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  1. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Basic Roof Cleaning System, Tanks, Plumbing, etc. Layout Drawings and Pictures.   

    No. see my statement in Fluidall I posted on the Gen Discussion forum here.  
  2. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Statement on the Fluidall Tote A Lube Tanks.   

    For several years now I've been recommending and using the square stacking sealed design Tote A Lube tanks in my rigs. The design solves a tremendous number of problems in the mobile cleaning industry. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. 
    Fluidall has made a decision to switch to molded in stainless steel outputs in all their tanks. Despite numerous discussions, there is no way to make the tanks work for chemical transport in our industry.
     I've exhausted all options with Fluidall and can no longer recommend or sell them for chemical transport. I believe it is short sighted on their part to ignore a very significantly sized  marketplace which was just starting to take hold. I am searching for an alternative that is reliable and well constructed. 
    Meantime, I am purchasing the remaining NOS supplies with the plastic output ports from a large distributor, so if a Tote A Lube tank was what you have specified in your build, contact me for pricing. 
  3. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: 5/8" inlet?   

    Drop sticks are evil. Seal your tank. 
  4. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Manifoldness Roof Cleaning Specific Reels   

    Here is the issue, in order for the hose to fit through the hub end it has to be a certain diameter. To be a certain diameter requires a certain bearing size. To fit a certain bearing size requires s certain frame size. And a certain frame size in Hannay's case is big. That being said, Hannay reels are custom built. Call me with your dimension limits; width, depth, height, and I'll see if they can build something to fit. One thing to remember though is that they won't compromise strength. 
  5. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: We Now Offer Price Pumps!   

    I was selling rebuilt used pumps before. Here is the thing...used Price pumps are rare as hens teeth, especially in plastic. They just don't show up used, so they weren't my market. In the several years I did pump rebuilds, I only ever ran across two, versus hundreds of AROs and some Sandpipers. And I actually did mention it in one post and said ai was keeping it for myself. Which I did. The other went to a client in Canada who is using it for high lift projects and he raves about it. I had a customer who needed to clean a 10 story building and we needed a pump that would handle high lift pressures without much air. Price was the choice and I figured, why not offer them to my clients, so we struck a deal. 
     I still like the Sandpiper S1F pump, it is a beast. If you have a decent compressor, it is the only one capable of matching the output of the Proce in sheer volume. But I've come to appreciate the benefits of air efficiency, which I didn't pay as much attention to until we started trying to engineer systems liike the OutLaw-C.  These pumps allow somebody running an ARO, Sandpiper, or Yamada 1/2" to upgrade flows without adding CFM. It also allows somebody to use a smaller compressor but achieve higher flows, distances and lifts. Hell, you can actually run a 1" price off a Harbor Freight compressor...literally no other 1" pump will do that without stalling. 
  6. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: We Now Offer Price Pumps!   

    They are the next step up. Primarily in efficiency on the 1" pump. If you have a BIG compressor, the big Sandpiper S1F is a hell of a pump. But the Price will move the same amount of fluid for literally half the air.
    In the 3/4" size the Price is vastly superior in output. There is literally no other pump like that particular one. It hits all the hot buttons. 
    They have parts in me, as a rebuilder, it was one of the first things I asked when bringing them on. 
  7. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: We Now Offer Price Pumps!   

