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  1. This thread will be to show the most basic layout drawings for tanks, plumbing, etc. Normally this would go in the Members section...however, newbies need at least *some* basic knowledge and nothing here isn't available online with about 5 minutes of searching. HOWEVER... If you are new...just join as a Premium member. Seriously, it is a heck of an investment. Ask most any Premium. The amount of knowledge and detailed information you will find on pumps, accessories, layouts, how to keep things running, chemicals, marketing and SEO...is absolutely 1000% worth it. Premium membership will save you money and it will make you money. Meantime, I will leave this thread open for drawings and system layout images. Please leave extensive discussions of different types of systems to different threads to keep this reasonably simple to navigate. If you have specific questions on a specific layout, please ask. If anybody wants to contribute their own layout drawings or pictures, please do so. Oh...and ANYBODY who tries to start the Top Vs. Bottom Bulkhead argument will be strung up by their Petard and pelted mercilessly with rotted fruits and vegetables. *************** Here are some universal guidelines applicable to ALL pump setups: 1) The Sealed Tank design shown should be utilized on ALL rigs. There are far too many posts on Facebook, and Pressure washing forums of guys who are suffering suspension and frame failures. Using this design will eliminate most of the corrosion. It is only a matter of time before there is a serious injury caused by a rig failure due to corrosion. Seeing as how the sealed tank system is so easy and affordable to implement and it will significantly cut down on your equipment and rig corrosion, it is silly to NOT do it. 2) Ideal Suction Line Sizing for Pumps. Suction line should be PVC. PVC Polybraid or Spiral Wrap are the most popular options. 3/8 pump: 3/4" 1/2" Pump. 1" 1" Pumps. 1" Note: 1" Air diaphragm pumps run fine with 1" input lines as long as they are driven with reasonable CFM. 3) Grey Schedule 80 PVC is the preferred material for hard pipes. Schedule 80 is thicker, stronger and more UV resistant. All PVC will eventually degrade from UV if not coated. 4) All pumps should have at least a small section of flexible input and output lines going directly in and out of the pumps. This is especially true for Air Diaphragm and Udor types. 5) All pumps with the exception of Kynar Air Diaphragm pumps with Teflon Diaphragms should be rinsed with fresh water after spraying. Even with a Kynar pump, your hose fittings are typically stainless and will rust if not rinsed...so just rinse with fresh water already! 6) Vented Chemical rated ball valves last longer. They are more expensive. The cheap PVC ball valves you buy at Lowes won't last with SH and get stiff and break. Invest in a good valve and it will last. I am on year five with our original 3 way Spears Schedule 80 Chlorine service vented ball valve. It was stupid expensive, but it still works perfectly and doesn't leak a drop. 7) If you use Banjo valves, you must use the Teflon ball/Viton seal version. The Buna Rubber seal version will leak...rapidly. 8) Trigger guns don't last. We nearly all use Ball valves. See note on Schedule 80 or use a Poly Banjo valve at the spray hose end. They won't break as easily if dropped. 9) *Most* metal will rust in the presence of SH. Anything exposed to SH fumes or direct spray should be coated. Hastelloy, Titanium and Tantalum are the non radioactive exceptions. If you have to ask the price... 10) Thread sealer containing Teflon is far preferable over Teflon tape for all fluid connections. Air Connections are fine with Teflon Tape. I use Gasoila for all my low pressure fluid sealing. 11. You need water hose on your truck. Buy Eley Polyurethane Hose or Flexzilla. I run Flexzilla. 12. Check all fittings thoroughly on a regular basis. Test all new fittings with water under pressure with the pump spraying. Materials Guide. Materials from least to most resistant to Chlorine and wear. Pump Materials: Fiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene....Virgin Polypropylene...FKM/Viton...PVC...Teflon/Kalrez...PVDF/Kynar Metals: Steel/Iron...Aluminum...Stainless Steel...Hastelloy C...Titanium...Tantalum. Spray Hose: Polybraid...Polyurethane...PVC Blend.
  2. Dammit. I'll host them on my website if Chris can edit and re-link the images. Been out of the online game for some time now after some personal and health issues.
  3. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    I've put a number of beginners into our Outlaw-Mini or Outlaw-Jr. Air Diaphragm pump systems starting at $399. Just add a hose, tank and a little air compressor and you are cleaning. Expandable for more output in the future just by putting on a bigger compressor and more pumps.
  4. We were just contracted to clean a Cedar shake roof in Lake Stevens WA. It is not unusual for us to see some roofs that are pretty dark with black wood rot fungi. But this roof is the blackest I have EVER seen. it looks almost burned. or charcoal painted! We should be getting some seriously spectacular before and after shots next week.
  5. Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning in Semiahmoo

