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  1. Just wanted to reach out to all of the fellow roof cleaners on here. My supplier has 7 of the 1/2" Yamada Kynar pumps that we always talk about on here. The same pump Chris, Kevin and I swear by (Even though Kevin has some monsters as of late) for the price of $350.00 each. If anyone is interested please email me Ryan@beaconroofcleaning.com
  2. 30 Gal Harbor Freight Compressor

    We have this and the smaller compressors from HF and they work awesome! I had bad experiences in the past with HF but we in a bind about as year ago and bought the smaller one. Employees are hard on equipment and it has held up well. I bought this big one a few months back and it works great as well. I would recommend using heavier duty wire for the electric start but thats really my only issue. Hope this helps.
  3. Should I Join The Pressure Washing Resource Association (PWRA) ?

    I joined last year and went to the Nashville event, really good people!!
  4. Low Priced Roof Cleaning Pump!

    I have a friend up north who sprays salt water on driveways before a snow to prevent it from laying with these pumps and cleans roofs during the summer. Lots of salt goes thru it and it has lasted him 2 years so far.
  5. Low Priced Roof Cleaning Pump!

    These little guys are all that we use. They are cheap and quick to change out. After about 6 months they wear out and become paper weights but they make a ton of $$$ while they last.