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  1. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    I strongly believe in a Dually. The 1 ton truck has bigger everything, and the dual wheel tires can save your ass, if you get a flat. Here is one of my very first trucks of any kind And here is our current flatbed
  2. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    I have had all 3, and each had their advantages for roof cleaning and soft washing. Box Truck brought in the most business, by far! A Freaking Rolling Billboard ! But hard to work out of, compared to a trailer of flat bad I had several trailers, nice if the truck breaks down, you are never out of business. I had a trailer break loose on me, and spill 600 gallons of mix on the side of the freeway, in the grass. Trailers are nice, they keep the leaks away from the truck. We currently use Flatbeds How about you ?
  3. Cedar Shake Roof and Siding Cleaning in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff

    Nice work up in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. Maybe 1 out of 200 roofs down here is made out of Cedar, so we don't see them as much as you do up there. What county are Lake Forest and Lake Bluff in ? Is that still Cook County ?
  4. Help with my 12 volt pump

    TYVM ! Seriously, at one time, only roof cleaners cleaned roofs, and pressure washers pressure washed. If they did clean a roof, they pressure washed it. I changed all that, by teaching the pressure washers to clean roofs, the right way. Many don't remember the resistance I encountered, because some of my roof cleaning ideas were revolutionary, at the time. Now, they are taken for granted I did not "Invent" the Pro Portioner, but as you can see, I was involved with the idea for a variable chemical delivery system, long before there was any Pro Portioner. As I told you, I never had any plans to sell any of my ideas, but every time I see someone buy a Pro Portioner, I smile
  5. Metal Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

    If all my family and grandkids were not here in Tampa, I could easily live in Jacksonville. It is extremely crowded down here, and getting worse every year. But Jacksonville must be growing, or getting ready to really grow. The NFL owners are big money people, who seldom make a mistake, when it comes to money. Some people were surprised when Jacksonville got an NFL Franchise. I don't know if you have had any members of the Jaguars ask you to clean their roofs yet, but we have cleaned the roofs for Tony Dungy, and recently did Jon Gruden!
  6. Help with my 12 volt pump

    Yes, I was well ahead of my time. Many things we now take for granted in roof cleaning equipment, originally came from my ideas or experience. Air Pumps, Plastic Hose Reel Swivels, large diameter roof cleaning hose, and Surfactants resistant to SH, all came from me, and the Use Of Gain, to name a few. The Goulds Booster Pump is a very good pump, for that type of Pump, and together with the Pro Portioner, will make a great cleaning system, as long as they get that Pro Switch ready. Sometimes, it is just best to buy the equipment, and be out making money, vs trying to re invent the wheel.
  7. Help with my 12 volt pump

    I was working on a concept similar to the Pro Portioner 12 years ago. https://community.thegrimescene.com/topic/7760-a-big-advance-in-roof-cleaning/ I called my system the Apple Vari Flow System. I never had any plans to sell my idea, so I intentionally left off the expensive check and metering valves, used in the Pro Portioner, in favor of simple, inexpensive, and leak proof pinch valves. I wanted it to be cheap to make for everyone. Back in 2006, there just wasn't the interest in an adjustable chemical delivery system, that there is in the Pro Portioner today. My pinch valve based system did not work as good as the Pro Portioner does today. However, I was able to make it work good enough for me. Remember, I was trying to keep the cost down, in the hope that other cleaning contractors would duplicate my system, and experiment with me. Precision and chemically resistant check and metering valves were expensive back then, and they are expensive now. Because there just wasn't much interest in my system, and because my employees refused to use it, I abandoned my system. Remember, we are, and always have been, nearly a pure roof cleaning company. 85% of our business, is cleaning tile and shingle roofs here in Tampa. We are not now, nor have we ever been, a softwashing company. So, we really had no need for my system. Plus, my employees felt that it slowed them down! LOL, I guess I was ahead of my time, huh ? They want their booster pump to work with the Pro Portioner, so they have a great need to not bypass the pump. Tim Aselton, and Paul from The Powerwash store are very bright guys, and I am sure they will have tested their Pro Switch out. Together with the Pro Portioner, it will be an outstanding system
  8. Help with my 12 volt pump

    Yes, I have used Booster Pumps, and blew up many a customers breakers, until we got a generator. I do mainly residential roof cleaning here in Florida, so no real need to shoot 3 story buildings, etc, etc. Goulds is not the only brand of Booster Pump, but it is a good one. Ideally, you want a Stainless Steel one, and they do not last forever spraying what we spray. Unlike an air pump, they need a bypass back to the tank because they do not automatically turn off like an air pump. They continue to build pressure. Post a link to that pump please
  9. Help with my 12 volt pump

    I used to use Yamada air pumps, but now we use All Flo, because we are close to Lori at Pressure Washer Products They are right across Tampa Bay from us, they sell and work on the All Flo Pumps.
  10. Metal Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

    Like you, we usually go out of our way to protect the landscape, when we are cleaning a metal roof. But this customer was only concerned about the his roof because he planned to have the yard completely re landscaped. Is Heckscher Drive in Orange Park, or in Jacksonville city limits ?
  11. Metal Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

    Nice work Adam! Here is a Metal Roof Cleaning we did down here. Has the flooding up there in Jacksonville subsided by now ?
  12. Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida

    Here is another Tampa Tile Roof Cleaning we completed last week. The last couple of years have been quite rainy here in the Tampa Florida area, and as a result, many tile roofs around here are very dirty. The increase in rainfall seems to feed the growth of the black stains we see on roofs. This customer received a clean your tile roof or else letter from his HOA. They were very happy with the cleaning, and said they had no idea their roof tiles could look so good. Here are the pictures This tile roof we cleaned was located in The Reserve At Tampa Palms
  13. Tips for safe roof cleaning.

    OK, if you put Cedar Roof Cleaning In Aurora Illinois, and made it clickable, going back to your website, that is called an Anchor Text Link However, putting http://www.advantageroofcleaning.com/cedar-roof-cleaning/ instead is called a naked link. To make any links get noticed by Google, you need more TEXT surrounding it Dave. So, instead of inserting the link you have been inserting on every post, it will be better for you from now on to only insert it, when you have a paragraph of text or more
  14. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome to the RCIA Forum Kevin! Feel free to post any roof cleaning related questions here, in the general discussion part of the forum
  15. Tips for safe roof cleaning.

    Kyle, just a friendly Tip Since you are a premium member, you are allowed to drop links here, however, Google resents any attempts at SEO Manipulation, so I am going to remove the anchor text for you, and leave your website link. Watch how I do it.