    We are in the middle of cleaning several large cedar shake roofs in the exclusive gated golf community of Semiahmoo in the city of Blaine, WA. Here you can see one of our cleaning technicians properly harnessed up for safety as he removes the debris from the roof using low pressure. Give Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning a call at 360-831-9494 for all you Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning, Service and Restoration needs. See our Website for More information.
  6. First roof done need help

    What was the temperature? SH is temperature sensitive. The lower the temperature is, the weaker the oxidization. If the temp was cold, the mix was weak for the temperature (that is a 33% mix) and you didn't use surfactant...it would explain things. Below 40 degrees you pretty much need to be at 50% mix strength for things to work.
  7. Chem Handling

    Do you have Chem gloves onboard? If not, get some. Chem burns are possible when dumping 12.5% into your tank. It is required by law. Goggles as well since getting straight 12.5 in your eye is pretty much the ultimate in pain. We all spray the heck out of SH, and handled right it is very safe. But familiarity breeds carelessness and we often forget that when used and handled improperly, as with any substance, it can do harm. Handle it with care and you will save yourself and your employees a lot of pain. Keep a first aid kit onboard and your fresh water tank full...it is good for washing down anything that spills on you or the truck.
  8. The Blackest Cedar Shake Roof I've Ever Seen!

    It had some...but not like we usually get!
  9. The Blackest Cedar Shake Roof I've Ever Seen!

    This is how this Cedar Shake roof is turning out after the first and second cleaning stages. Here is the kicker...this roof is 75 years old! Before.... After the second cleaning stage. Still awaiting the final stage images...
  10. We received a call from an owner of a home with a cedar shake roof in Bellingham, WA. At first glance, even we were dubious. The roof was absolutely BLACK with wood rot fungus. It had moss, lichen, debris. Some shakes were severely curled. There were old zinc strips having off and had been treated with Zinc Moss powder which is TERRIBLE for cedar. But... Once again, we were surprised. It turned out the shakes were properly installed. They were thick. They were fastened correctly. After a second state of restoration with a third and final oiling stage still waiting to go...this is what the roof looks like... This is why we LOVE cedar! Three decades of service and ready for many more after servicing. Contact Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning at 360-831-9494 or www.deadmoss.com/cedar.html for all your cedar shake roof cleaning, repair and restoration needs. Serving Bellingham to Seattle, north to Semiahmoo, west to Anacortes and covering Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan, Snohomish and King Counties.
  11. We received a call from an owner of a home in Bellingham WA, wondering if there was anything that could be done for his cedar shake roof. Honestly, upon first glance, even we were dubious. The roof was over 30 years old, full of moss, debris and lichen. It had been treated with zinc sulphate moss killer which is terrible for cedar roofs. There were curled, cupped sections. Old zinc strip hung in strips from it. We were fairly sure it would at the bare minimum need a ton of service or worse, replacement. But... Cedar once again surprised us. It turned out the shakes were properly installed. They were thick. They were well fastened. After two stages of restoration, this is how the roof looks today with one more final oiling stage left... Once again showing why we love cedar shake roofs! Contact us at www.deadmoss.com/cedar.html or contact us at 360-831-9494 for all your cedar shake cleaning, repair and restoration needs in Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Snohomish, San Juan and King Counties. Serving Bellingham to Seattle.
  12. Another Mossy Roof properly cleaned without damaging pressure washing, scraping or brushing. Done safely with proper fall protection equipment by our experienced staff. Call Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning For all your Moss removal and roof cleaning needs in Whatcom, Skagit, Island and Snohomish Counties. Peak Of Perfection Roof Cleaning 360-831-9494
  13. It is still not too late to have your roof cleaned in Bellingham. We are skirting the cold weather and rain storms and getting jobs done. Today my crew is on a job in La Conner WA and then on a small home in Bellingham WA. We also offer state of the art Hot Water Concrete Power Washing and warm water siding cleaning. Contact us today at 360-831-9494 or see our website at www.deadmoss.com
  14. Another Cedar Shake Roof Cleaned and Maintained in Quilcene, WA by Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning. This small cedar shake roof on a residence was cleaned, with low pressure, high volume compressed air, followed by application of our cedar cleaning solution to remove the moss, algae and heavy lichen covering. Several missing shakes were replaced with new and some loose ones were re-nailed. For information on how your cedar shake roof can be maintained, contact us at 360-831-9494 or see our website at www.deadmoss.com Serving Belling to Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound Area.
  15. Three. An unfortunate three. That is the number of cedar shake roofs we saw this month which were not maintained and were past the point of being maintained. Each of them was in the 25 year old range. This SHOULD be about 1/2 life for a cedar shake roof, but unfortunately, they had all been neglected and were past the point of being cleaned and reconditioned. So instead of a very modest fee for servicing, three owners are now facing tens of thousands of dollars in tear off and premature replacement costs. If you own a cedar shake roofed home from Seattle to Bellingham, please contact us for a consultation. We can help you set up a maintenance program designed to maximize the life of your roof. http://www.deadmoss.com or 360 831 9494
  16. Udor Zeta Zeta 85 P and Zeta 40 Roof Cleaning Pumps ?

