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  1. Black spots on vinyl siding

    In a townhouse subdivision, nearly every building has black spots on the vinyl siding. They are present from the ground to about 8 - 10' up. The townhouses are two story with composite roofs and gutters. I did not have any roof mix with me. I did have a bottle of Purple Power and tried that. The black spots on a small test area came right off. They seem to have suddenly appeared this year. The Property Manager is perplexed. Has anyone seen these before?
  2. Black spots on vinyl siding

    Upon further research I may have identified it as spider poop! If you go to the link below, you will find an image nearly identical to what I saw. ths.gardenweb.com/discussions/2400238/spider-poop
  3. Cedar shakes and shingles have been used for centuries. Cedar wood has proven its longevity in diverse weather climates. Cedar shakes and shingles contain oils that make them naturally resistant to decay. Cedar’s elegant look, insulating property and ability to hold up to wind and impact makes cedar shakes and shingles a great choice for roofing and siding material. You will find many houses with cedar shake roofs in communities such as Oak Brook and Hinsdale in DuPage County, Illinois. A cedar shake roof can be expected to have a life span of 40 to 60 years. A long life begins with its installation. Proper installation will help maximize the life of cedar shake roof. On the flip side, improper installation will help to shorten the life of the cedar shake roof. Ensuring the maximum lifespan of a cedar shake roof does not stop with proper installation. Ongoing care and maintenance is equally import and a must! Here are a few cleaning and maintenance tips to help preserve your cedar shake roof: Tree branches hanging over the roof should be kept trimmed away. This will prevent leaves, small branches and other debris from building up and keeping the roof wet. The overhanging branches also block the sun from keeping the cedar dry. Damp cedar promotes moss, algae and fungi infestations. Additionally overhanging branches help make easy access for animals and insects to the roof. Go here to read the rest of the article. For more information, photos and videos go here. Contact us now for a free assessment and quote. In addition to Oak Brook and Hinsdale, DuPage County, we service the entire north and west suburbs of Chicago.
  4. Most homeowners don’t realize it but cedar shake roofs need to be periodically cleaned. Believe it or not a well maintained cedar roof will last a minimum of 40 years. But again the key is to keep the cedar roof cleaned. It is similar to our teeth. If we don’t periodically have our teeth examined and cleaned, we get buildup on them. After a while, our teeth start to discolor and decay hence cavities. It’s the same principle with cedar shake roofs. Cedar has natural properties to protect it from rot. However if organisms are allowed to infest the cedar, those organisms start to break down the cedar causing it to rot and decay. Go here for the rest of the story.
  5. Tips for safe roof cleaning.

    Got it!
  6. Aluminum window frames

    At times when cleaning siding, yellow spots will be left on white surfaces such as a garage door or soffits. The surfaces are rinsed well and the spots didn't appear until after dry. We had to go back out and simply rinse again. Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. Tips for safe roof cleaning.

    Chris, I'm not sure what do you mean? Please elaborate. http://www.advantageroofcleaning.com/cedar-roof-cleaning/
  8.  Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Tampa (813)655-8777

