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  1. rcia logo

  2. Is this a "Chlorine Stable" Surfactant?

    LOL, that stuff is mostly Water, look at the small percentages of the Ingredients. What do you feel you have to gain by using it ?
  3. Is this a "Chlorine Stable" Surfactant?

    First thing to do is, get the MSDS Sheet, to find out what is in it.
  4. An oldy but a goody!!

    Yes Ted, the old RCIA Forum has nearly 3 times the info about the cleaning of roofs as this one does. It is most unfortunate there is no way to transfer that information to this forum
  5. RCIA Facebook Group

    Here is a link to the RCIA on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/

    I went ahead and made the group, it is at this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/

    OK, I will look into it today guys, and as long as I have some help with it, why the hell not ?
  8. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome Randy, just do a search, and if you have any questions, post them here
  9. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    I want to welcome any new members to the Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Training Forum of the RCIA. Please, post here in this thread, so we can get to know you. Introduce yourself, say where you are from, what you currently do, and how we may help you. Remember, the only "stupid roof cleaning question" is the one you don't ask!
  10. A FUNCTIONAL FB Group?

    I think we have a Facebook PAGE for the RCIA, do you think we should start a group ?
  11. How To Softwash And Build A Softwash System Of Your Own!

  12. Hello Guys, Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa here If you lived here in Florida, you would know we have been softwashing down here for many many years! A "softwash system" is what we have been using to chemically clean roofs and exteriors w/o pressure washing, for many years. In this forum, you will learn how to build your very own softwash systems, and how to roll your own softwashing chemicals. There is no need to buy expensive,, pre fabricated softwash skids, when you can easily build your very own softwash system. You do not need questionable, and very expensive softwash chemicals for your systems. Before you buy any ready made Softwash System, or "training", post any and all your soft wash cleaning questions here, so we may help you build your own system, and do it yourself.
  13. Class Action Lawsuit - Home Advisor

    Great Find Ted !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. SEO Help Needed: Incoming Links?

    I wonder why they spent so long
  15. Cleaning Gutters ?

    Fall is the time of year is infamous with dirty, clogged gutters, and falling leaves. Since the ultimate goal for roof cleaning is to get yourself in front of the customer, this is an extra method of marketing your services and extending the season. With most of us closing our season very shortly, gutter cleaning is a way to put yourself in front of new customers and add more income to your bottom line. For those marketing gutter cleaning, good job! For those who are not, I would definitely reccomend it as it has led to many bigger jobs for those same customers.
  16. Sharpening the saw for 2018!

    We are as busy as we dare be, but you are so right, the economy is on FIRE here in Tampa !
  17. Pressure Washing Training with support of Lori at PWP!!!!!

    To best use the SEO of this forum, it is best to Title the thread Pressure Washing School or Pressure Washing Training, so someone searching for that can find it. Make as many threads as you like, and then share the hell out of them on Facebook, Google + etc, etc, etc.
  18. Pressure Washing Training with support of Lori at PWP!!!!!

    I haven't been feeling well, and that's WHY I missed this thread ! Wow, Pressure Washing School!!!!!!!!!
  19. Welcome Wagon

    A lady who owned a Welcome Wagon franchise here in Tampa GAVE me free advertising. This was over 25 years ago. I got one job, in 3 months of advertising, but it was a Huge job. LOL, I guess you could say it paid for itself
  20. My Phone Number

    My personal cell phone number is 813 407 1097 Guys. ONLY Premium Members may call for help with unanswered roof cleaning questions, or for questions on joining the Forum. Please, if you are NOT a Premium Member, do not call to "pick my brain".
  21. Everyone Please Read - Very Important !!!!

    We have had this forum updated, and now your forum log in is your display name. Your old log in name will no longer work, but your password will stay the same.
  22. home owner roof

    I agree with what Ted said, by the time you buy all the stuff and chemicals, you could probably find someone close to do it right for you
  23. home owner roof

    You can simply use garden hose with a gun made out of plastic
  24. Moss On old shingles

    I was thinking the exact same thing
  25. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Pulling the weight we pull (2 - 300 gallon tanks) I have never got anywhere near 16 mpg, even with a diesel.