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  1. Buy Slo Mo Surfactant Here Hello All! The feedback keeps coming in and EVERYONE LOVES Slo Mo! Users report that they use 1/4 of the amount of surfactant compared to the rest of the surfactants. Instead of using 1/2 gallon per 100 gallons of recipe, use only 16 ounces! Doesn't leave a residue Super thick and incredibly soapy thick Cost Effective at $65 per 5 gallon bucket This is not anything that we have carried in the past. This surfactant is all new for PWP. Buy Slo Mo Surfactant Here
  2. http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com/SLO-MO-SOFTWASH-CHLORINE-STABLE-SURFACTANT-5-GALLONS-SLO-MO-5.htm
  3. PWP is excited to offer the thickest, ultra-concentrated, super soapy sodium hypochlorite stable surfactant available called SLO MO SOFTWASH SURFACTANT FOR SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE. Slo Mo Surfactant is so thick that you will need less than HALF as much surfactant compared to what you have been using. PWP is offering a 5 gallon bucket for $65 plus shipping. Like the Hang Tite buckets, we box the buckets to save you an $8 handling charge by UPS. Click here to purchase PWP's 5 Gallons SLO MO SOFTWASH Surfactant for SH
  4. Smart person!!! Customer told me recently that his customers buy his equipment!!! Love that!! Exactly what you are saying!!! Smart!!
  5. Well..... How much does shipping really cost on 4-6 BUCKETS of snot, clingon, Hang Tite, Green Wash or anything else? $100 for 4 on the very low side, $135 for 4 on the higher side, $150 for 6 and $210 for 6 buckets! That adds a whole lot to your bottom line. The more you pay for your chem, the less that goes in your pocket. A single bucket of this dense surfactant that takes the place of 4-6 buckets costs anywhere from $20-45 to ship in the US. We don’t pad shipping and put it in a box to save a $6 you handling fee. We are going to send out new buckets with handles on the bottoms shortly. Soooo, when you look at the cost of shipping a single bucket over shipping out 4-6 buckets, I think the savings speaks for itself!
  6. PVC Hose Barbs

    I have a huge supply in stainless as well!
  7. How To Softwash And Build A Softwash System Of Your Own!

    Chris Tucker spent countless hours teaching me. I continue to learn and ask for feedback every single day as we continue to evolve to suit the needs of the softwashers. These guys are right. Keep these systems as simple as you possibly can. Don’t give the distributors more $$. It will lead to a complex system with complex issues to diagnose and expensive repairs. Should you need 12 volt pumps, All-Flo AODD pumps, hose, plumbing components or an entire package shipped to you so that you can do your own custom installation, let me know. We can help you. I can help you find SH for a better price in your area. The RCIA is the organization that you absolutely should join and pay the membership fee. It is the only org that gives waaay more than the fee provide. Everyone bends over backwards to help you learn providing you read, read and read some more. We can cut and crimp suction/supply side hoses for sealed tank systems. Just let me know how long, hose ID, hose ends and types.