    I am proud to announce I now offer the Price Air Diaphragm Pumps to our clients. In the past few years, I've rebuilt just about every pump brand there is. And while market conditions changed and we no longer offer rebuilt pumps, that experience of taking apart and putting hundreds of different pumps through the test rig taught me quite a lot about the differences between them. Of all those different pumps, there is only single pump out of the hundreds that I kept for is a Price. Price is a U. S. company who is well known in pump circles. They make the Cadillac of pumps. The valving and drive system on the Price is different than anything else out there. Their air valve system is completely non metallic and stall free. It offers nearly unsurpassed efficiency, translating to far more output or more output for less CFM. This translates to more distance at the hose end, or less fuel usage on your compressor. I've chosen two models that hit the absolute sweet spot, the 1" and the 3/4". Of those, the 3/4" model is a true standout in the AODD field. Most 3/4" air diaphragm pumps are simply 1/2" pumps with a bigger manifold tacked on. They typically offer little more flow than their 1/2" counterparts...if any increase at all. So a 15 GPM 1/2" may turn into a 17 or 18 GPM 3/4". Not so with the Price. Their 3/4" pump delivers a whopping 27 GPM with an astonishingly low 15 CFM of airflow. That is a 56% increase in efficiency over the competition. In addition, these pumps are ideal for contractors who clean high lift buildings above 3 stories, with the 3/4" and 1" versions easily handling head lifts up to 250 ft. This higher pressure capability, higher efficiency and higher flow capability translates to the one thing that every single roof cleaner asks about...distance. The ability to handle higher head pressures means the pump is less likely to stall when being restricted, and with many guys running limited CFM compressors, upgrading to a higher efficiency pump is one way to upgrade your system without having to upgrade your air.  Now...I'm not going to beat around the bush, these are not a $399 Ebay special (I get calls on those all the time...usually along the line of "It stopped working, what do I do?!?").For a busy roof cleaning operation, The Price Pumps are a good investment because of their higher performance, longevity and efficiency. I am are excited to have them in our lineup and offer them to our clients. They are now available for order on my website under the Pump Heading.   
  8. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: STOP Cooling Your AODD Pump Air Hose to Eliminate Recurring Symptoms   

    A longer hose doesn't work to condense the moisture, it works to cool the air so it can be condensed by a water separator. The more CFM your compressor had and the higher throughout through your system, the mote important airline moisture management is. I've had dozens and dozens of calls over the years for stalling issues with all different pumps.  Even a cheap water separator and a coil of hose is better than nothing. 
  9. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: What do you think of this pump?   

    It is a real issue. Dealers are still likely to be able to get diaphragm and air end kits, but prices have gone up. But the independent rebuilders...the manufactures are trying to encourage new pump sales, so they are putting the kibosh on rebuilds and have put in minimums. If all I needed was some manifold seals, I didn't need to buy $250 worth of other parts and it has made for a pump graveyard in my shop of pumps that just need one or two parts, but they are not worth fixing since the minimums are too high. The new Pumps I sell as a dealer, Flojet, I have access to the rebuild kits and the manufacturer has specifically told me they will supply kits. They dwarf all other pump msgs in volume, selling millions of pumps per year, so they can afford to stock large inventories of spares. But it became increasingly hard to get spares on the used pumps I was rebuilding and the prices on the spares started rising. I didn't make a lot of margin to begin with on the used pumps...did it more to help guys out and keep me amused on the weekends so the decision to stop was made. I'll still continue to warranty any pumps I sold.
  10. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Time to replace the KURI TEC Kuriyama Spray hose   

    Email sent. No hard feelings...just didn't work. Besides, you are dog people. That makes you good in my book. Everybody knows that Dogs are an absolute necessity for any cleaning business. 
  11. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Time to replace the KURI TEC Kuriyama Spray hose   

    Always try to look for "full port" valves. There are a lot of valves which may be rated to the correct size, but restrict the flow down. If it says "full port" it will have that size passage all the way through the valve so the amount of restriction when fully open will be minimized. 
  12. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Time to replace the KURI TEC Kuriyama Spray hose   

    I appreciate that Lori. Problem is...I did contact you guys at the time... I'll leave it at that. I've been running the Flex Tech RT for some time now and have had excelellent luck. Sent many clients you way and told them to get it from you. I have enough on my plate without building hose! 
  13. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Basic Roof Cleaning System, Tanks, Plumbing, etc. Layout Drawings and Pictures.   

    Nope. They are all plastic. At least the ones I get. 
  14. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: First roof done need help   

    What was the temperature? SH is temperature sensitive. The lower the temperature is, the weaker the oxidization. If the temp was cold, the mix was weak for the temperature (that is a 33% mix) and you didn't use would explain things. Below 40 degrees you pretty much need to be at 50% mix strength for things to work. 
  15. PeakOfPerfection added a post in a topic: Time to replace the KURI TEC Kuriyama Spray hose   

    Flex Tech is excellent. Go with 5/8" or 3/4" if you want to maximize your distance. Basic pump physics. 
    Kuri-Tech Blue...Run. Run far away. We got 3 months out of it after Lori sold us a reel. Kinks easy, tore, SUPER Heavy. Terrible stuff.