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    Ive taken to not cleaning roofs if there are no gutters. Not worth the risk. If I do take a job with no gutters I fully warn the customer of the potential "kill zone". 97% of homes in my area have gutters so losing a potential nightmare isn't to bad.
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    There has always been a big debate whether a cleaned roof should be rinsed, or not. Remember, we are not cleaning a roof with Acid! Acid basically keeps working, unless it is rinsed well and/or neutralized. Not so with SH. The SH hits the organic matter, and the hypochlorite ION forms. This ION goes through a battle with the organic matter (algae) on the shingles, and this battle pretty much weakens the SH so much, no Hypochlorite ION is left. Sort of like the way Peroxide burns on a cut for awhile, then fizzes out. However, what is left behind after the reaction between SH and organic matter is a form of salt. Salt will mess up plants. This is why we rinse a roof, at least partially, if no gutters are present. My roof cleaners are taught at the RCIA to rinse the bottom 1/3 of the roof, from the ground, and then rinse this run off off the plants. Experience has shown this will prevent 90% of any run off problems.
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    Hi all, Wondering if there are any benefits to being a premium member / getting certified if i am in Canada - (Vancouver). Are there any other Canadians certified? I have so far appreciated the free portion of the site and am interested in the premium part. Someone talk me into it! EDIT OK I talked myself into it! Off to the premium section
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    You are very kind!! I’m happy to help you anytime. Make sure you mention the RCIA.....I’m loyal to my peeps over here as they’ve ALWAYS been great to us!! We are more concerned with providing a lot of education, allowing you to make an informed decision on your equipment no matter where you choose to purchase!
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    Thank you! I will be buying a soft wash system, one of your 8gpm machines, and few other odds n ends sometime in February. Look forward to speaking with you soon. Your reputation is golden everywhere I have seen online.
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    Jesse, Welcome home!! You can’t find a better place to find unbiased help than right here in this forum. Everyone is here to help!
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    Hello Guys, Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa here If you lived here in Florida, you would know we have been softwashing down here for many many years! A "softwash system" is what we have been using to chemically clean roofs and exteriors w/o pressure washing, for many years. In this forum, you will learn how to build your very own softwash systems, and how to roll your own softwashing chemicals. There is no need to buy expensive,, pre fabricated softwash skids, when you can easily build your very own softwash system. You do not need questionable, and very expensive softwash chemicals for your systems. Before you buy any ready made Softwash System, or "training", post any and all your soft wash cleaning questions here, so we may help you build your own system, and do it yourself.
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    Hey Jim, Welcome to the RCIA. I've meet you a few times at UAMCC events glad your doing well!
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    Welcome Jim. I'm sure you will make a great addition (Adam Austin)
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    My name is Jim Prom, I own Spray Away SoftWash in Good Thunder MN. We specialize in the safe cleaning of all types roofs, siding, decks, patios and concrete. We also can provide window cleaning and solar panel cleaning with our water fed pole and H2Pro RO/DI system. We do also offer a limited amount of hot and cold water pressure washing. I am also a licensed general contractor in the state of Minnesota. I love helping people with their estimating questions. I hope to add value to your forum.
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    Get the rubber covers too. Well worth it and cheap.
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    ARMA methods of roof cleaning are one big Joke. Any roof cleaner knows the so called ARMA Method will never clean a roof. It calls for diluted bleach, so if 5% straight bleach will not clean a roof, how will diluted bleach ? And, make no mistake, ARMA is talking about store bought bleach, NOT 12.5 % SH. ARMA is nothing but a trade association who claim they represent roofing shingle manufacturers. I have had several conversations over the years with Owens Corning Technical Services division in Ohio, who assured me it was ok to not rinse a roof from a shingle life point of view. However, from a liability POV, it is a different story if the left on bleach and soap run off the roof, and get in the eye of a child or pet Left on bleach is basically salt, salt will not harm asphalt, or every McDonalds parking lot would be destroyed by spilled french fries.
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    We do a fair amount of warranty work for some shingle manufacturers when the algae resistant roofs get dirty before they are supposed to
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    I ended up writing an entire blog about what a client pays for with roof cleaning. It certainly is NOT just "spraying bleach" on a roof. As we all know, there is so much more, and MANY good reasons for them to hire RCIA certified roof cleaning companies.
