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  1. Roof Cleaning Spring Tx

    Here is a beautiful home that we cleaned the roof and house. This home is located in The Woodlands Texas area near Spring Texas. The Woodlands is beautiful area with lots of trees and Woods. We clean quite a few roofs in this area, because the black algae stains build up and and cause a roof to lose it's natural color under all the ugly black stains. Fortunately, for the homeowner's in The Woodlands, we never use a pressure washer to clean a roof. Pressure Washing a roof, even if it's using low pressure ratings, can and will damage the shingles. Call or Text us at 2818838470 for more information on our cleaning method that will return your roof back to it's natural color the sane day we clean it. No waiting for rain, no pressure washing your roof. It doesn't get any safer than that.
  2. Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning

    In Kingwood Texas, living in the Livable Forest can be a luxury not many communities have. The beautiful tree's and surrounding forest's that were saved when developing the area, provide for much needed shade, as well helps to persevere the beauty of the area. This shade along with the humidity and rain fall we get make for a beautiful breeding ground for the algae stains that grow on roofs. Often referred to as ugly black stains, or streaks, they can take over a roof in matter of a short time. They not only cause the shingles to deteriorate faster than normal, the roof stains also will prevent the UV protection built in to the asphalt shingles from reflecting the sun back off the roof. These stains must be treated with a chemical application consisting of bleach, water, and a specially made soap. A pressure washer should never be used, even at low pressure, as pressure washing a roof will cause the granules to come loose. The only solution that will actually kill the algae is a bleached based solution. If this is to used then the algae returns in a relatively short period of time. Call or text Clean and Green Solutions at 2818838470 and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate. Our Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning service will return your roof back to it's natural color with our Soft Wash Low Pressure service.
  3. An Interesting High Pressure Pump For Cleaning Roofs ?

    Interesting indeed
  4. Is Facebook A Dead End For Roof Cleaning SEO ?

    Just requested to join...thanks Chris
  5. The Woodlands Texas Roof Cleaning

    CALL OR TEXT 2818838470 Roof Cleaning The Woodlands Texas Our Soft Wash non pressure and non damaging roof cleaning process will remove those ugly black stains. Stop allowing the mold and mildew to eat through your roof, causing you to replace it sooner than you should. Call or TEXT 2818838470 today for a free no obligation over the phone quote. Clean and Green Solutions
  6. Water Powered Roof And Softwashing Pump

    I wonder if a booster pump could be hooked up before the pump to help with distance.
  7. Tile Roof Cleaning Bellaire Texas

    Clean and Green Solutions just completed cleaning this Tile roof in Bellaire Texas. Our non pressure Soft Wash roof cleaning process was used to remove all the black mold and mildew stains and return this roof back to it's original color. When cleaning tile roofs it is important that a pressure washer not be used. Using a pressure washer can cause damage to the tile and an inconsistent cleaning in the form of stripes. For a professional tile roof cleaning in the Houston Texas area, call or text us at 2818838470
  8. Magnolia Texas Roof Cleaning

    Magnolia Texas Roof Cleaning Clean and Green Solutions Call or Text 2818838470 Call Clean and Green Solutions for your Magnolia Texas Roof Cleaning needs. our soft wash non pressure roof cleaning is completely safe and returns your roof to it's natural color that same day. ​Call or text us today for FREE ESTIMATE at 2818838470
  9. Kingwood Texas Tile Roof Cleaning

    This Kingwood Texas tile roof cleaning job was recently completed by Clean and Green Solutions of Kingwood Texas using our safe non pressure Soft Wash roof cleaning method. No pressure washer was used to clean this tile roof.
  10. Tile Roof Cleaning Houston Texas

    TILE ROOF CLEANING HOUSTON TEXAS CLEAN AND GREEN SOLUTIONS CALL OR TEXT 2818838470 Here is a beautiful Tile Roof Cleaning job we did located in Kingwood Texas just north of the Houston Texas area. Kingwood Texas is known as the livable forest, and all the beautiful trees enable the black mold and mildew stains to thrive and grow on tile roofs. When cleaning tile roofs we never use a pressure washer, we use our Soft Wash cleaning method and process that requires less pressure than you use from your garden hose. Tile roofs should never be clean using a pressure washer as the pressure can cause the tiles to develop cracks, causing broken tiles. Pressure Washing a roof, even a low pressure, can cause damage. It is very important that all the Mold and Mildew is killed when cleaning a tile roof. When a pressure washer is used, this does not happen, and the black stains return within months. Call or text us today at 2818838470 for a free quote for your roof cleaning.
  11. Cleaning a Houston Texas Roof

    HOUSTON TEXAS ROOF CLEANING CLEAN AND GREEN SOLUTIONS CALL OR TEXT 2818838470 We recently cleaned this asphalt shingle roof located in The Woodlands Texas are. Our completely safe non pressure Soft Wash roof cleaning process was used to remove all the black stains. This roof was returned to it's original color in the same day. No waiting around for rain to removal all the black mold and mildew stains. Keeping your cleaned and maintained will provide years of expected use and prevent your roof from failing prematurely. Call us today for a FREE over the phone estimate and consultation.
  12. removing rust stains on shingles using f9

    i usually do it applications about 30 seconds to 1 minute apart.
  13. removing rust stains on shingles using f9

    Weaken your mix...start off with 3 parts water to 1 part F9...pre wet, then apply, rinse, repeat as needed. If you are going to clean the roof afterwards using SH then make sure you rinse rinse rinse and rinse some more. You can't rinse enough before adding SH. If you are not going to clean the encore roof then and the roof is dirty then you will have a clean spot amongst the dirtiness. Just explain that to your customer and make sure they understand.
  14. Kingwood Texas Roof Cleaning

    Call or Text 281.883.8470Clean and Green Solutions and Kingwood Soft Wash have teamed up to offer the Kingwood Texas and entire Houston Texas area our Soft Wash no pressure washer used process for cleaning shingle and tile roofs. We use electric and air assisted pump systems to deliver out roof cleaning solution to remove years up built up mold and mildews stains. These ugly black roof stains not only hurt the appeal of your home, but also allow for unneeded damage to occur, causing you to have to replace your roof sooner than you should. Our cleaning method for Roof Cleaning, is the only method recommended by the shingle manufactures themselves. Don't hire someone to pressure wash your roof using a pressure washer. Call us or text us at 281.883.8470
  15. Whatever your mix you are using just add a 1/2 a bag and see if that works for you. If needed add more till you get to where you like it. We only use it in cold weather here, high 30's and 40's,