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  1. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome Tony! I would say that over 95% of people learned on the job, and never attended any school.
  2. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    I want to welcome any new members to the Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Training Forum of the RCIA. Please, post here in this thread, so we can get to know you. Introduce yourself, say where you are from, what you currently do, and how we may help you. Remember, the only "stupid roof cleaning question" is the one you don't ask!
  3. Roof cleaning job in Lake Luzerne, NY -.call for info

    Nice of you to pass a roof cleaning lead on, that is out of your area. Michigan is my home state, born in Detroit, raised in Warren and Hazel Park. Caught a Muskie in the St Clair River down in Algonac. Been to Port Huron quite a bit.
  4. Defective Dura Lock Stone Coated Steel Roof !

    Contact Gerard, their contact info is at the start of this thread. It is not your fault, but the condo association does not know that.
  5. Defective Dura Lock Stone Coated Steel Roof !

    We were contracted to clean a stone coated steel type roof here locally. No pressure washing was used to clean this roof, because we all know what pressure can do to a roof. Besides, we don't even own a pressure washer! The cleaning solution for this was the cleaning solution we have used on hundreds of Gerard, Decra, and other stone coated steel roofs. We have never had a problem like this. In fact, our cleaning solution is the same as the suggested solution on the companies own website! We came along, and did our job, but it revealed this, pre existing damage that was hiddden to us by the black algae that covered this roof. The homeowner seemed happy when we left, and wrote us a 1200 dollar check for our services. He then stopped payment on it. I contacted the company that bought out Dura Lock, and was informed that these Dura Lock Stone Coated Steel roofs were a big problem. He informed me that there are plenty of lawsuits and class action lawsuits against Dura Lock. Guys, as a teacher of roof cleaning, i tell you to BEWARE of any Dura Lock roof! Modern Stone Coated Steel Roofs seem to be holding up fine, but if a customer tells you they have a Dura Lock Stone Coated Steel Roof, think again before you clean it!! You might get blamed like we just did for a roof that has been proven to fail. The black algae might cover the loss of granules, and when you come along and clean it, you will become "the bad guy"! You can see in these pictures sent to us by the homeowner of this Dura Lock Roof that there is granule loss, and you can see it (the red granules) in the grass. This damage was pre existing, and Dura Lock roofs it turns out were well known for this! You can also see this granule loss, on the roof itself. You can also see we did not cause this, or the entire roof would be losing granules, since our cleaning solution touched every tile on this roof! Even though this homeowner stopped payment to us, he still demanded to know who our Insurance Company was, and has already contacted them. Here are the pictures guys
  6. 17 GPM ALL-FLO Air Diaphragm Pump is NOT like the others!

    If you are using that much line and doing 2 story roofs, you will want to be sure to have at least 5/8 diameter hose.
  7. What is SH ?

    SH is very much like Bread, it is always best when fresh.
  8. North Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning 33647

    Here is a barrel tile roof we cleaned a few weeks ago. This home is located in the North Tampa area, in zip code 33647. We did this job nearly 6 years ago, but the customer is selling this home, and wanted his tile roof to look brand new again. This is a very exclusive area of Tampa! In fact, this area is full of football players!
  9. Securing Equipment

    We use dedicated straps screwed into the bed of the truck flatbed
  10. What is SH ?

    SH always means Sodium Hypochlorite - Good Question BTW !
  11. Hello Everyone

    Back before there were any proportioning devices in this Industry, I have a crude but effective system based on using Pinch Valves that go OVER the tubing, like these https://flow-rite.com/fluid-handling/needle-pinch-valves
  12. Hello Everyone

    Why the fuk would you want a 50/50 mixture, unless you are softwashing dirty driveways ? 50/50 is way too strong, for all but the dirtiest tile roofs. There are several devices sold that allow you to adjust your mix. Have you considered any of them ?
  13. Hello Everyone

    You are best off to think about getting a dedicated roof cleaning pump my friend
  14. Hello Everyone

    That Hydro Force Sprayer will NOT hold up, spraying the stuff we spray
  15. RCIA Facebook Group

    Here is a link to the RCIA on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/
  16. rcia logo

  17. Is this a "Chlorine Stable" Surfactant?

    LOL, that stuff is mostly Water, look at the small percentages of the Ingredients. What do you feel you have to gain by using it ?
  18. Is this a "Chlorine Stable" Surfactant?

    First thing to do is, get the MSDS Sheet, to find out what is in it.
  19. An oldy but a goody!!

    Yes Ted, the old RCIA Forum has nearly 3 times the info about the cleaning of roofs as this one does. It is most unfortunate there is no way to transfer that information to this forum
  20. A FUNCTIONAL FB Group?

    I went ahead and made the group, it is at this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/
  21. A FUNCTIONAL FB Group?

    OK, I will look into it today guys, and as long as I have some help with it, why the hell not ?
  22. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome Randy, just do a search, and if you have any questions, post them here
  23. A FUNCTIONAL FB Group?

    I think we have a Facebook PAGE for the RCIA, do you think we should start a group ?
  24. How To Softwash And Build A Softwash System Of Your Own!

  25. Hello Guys, Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa here If you lived here in Florida, you would know we have been softwashing down here for many many years! A "softwash system" is what we have been using to chemically clean roofs and exteriors w/o pressure washing, for many years. In this forum, you will learn how to build your very own softwash systems, and how to roll your own softwashing chemicals. There is no need to buy expensive,, pre fabricated softwash skids, when you can easily build your very own softwash system. You do not need questionable, and very expensive softwash chemicals for your systems. Before you buy any ready made Softwash System, or "training", post any and all your soft wash cleaning questions here, so we may help you build your own system, and do it yourself.