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  1. Alien Probe Or Asteroid ?

    Check this out https://www.space.com/39100-interstellar-object-oumuamua-alien-life-search.html Some well known scientists think it may be an Alien Probe, seriously!
  2. So much moss

    Oh yes, I am from Detroit originally, Hockeytown USA
  3. So much moss

    I just wondered, because RCIA Member Richie Frisson is in the Fraser Valley
  4. So much moss

    Is that considered the Frazier Valley ?
  5. So much moss

    Moss can be a real bitch to kill and remove. When I lived in Seattle, the Moss got so bad, it would grow under the shingles, and spread them apart!
  6. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    ARMA methods of roof cleaning are one big Joke. Any roof cleaner knows the so called ARMA Method will never clean a roof. It calls for diluted bleach, so if 5% straight bleach will not clean a roof, how will diluted bleach ? And, make no mistake, ARMA is talking about store bought bleach, NOT 12.5 % SH. ARMA is nothing but a trade association who claim they represent roofing shingle manufacturers. I have had several conversations over the years with Owens Corning Technical Services division in Ohio, who assured me it was ok to not rinse a roof from a shingle life point of view. However, from a liability POV, it is a different story if the left on bleach and soap run off the roof, and get in the eye of a child or pet Left on bleach is basically salt, salt will not harm asphalt, or every McDonalds parking lot would be destroyed by spilled french fries.
  7. Basic Roof Cleaning System, Tanks, Plumbing, etc. Layout Drawings and Pictures.

    Photobucket screwed everyone!!!!!! They offered free picture hosting, then turned around and said "Pay us, or else" As the result of all of this, many images no longer work, all because of Photo Fuckit
  8. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    Being a Certified Roof Cleaner didn;t hurt !
  9. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    Simple, we called the customer service department of several roof shingle manufacturers, and offered our services
  10. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    We do a fair amount of warranty work for some shingle manufacturers when the algae resistant roofs get dirty before they are supposed to
  11. Rinsing A Roof After Cleaning

    There has always been a big debate whether a cleaned roof should be rinsed, or not. Remember, we are not cleaning a roof with Acid! Acid basically keeps working, unless it is rinsed well and/or neutralized. Not so with SH. The SH hits the organic matter, and the hypochlorite ION forms. This ION goes through a battle with the organic matter (algae) on the shingles, and this battle pretty much weakens the SH so much, no Hypochlorite ION is left. Sort of like the way Peroxide burns on a cut for awhile, then fizzes out. However, what is left behind after the reaction between SH and organic matter is a form of salt. Salt will mess up plants. This is why we rinse a roof, at least partially, if no gutters are present. My roof cleaners are taught at the RCIA to rinse the bottom 1/3 of the roof, from the ground, and then rinse this run off off the plants. Experience has shown this will prevent 90% of any run off problems.
  12. Suggestion For Air Compressor Oil

    We use Mobil 1 synthetic oil for the gas engine AND the air compressor pump of our big Harbor Freight Air Compressor. Synthetic oil may be used in the compressor pump, unlike regular oil, so by using Synthetic Oil, we only have to carry one kind of oil.
  13. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    That's why we never suggest pulling out the ARMA Roof Cleaning Bulletin, to show a customer.
  14. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    The roof cleaning chemicals will still clean in colder weather, just not as fast. The colder the temperature, the longer it will take for the roof to come clean. The Sun effects the cleaning solution too, so a sunny cold day, is better then a cold, cloudy day.
  15. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    For cold weather roof cleaning, some have found it useful to add some of this stuff to the roof cleaning mix, but beware! This stuff will burn your mix up, and make it useless in 2 to 3 hours! 2 to 4 ounces of it, to every 50 gallons of mix, and more is not better. It contains an oxidizer called Potassium Permonosulfate
  16. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    Those glazed tile roofs are a real bitch, when it gets cold
  17. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    I want to welcome any new members to the Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Training Forum of the RCIA. Please, post here in this thread, so we can get to know you. Introduce yourself, say where you are from, what you currently do, and how we may help you. Remember, the only "stupid roof cleaning question" is the one you don't ask!
  18. Rinsing A Roof After Cleaning