    Air compressors...lit is worth investing in a good one. If you run a Piston compressor, Eaton or Quincy are my first choice. Compressors like the Rigid are Chinese built and designed for homeowner or light contractor use. They are not designed to last year's and years running 8 hours a day. There is a reason an Eaton or Quincy run what they run. You pay more up front, but they cost less.
  17. Roof Cleaning, Oak Harbor WA

    Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning has just completed a roof cleaning in Oak Harbor WA. This asphalt shake roof was full of tree debris and moss. We removed the majority of the tree debris using low pressure compressed air then cleaned and removed the remaining debris with roof safe manufacture approved cleaning solution applied at soft, low pressure. Before roof cleaning... Debris and much of the moss removed (everything now dead). Every care taken to do as little damage as possible to preserve the life of the roof. Remaining tufts of dead moss and lichen have been safely killed and oxidized by our process. Black roof bacterial colonies have been removed, returning the roof back to its original color. Contact us at 360-831-9494. Serving Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Snohomish and the Greater Seattle areas. Specializing in Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance and Preservation and Asphalt Shingle cleaning and preservation. www.deadmoss.com
  18. Northern NSQ 7gpm vs. Fatboy 2 7gpm

    Note the amperage draw at 100 PSI vs 60. This translates to way more heat and much larger battery requirements. A pump heat sink cooler is a must if you run the 100A version. Also, the lower flow at higher pressure won't mean less distance...only less volume at distance which translates into less effective coverage at the spray margins. That being said, much higher volume WILL give you more distance as demonstrated here comparing a 1/2" air pump on 1/2" spray line with a spray tip VS a 1" air pump running open ended on 3/4" spray line. I gave the 1/2" pump every possible advantage....jet tip, no valve and....well just watch.
  19. We recently completed a Cedar Shake roof cleaning and restoration in the Fairhaven area of Bellingham, WA. This roof was extremely dirty, encrusted with moss/lichen/mushrooms and in dire need of cleaning. We utilized our non pressure cleaning system along with low pressure high volume air to remove the years of moss, lichen, algae, wood rot fungus, pine needles, leaves and debris. While others claimed that this roof was unsalvageable, we think the results speak for themselves. If you have a cedar roof from Blaine to Seattle, WA, don't replace it until you contact us. Restoration costs a fraction of replacement and adds thousands and thousands of dollars of property value (ideal for marketing if you are planning to sell your home). Contact us at http://www.deadmoss.com Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning. Cedar Cleaning, Service and Restoration from Blaine to Seattle Washington. Before Cleaning. Dirty, encrusted with moss, lichen, and black rot fungus. After Restoration. Yes, this IS the same roof!
  20. We just finished another Cedar Shake Roof cleaning and restoration in Bellingham, WA. This 8000+ sq ft estate was cleaned, oiled and all debris removed by our crew over a multi day period to meet a tight escrow deadline. It was covered in pine needles and infested with black wood rot fungus, now removed using our non pressure Sullivan Cedar Cleaning System and safe compressed air. The results speak for themselves. Contact Kevin at Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning for your Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning and restoration in Washington State. Before Cleaning and Conditioning. The cedar was black and full of pine needles and some moss. This property had two different aged roofs on it. Black Rot Fungus. This was after removing tons of pine needle debris using safe low pressure compressed air. After Cleaning and conditioning. Ready for many more years of service. Older section right after oiling. It will lighten up over the next week to a beautiful dark honey tone. Main Roof.
  21. Some Barrel Tile Roofs We Cleaned In Tampa Last Week

