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  1. All the above advice is great and I would take it all in and go about it the best way it works for you. However we are new to the "roof cleaning" and what we did was buy the pump in a box setup from Bob at pressuretek.com . It comes with a 5.6 gpm dc electric pump already wired up in a box with a second box for a battery, 200 ft of poly hose and most of all the hardware to plumb it. All you have to do is buy a stainless hose reel , a battery and a chemical tank. Its certainly not the best thing on the market but its inexpensive and it gets you on the roofs and making money. There is always opportunity for upgrades . But atleast that gets you started and allows you to see for yourself what further steps you want to take to upgrade. That's what we are doing anyway .
  2. Cleaning a metal roof?

    We would attend that school !! Got my vote for "Apple Roof Cleaning Educational Class" .
  3. We have been asked to give prices on a couple of metal roofs. (Residential) One customer said that a local company, one of the most popular roof cleaners here in my town, said that they do not clean metal roofs. Does this guy know something we don't, and is avoiding issues that metal roofs present that shingle/tile do not? So what ratios and mixes are you guys using on metal roofs? Should I be worried about fading a colored metal roof with a typical roof mix? Let's get some more info on this forum!
  4. Yeah Richard. We have a lot of pools in the sunshine state. There is SH distributors on every corner and like every business down here they are cutting each others throats for business. Thanks Chris for that advice. I will definitely keep that in mind. However we did ask our SH provider how often they fill their tanks with fresh SH. They saod they get them filled twice a week. But like mentioned before its only 10.5% .
  5. We use pinch a penny on occasion. Our main SH supplier is on the southside and sometimes pinch a penny is more convienent. But we get our SH from our main supplier for 1$ a gallon. Pinch a penny doesn't do that. Lol
  6. Ok we have another big shingle roof job monday. Im going to bump the ratio to 35% and add more gain. This house on monday should produce some great before and after pictures.
  7. Also we get 10.5 % bleach . Do you think we should bump our percentage ratio to maybe 30 to 35% bleach in our mix. We are having to touch up a lot when the roof isn't even that dirty . Just a thought.
  8. The green gain original scent. We used 75 gallons of mix and used a whole 44oz bottle of the gain.
  9. Maybe this should be something we present to the customer before the work is done. While explaining the cleaning process.
  10. Good point. I will remember that advice on moving the attention to how clean the roof is. I will get some before and afters up soon. Need to go by there and take some good afters. The sun was a factor in the after photos the day of.
  11. Did a 3000 sqft shingle roof friday . Customer loved the results but made a comment about a smell today. I told them it was the cleaner and dead algae. That it would go away in a couple days. Never seen any threads on this, not a big deal just curious of what others have answered with and if anyone has been asked about a smell??