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  1. Northern NSQ 7gpm vs. Fatboy 2 7gpm

    Have you used it yet?
  2. The Importance Of A Facebook Business Page

    I got one. didn't know they were ranked
  3. Dirty roof we are fixin to clean

    Shubbery beware.
  4. Free Web Site Performance Tool

  5. Northern NSQ 7gpm vs. Fatboy 2 7gpm

    I had two FatBoy pumps. That being said I will just say my experience was not the same as those that praise them. I currently have two NSQ pumps among other type pumps
  6. I'm curious about what others are using for suction of chemicals. A straight tube or hose? Strainer? Permanent connection or removable?
  7. I have not gone back to 12v as my only pump. I was pleased with it and I had a couple small partial roof cleans 3000sf. So I thought I would try it. Small tank small pump. Took up little space worked well. I have a couple 1/2" air pumps. Generation 11 pump. And others that I take with me to the larger jobs. I like a back up for the back up.
  8. Gary what s always confusing to me is the restriction at the pump. In my case on the Northern. 1/2". I also have 1/2" & 3/4" air pumps but I have had problems with them on jobs at exactly the wrong time. The Hypro would be the perfect back up pump but for $800 I cou buy another ARO Ingersol Rand. I guess the larger suction line assures the pump is not starving for chemicals and possibly sucking the line dry
  9. I have one of these pumps for chemical transfer. I recently have been using it for partial roof cleans. It is very handy for small jobs. It has 1/2" ports and suggest minimum 3/4 " diameter hoses. My question is. If I had 3/4" suction hose and 1/2" hose on gun would I increase distance? The pump is on demand 60 psi
  10. removing rust stains on shingles using f9

    You can see the tools in the back ground A pump sprayer and a water hose. The screen on the window cleaned up nicely also. Without all the positive results about the F9 Barc I would not have even bid this job. Its not like removing rust off a foundation. This is a bedroom window.
  11. removing rust stains on shingles using f9

    I wanted to use F9 Barc over oxalic because it is dependable, easy and it works very well. This was my first rust removal job. The rust was on glass,metal and shingles. I have oxalic but I knew F9 would do the job and I could get all the advice I needed to do this or any other job very easily.
  12. Roof Cleaning Birmingham, Alabama

    Safe, Effective Roof Cleaning in Birmingham, Alabama. Alabama Pro Wash is your professional choice for cleaning the Nasty black stains from your roof. We Guarantee It! ALABAMA PRO WASH www.roofcleaningalabama.com andy@alabamaprowash.com 205-799-9069