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  1. Udor Zeta Zeta 85 P and Zeta 40 Roof Cleaning Pumps ?

    chris you're absolutely a stand up guy, spray force would not have the success that it has had to date without your help. Utor has obviously made many changes to thier pumps.
  2. Udor Zeta Zeta 85 P and Zeta 40 Roof Cleaning Pumps ?

    Thanks bill, see you in Orlando. Let me know your ETD Sunday or Monday
  3. How To Secure A Safety Rope Over A Tall Roofing Structure

    my best ladder accessory
  4. Why You Should Join The RCIA

    well its about time John. I think you'll find it's the best money you've ever spent. Lot of information here very helpful. welcome aboard
  5. Why You Should Join The RCIA

    you do pay with a credit card with PayPal. When you sign up with PayPal you give them a credit card to use but you can change it anytime. They're guaranteeing the payment.
  6. Why You Should Join The RCIA

    Welcome new members and hello to the old members. Great information great people here always willing to help.
  7. Invitation From Northern Tool

    Thanks Chris, I spoke to John and we are all set. I will keep yo posted.
  8. Why You Should Join The RCIA

    Best money I ever spent thanks Chris, Gary, Brian thank you guys for all your help great to be part of it
  9. Bonded?

    That's good Chris, I could use a couple more dishes around here maybe a setting of nine LOL
  10. Doing Roof Cleaning Demonstrations

    Nice job buddy! Are you going to Orlando July 31 August1 ?
  11. I never give a quote without a job site visit, unless I know the community. I always go to Goggle Earth before any job site visit to look at the community and the building.
  12. I saw the post on Gain here and I've been using it successfully
  13. Untitled Album

  14. Auburndale FL

    Roof cleaning
  15. I'm putting my second one together I looked at paint then at rubber mats, and decided to go with Rust oleum's deck coating. I'll let you know how it works out and will post a picture when I get completed