    Looks good!
  22. Another cedar shake roof cleaned and maintained in Blaine WA in the exclusive gated ocean front community of Semiahmoo. This cleaning on a 12 year old roof was done using the Sullivan Cedar Cleaning System method with no pressure washing. Contact Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning at www.deadmoss.com for more information about proper cedar shake roof cleaning and maintenance.
  23. Udor Zeta Zeta 85 P and Zeta 40 Roof Cleaning Pumps ?

    It is very unlikely somebody is pumping straight 10.5% SH on roofs or siding. If they are they are idiots and likely leaving a trail of destruction to landscaping and roofs! More likely they are diluting it down to house mix around 1%. The question is....how many are using your pumps for ROOF CLEANING which uses a 3-6% mix? Soft wash pumps that work for years as house mix pumps can be torn apart by roof mixes which not only use much stronger mixes but also in far greater quantities vs an operation which does siding cleaning. Chemical resistance ratings do vary from site to site. Poly is rated good on Cole Parmer but C or even D on other sites. Santoprene is similar with it being rated as immune on one and just passible on others. Practical in field experience has shown that it does degrade in roof cleaning pumps. Some of that may have to do with the pressure and flow VS. Static non pressurized applications. I notice wear in poly parts in the feed lines such as cam locks vs virtually nothing in tanks. Many many many polypropylene electric pumps have sprung holes after fluid chambers were eroded through. Seems like the more pressure, the faster this happens. Some have had fluid chamber failures on poly air diaphragm pumps. Consistent with these findings... http://www.lyondellbasell.com/techlit/techlit/Tech%20Topics/General/Chemical%20Resistance.pdf It is for this reason that roof cleaners look towards Kynar pumps which, with our particular application, seems to hold up extremely well over multi year periods. To be absolutely fair, the grade of poly you use may have something to do with this. You may be using a far higher grade and you seem confident. But, then the question has to be begged, are you confident enough to include failure from chemical erosion as part of the warranty? Limit it to no more than 15% which is the absolute strongest seed stock yiu can buy. I am sure more roof cleaners would be interested in the investment with that in place. I am interested as somebody who sells a fair number of air pumps, in any alternatives.
  24. Udor Zeta Zeta 85 P and Zeta 40 Roof Cleaning Pumps ?

    Definitely welcome. My question is not necessarily the design of the pump, but the material choice. Polypropylene, even UV stabilized virgin poly, is negatively effected by Chlorine. The failures guys have with Poly electric and air pump fluid chambers are well known and documented. Regardless of what poly you use, the simple fact is that Chlorine and chlorinated liquids will eventually weeken and fail the fluid path. Roof cleaners typically run anywhere from 3-6.5% Sodium Hypochlorite mixes...far far stronger than the typical 1% house mix used in the pressure washer industry. It is for this reason that many pumps, which worked fine for soft washing, failed rapidly when applied to roof cleaning. (PVDF) is a known best plastic material for use with high corrosion chemicals. It is also inherently UV stable. Have you researched what the additional cost would be to manufacture you pumps using Kynar fluid chambers?
  25. Another Cedar Shake Roof cleaned and maintained in Bellingham, WA. This customer was told his 20 year old roof needed to be replaced. We disagreed. We applied a proper non pressure Cedar Roof Cleaning using the Sullivan Cedar Cleaning System. We got rid of the black wood rot fungus which infested the roof and killed all the moss, lichen and algae. Afterwards, the client was blown away at the transformation...and it was raining hard when we finished so this isn't even the color the roof will eventually be. This roof should be easily serviceable for many more years if properly maintained. Contact Peak of Perfection Roof Cleaning at Three Six Zero, Eight Three One, Nine Four Nine Four to inquire about having your cedar shake roof properly maintained.