    It is always best to rinse a roof. When you rinse, you take control of the entire roof cleaning process, leaving nothing to chance. Depending on rain to rinse a roof with no gutters is sort of like playing Russian Roulette. IF you get a good long rain, you are usually home free, but if you get a slow, 1/2 ass rain, look out! Plants can easily be compromised. OK, it takes longer to rinse a roof, but we suggest you at the very least rinse 1/3 of the roof, the bottom 1/3 Experience has shown this to prevent wholesale slaughter of the plants.
  19. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome back home Eric
  20. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    It must be remembered WHO ARMA really is. They are merely a trade association who have "put themselves in charge" of representing the business interests of roofing shingle manufactures. Sort of like the BBB "represents" Businesses. They are NOT the shingle makers themselves. Any professional roof cleaner knows the ARMA Roof Cleaning Solution will not clean a roof. Some people think ARMA knows their cleaning solution does not work, and planned it that way, so people will buy a brand new roof, and THINK that their shingle roof can't be cleaned
  21. ARMA Roof Cleaning

    Actually, I was probably the person who first started using the ARMA Roof Cleaning Bulletin, over 20 years ago. Back then, non pressure roof cleaning was scoffed at, and almost totally unknown. I was battling pressure washers back then, who used high pressure to clean a roof. It was easy to say "Mr Customer, the shingle manufacturers say that the ARMA Method of Roof Cleaning is the correct one, as you can see by this ARMA Bulletin" Until one day, a savvy customers said "WTF do you mean 1500.00 to clean my roof, when all you are doing is spraying some diluted Bleach and TSP on my roof". LOL, that was the end of us using the ARMA Bulletin to sell roof cleaning customers for us
  22. Moss On old shingles

    There is no real Moss to speak of here in Tampa , but the Killing power of SH is best at lower PH's (diluted). The stronger your SH Solution is (like 50/50), the higher your PH is. However, the penetration power of the SH is best at higher PH levels. It is the penetration of the SH (oxidation) that makes the Moss turn white. When we do roof treatments, we use a 15 - 20 % solution. Weaker solutions (no too weak) kill better. However, in your case, you may need the increased penetration of a stronger solution ? A weaker solution may lack the oxidation potential to penetrate the Moss enough to kill it. My opinion is this, as long as you soak the chit out of the moss with a weaker solution, you will be good to go. The TRICK is to be sure the Moss is soaked (saturated) to ensure you kill it ! Mechanisms of actions of sodium hypochlorite in cleaning and disinfection processes. Fukuzaki S1. Author information Abstract Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is the most widely used disinfectant in the food industry despite the increasing availability of other disinfectants. Sodium hypochlorite fulfills many requirements as the ideal disinfectant and furthermore it has an excellent cleaning action. The effectiveness of sodium hypochlorite in the cleaning and disinfection processes depends on the concentration of available chlorine and the pH of the solution. Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a weak acid and dissociates to the hypochlorite ion (-OCl) and proton (H+) depending on the solution pH. It is generally believed that HOCl is the active species in the germicidal action, whereas the concentration of -OCl is a key factor determining the cleaning efficiency. This implies that the optimal pH region of the germicidal activity of sodium hypochlorite differs from that of its cleaning activity. This paper describes the theory and practice of the cleaning and disinfecting operations based on the use of sodium hypochlorite solution.
  23. Moss On old shingles

    The SH has 2 components it breaks down into, depending on the PH. One is the Hyperchlorite ION, the other is Hyperchlorus Acid. It is the ACID that does the killing/disinfecting, and this forms best at lower PH levels. One reason we dump ACID into our swimming pools, to lower the PH, and increase the killing power. The cleaning part of SH is called the Hyperchlorite ION, it is most active above PH 10 - 12. It does the cleaning, and since it is an oxidizer, it increases penetration into the Moss. From just a KILLING Point Of View, diluted SH kills better then a 50/50 mixture, and acidified SH kills even better! Now, I know WTF I am doing, but I dont want you or anyone else to attempt to acidify the SH, OR YOU CAN DIE ! For now, drop to a 15 to 20% SH to water solution vs a 50/50 solution, and STF out of the Moss. I mean, really soak it good.
  24. Cold Weather Roof Cleaning

    Those glazed tile roofs are a real bitch, when it gets cold
  25. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    This looks a lot like roof in Seattle and Oregon, tons of Moss