sense to me.