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  1. Roofcleanse+

    Roof and exterior cleaning in Chetek WI area
  2. Roof and Exterior Cleaning Chetek WI

    Chetek is about 5 hours NE of Milwaukee. Little town surrounded by 6 lakes with plenty of algae to be cleaned off roofs !! Half the town heads for Florida in the Winter !
  3. Roof and Exterior Cleaning Chetek WI

    A roof cleaned in Wisconsin, using the non pressure method. If you have a roof or exterior that needs cleaned in Wisconsin, give us a call, or see our website at www.roofcleaningwi.com For safe, non pressure, Roof Cleaning in Wisconsin, we are the guys you want! Roofcleanse+ 715-924-2456
  4. Looking for permission to use videos for a home show I am setting up for. My plan is to download some of the videos from you-tube of exterior cleanings from RCIA members and play it during the Homeshow. Need to educate the public and make them aware of roof cleaning,spread the word. that is my biggest setback right now, people just don't know ! It would be greatly appreciated if I could use some of your videos. Thank You !! Roofcleanse+
  5. An other example of how NOT to clean a roof

    There is one in town April 13 I am thinking of setting up for. Eric, where did you get the large banner in front of the table and what did it cost. Looks Awesome !!
  6. This is the effects of a roof left untreated !! Luckily for the homeowner it was only a small section of the roof and Roofcleanse+ was able to clean the rest of the roof for a lot less than it would have cost to replace the roof. Do not let your roof get to this point !! Call an RCIA approved roof cleaner- today!! DON'T REPLACE IT -- CLEAN IT
  7. Pressure washing a metal roof

    How much did you charge per square foot to pressure wash that metal roof ? I have one to recoat and I have the price for recoating, but not sure how much to charge for cleaning.