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  1. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: We Now Offer Price Pumps!   


    The 3/4" pump is off the menu for the time being. I noticed some discrepancies in the specs and contacted them. They discovered I was right and the specification are NOT conrrect. I had a meeting with the VP of Price last week and he apologizes. They completely missed the errors over the last decade and if you look at their website, the pump specs are currently not there as they re-test.  
    So...for anybody looking at a 3/4" Price, I can currently sell the 1" Price in Poly for the SAME COST. And yes, the specs on that pump ARE correct. This is a smoking deal. They also said you cannot stall their pumps. A 1" Pump with a 2.5 CFM air compressor will prove that this coming week. 
  2. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: NEW 1" PUMP AND IM NOT IMPRESSED! HELP   

    Try a shooter nozzle. That will give you a more laminar flow and will get you more distance. Honestly, you may get 50 ft out of an electric, but it won't be very effective at that distance. Thing is, your 1" pump isn't very efficient. So the amount of output it has is going to be limited by the CFM you purchased. That is endemic to that particular pump. If you had bought a Price Pump, you would be getting more distance, but the cost is higher.  That being said, as compared to 12V, the reliability is off the chart better. Plus...try putting a fine mist nozzle on there and can't do that with an electric. You can spray with an 010 or 020 nozzle, saving material and reducing run off. Once you run Air for a while, you'll never go back.
    As for the Eaton, I probably have 40 of them out in the field that I've recommended to guys and literally have had zero problems with the ones I run and have installed. I had one guy with a defective head and he had a new one from Eaton the next morning. You can always call Matt Cain, the president if you are having issues and my experience is that the few times there were issues, they had solutions nearly immediately. Try that with any other compressor company. 
    Also, I'm assuming you are running a water Separator system. 
  3. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Time to replace the KURI TEC Kuriyama Spray hose   

    You'll see it as soon as UPS delivers Gorilla Reel's new Fat Gorilla model made in response to needing bigger reels for bigger/longer hoses. 
    I should have the first two off the production line  next week. 
  4. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: We Now Offer Price Pumps!   

    I've had a ton of experience with guys stalling 1" pump with icing. I probably took 30-40 calls and emails on pump icing and stalling issues last summer in all different size ranges. 
    The higher the amount of CFM, the more water you will make. Simple physics. Depending on the pump air end design, you can definitely run into icing and stalling issues. 1" pumps run high CFM's and every mfg will tell you to run clean, DRY air into your pump. 
    Also, putting a smaller nozzle on may give you more distance...or it may give you LESS. It depends on the pump and the efficiency curve. 
    The smaller the restriction is, the more the head pressure will rise. The higher the head pressure rises, the more CFM you require to overcome that pressure. At some point the flow starts to decrease. You may not have enough air to maintain the output flow and the pump may even even stall.
  5. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: NEW 1" PUMP AND IM NOT IMPRESSED! HELP   

    Try a bigger nozzle. You may be putting too much head pressure on it with a dinky little 020 nozzle and actually limiting the flow. Put an 040 or an 060 zero degree. If you take the nozzle out and you get nearly the same distance running with just an open quick That much restriction cranks the head pressure way up and drops the output GPM and you don't have enough air to run high head pressures on a 1050. You can run an 020 but not necessarily for distance. 
    The Husky 1050 isn't my favorite pump which i why I never sold any. They soak up a TON of air. Unlike the earlier 1040, the 1050 is a DEFU pump made in China. If you look at the curve on them, not the best curve in the world. They like a LOT of air. 
    The 5/8" hose...does it have 1/2" or 3/4" end want 3/4". 
    If you want a 1" pump that will retain the output with that CFM at high head pressures then nothing is better than the 1" Price. 
  6. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Basic Roof Cleaning System, Tanks, Plumbing, etc. Layout Drawings and Pictures.   

    if you use the sealed tank system dewign with external fills, there is no need for any special coatings. 
  7. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: We Now Offer Price Pumps!   

    Sure. You *Could start out with an Outlaw-B and the compressor with your current 1/2" hose and see how it sprays. If you hit what you need to hit with the higher output, you are golden. If it is *juuust* enough, then upgrade to 5/8" hose and be happy. All you'd need is the ubiquitous Harbor Freight Gas Wheelbarrow compressor, $499 at any Harbor Freight location near you and a few bolts for the frame. 
    If it turns you you need more, just add a second is already for it. Add your 3/4" hose. Lori at PWP carries the Flextech hose, that is my choice in the larger hose sizes. Good stuff. Will run about $360 for 200'.
    Reel...for the big hose, I'd go Hannay. It ain't cheap but it is the right reel to handle the big stuff. You got to figure about $900 for a big manifoldness Hannay chem reel. Yeah, painful I know, but that reel will last a LONG LONG time. 
    What I'd do then is to plumb the system so that you can run one pumps through the 1/2" hose for smaller roofs and when you get the big tall monsters, switch a connector or a valve, bring on the twins and the big hose and spray the bejeezus out of it. I designed the systems to be expandable and flexible this way.  
  8. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: We Now Offer Price Pumps!   

    $2495. That is what I consider a Lifetime pump. Buy it once and done. 
  9. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: We Now Offer Price Pumps!   

    The 1" is available in Kynar. The 3/4" is only available in Poly. 
    That being said, the Poly they use is rated for 20% SH and it is pretty thick. You'll likely get a lot of years out of it before it becomes a problem. 
  10. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: What Happened to 3/4" Eley Hose   

    Flexzilla 3/4" is an option. We've been using their 5/8 on one of our trucks for the season and it works great. 
  11. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: We Now Offer Price Pumps!   

    I have a customer in Canada who just cleaned 13,000 sq ft of apartment complex roof with a Price 1" pump I sold him. On a single 20 CFM compressor it took him 1/2 an hour. His comment is that he only had the ball valve open 1/2 way the entire time on an 020 nozzle. THAT is called productivity! It is what a higher output pump brings to the game...lots of flow and distance when you *need* it and low flow rates when you don't. 
  12. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Basic Roof Cleaning System, Tanks, Plumbing, etc. Layout Drawings and Pictures.   

    No. see my statement in Fluidall I posted on the Gen Discussion forum here.  
  13. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Statement on the Fluidall Tote A Lube Tanks.   

    For several years now I've been recommending and using the square stacking sealed design Tote A Lube tanks in my rigs. The design solves a tremendous number of problems in the mobile cleaning industry. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. 
    Fluidall has made a decision to switch to molded in stainless steel outputs in all their tanks. Despite numerous discussions, there is no way to make the tanks work for chemical transport in our industry.
     I've exhausted all options with Fluidall and can no longer recommend or sell them for chemical transport. I believe it is short sighted on their part to ignore a very significantly sized  marketplace which was just starting to take hold. I am searching for an alternative that is reliable and well constructed. 
    Meantime, I am purchasing the remaining NOS supplies with the plastic output ports from a large distributor, so if a Tote A Lube tank was what you have specified in your build, contact me for pricing. 
  14. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: 5/8" inlet?   

    Drop sticks are evil. Seal your tank. 
  15. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Manifoldness Roof Cleaning Specific Reels   

    Here is the issue, in order for the hose to fit through the hub end it has to be a certain diameter. To be a certain diameter requires a certain bearing size. To fit a certain bearing size requires s certain frame size. And a certain frame size in Hannay's case is big. That being said, Hannay reels are custom built. Call me with your dimension limits; width, depth, height, and I'll see if they can build something to fit. One thing to remember though is that they won't compromise strength.