    Nice article... http://www.advantageroofcleaning.com/cedar-roof-cleaning/
  9. Cedar Shake Roof and Cedar Siding Cleaning in Schaumburg Cook County Brown rot fungus, commonly known as “dry rot,” presents itself as a black or dirt brown color. It commonly causes the wood to be dry and fragile, cracking across the grain. It is dangerous because it rapidly decays the cellulose and hemicellulose in the shingles, leaving a brown residue of lignin (the substance that holds the wood cells together). Brown rot is generally more serious than white rot, as it can quickly weaken the shingle before any visible signs are detected. If left untreated, the shingles will easily crumble into cubes, and turn into a powder when crushed. Moss, which is appears green and spongy retains constant moisture on the cedar shake. Furthermore, it does not permit the red cedar to breathe as it should. This causes the cedar shake wood to deteriorate rapidly. Be sure to periodically examine your cedar siding and cedar shake roof for the aforementioned colors. If you see any of them and suspect you may need a siding cleaner or roof cleaner contractor, be sure to contact a professional roofing and siding cleaner. The longer you put it off, the more damage will incur resulting in more costs to you. To read more, go here.
  10. Gutter cleaning and vinyl cleaner Cicero, Cook County The next time you are outside, take a good look at your siding. Do you see green and black discoloration? That discoloration is actually algae, mildew and mold! They release air borne spores into the air. That is how they got there to begin with. Those organisms are alive and it can create an unhealthy environment for your family and pets, not to mention they are destroying the appeal of your property. We are seeing more and more of this in Cicero and surrounding communities in Cook and other collar counties. The good news is that these invaders can be safely removed by a process called soft washing. Go here to read the rest of the story.
  11. Cedar Roof and Siding Cleaning in Elgin, Kane County Illinois The owners of this house were almost convinced that their cedar shake roof was beyond cleaning and would need to be replaced. Unfortunately most people don’t realize cedar shake roofs, as well as siding, needs to be periodically cleaned. A properly maintained cedar roof will last at least forty years. The cedar shingles had dark gray, black and greenish colors. The green spongy organisms that were growing on the cedar roof were moss. These are signs that the roof was overdue for a cleaning. Go here to read more. For more information, photos and videos go here. Contact us now for a free assessment and quote.
  12. Looking at the condition of this house near the , you know the owner takes pride in the property’s appearance. The siding is clean and attractive and the lawn is a lush green and well maintained. There is one thing though that is out of place and you probably noticed it right away. It is the dirty roof. Even with the siding clean and nicely painted and the attractive yard, you just can’t help but be distracted by that stained roof. And you know the neighbors sure notice! Fortunately though there is solution. For the rest of the story, go here.
  13. How to run a 12 volt roof cleaning pump w/o a battery!

    On my rig, I have a battery charger wired to the battery. At each job site, we plug the charger in to the customer's outlet. That keeps the battery at or near 100% charge. And if for some reason a customer doesn't have an outlet, the battery will be sufficiently charged from the previous job.
  14. Roof Cleaning Northern Virginia

    Nice job Ted. Looking closely at the house, it looks like the eagle has perched on the chimney...LOL.
  15. The owner of this house is getting it ready to put it on the market. Realizing that curb appeal is of the utmost importance, the wise homeowner had his roof cleaned by a professional roof cleaner. Click here to read the rest of the story.
  16. Fall protection tip, rafter tie off and hip anchor

    Here is my experience. I find that the work goes fast and is easier if spraying from the roof assuming the slope is not steep. Simply walking on the roof versus moving the ladder around and climbing up and down is much easier. Especially when dealing with an extension ladder for a 2-story house. However with that said, I am hiring a spray technician this year to replace me. My policy will be to spray from the ladder where feasible and climb on the roof only when absolutely necessary. This will be to mitigate safety, insurance and legal issues.
  17. This house with its bushes and charming flower bed with a white fence around it would have really nice curb appeal if it wasn’t for those dirty black steaks on the roof. When looking at the landscaping and front of the house, one cannot help but be distracted by that darn roof! For the rest of the story and a happy ending, go here.
  18. Want input on trailer layout

    whether the SH tank is on the side, front or back of the compressor some could get on it if you are not careful. Also be sure to following the weight distribution guidelines of the trailer manufacturer. It will specify the correct distribution including the required tongue weight.
  19. newbie questions on chemicals and what not

    Yes read until your eyes bleed. To add to what Chris stated, go live on your own roof first to help get over the fear. And also to a roof for free for someone you know.
  20. Roof Cleaning Greenville, NC | 5 Year Warranty

    Josh, Those are nice before and after photos. Does your 5 year warranty also cover moss?
  21. Want input on trailer layout

    Jim, I'm not sure if it is a concern, but you have over 2700 lbs on one side and only 500 lbs on the other. I wonder if it would be better to shift the 700 lbs load to the other side with the compressor.
  22. Trailer Towing

    Also be sure to criss-cross the chains which is actually law.