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    What is it that a client gets when they hire a professional roof cleaner? Some people say, "it's just spraying bleach on a roof", and they're wrong before the words even leave their mouth. What the client pays for when they hire us to do a roof cleaning isn't just some bleach sprayed on a roof. Professional roof cleaning contractors are using a much more powerful version of a chemical they barely know. In fact, we're purchasing it in just about the purest form they can manufacture and ship it. The client isn't paying for some monkey to trample their roof and lay waste to their landscaping with a chemical that can oxidize any organic matter to a pile of mush. How about a little lesson in the basics which RCIA certified roof cleaning contractors are well versed in. Professional roof cleaning companies are using 10-12.5% sodium hypochlorite, which is often sold as "pool chlorine" and in much lower concentrations as "bleach". When sold as household bleach, it can and is often be combined with other ingredients. Sodium hypochlorite is a strong oxidizing agent. Through the process of oxidation, the algae (actually cyanobacteria) is killed, and mostly removed. Rinsing helps this final removal process, but is often left to rain to finish. Using advanced proprietary cleaners along with the sodium hypochlorite helps remove the algae residue. This is effective if the roof is rinsed immediately, or later by rain. Spraying liquids and climbing roofs is not as simple as it seems, just because the ingredient is known. I know flour is in a cake, but I couldn't tell you how to bake one. Let's set aside a myth and miscommunication real fast. "Chlorine" is a gas, we don't clean with "chlorine". Sodium hypochlorite is often made by passing chlorine gas through sodium hydroxide, or through electrolysis of a heavy brine solution. In water sodium hypochlorite forms hypochlorous acid and a chlorite ion. Sodium hypochlorite oxidizes algae via the chlorite ions which basically give up their strength during the process, leaving behind nothing but sodium and hydrogen, a.k.a. salt water. Sodium hypochlorite breaks down rapidly in the sunlight, and this actually helps the oxidation and roof cleaning process. It also helps remove the strength from the formula during cleaning, which can help with protecting landscaping. Did you know it is one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals on earth? It's in everything, including our own food and water! The danger is minimal when handled properly, even for the environment. However, when handled improperly, a lot of damage can be done using such strong chemicals. When a client pays for a roof cleaning, they are paying for experts in their field. People who are educated and know how to wield these chemicals carefully and properly. Nobody will mistaken my deflated pile of smoldering carbon mush to be considered a cake, will they? Roof cleaning customers are paying for people who have perfected a craft, and can safely restore their image without damage. Does your roof cleaner really know what he's doing? Does he really comprehend the cleaners he's using, their properties, safe handling, and how and why the process works? If not, why hire them? It's obvious what a roof cleaning customer is really paying for. The clients are paying for someone who has the skill to lay waste to thousands of square feet of algae, moss, lichen, and other roof infesting organisms, without damaging their plants, finished on their homes, etc. As said experts, we all know that even the best roof cleaners can have difficulty. Low water supply, really hot day, steep roof, no gutters. Recipe for disaster. These clients aren't paying for some $100 "bleach" jockey to destroy their property. A roof cleaning customer is paying for someone who knows the chemicals, their safe handling and applications, the processes, precautions, and more. Clients are paying for roof cleaning companies that comprehend the process of oxidation that allows the removal of these organisms. They're paying for people who know how to care for the landscaping, the finishes on the home, and other things in the vicinity of the roof cleaning. They're paying for responsible roof cleaning contractors, hopefully RCIA certified experts, that know all the steps to make sure a roof cleaning goes off without a hitch, AND is there to stand behind their work in the unlikely event something does wrong. This is a point that can't be stressed enough. Our clients don't pay us just to "spray some bleach". They pay us to handle a delicate task, and take on the liability as well. Not everyone who can "spray bleach" can do that. If even the best of the best can have challenges roof cleaning, why on earth would ANYONE hire a jack of all trades Jim Bob with a pickup to clean their roof? There is simply too much at stake. What the client is really paying for is competent, safety conscious, diligent roof cleaners who are experts in their field. That's what they're really paying for. The expertise.....not "spraying bleach". Any dummy can buy some "bleach"...not everyone can handle proper, safe, approved roof cleaning methods wielding industrial strength sodium hypochlorite like a professional RCIA roof cleaning company can, AND stand behind their clients should any issues occur. Amazing results, and peace of mind are worth a thousands words. For competent, certified, reliable expert roof cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas, contact Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC today. 904-304-0810 http://www.ultrasoftpressurewashing.com/services/roof-cleaning-jacksonville-florida/
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    In Northern California we always rinse our roofs (unless rain is imminent). There is a few reasons for this. 1. In the South East, there is fairly consistent rainfall throughout the year. The rain quickly rinses and finishes up the roof cleaning process. In Northern California we commonly go months without rain in the Summer. Rinsing or roofs after cleaning gives them about a 20% cleaner appearance immediately. The homeowners appreciate not having to wait months for that extra 20%. 2. Nearly all of our roofs have gutters. 60% being galvanized steel. Both Sodium Hypochlorite as well as salt are corrosives. Not rinsing roof jacks, solar and skylight hardware, gutters and downspouts could potentially leave corrosives on these for months. This is something that homeowners are unaware of, but we are. At times we explain this and the homeowners are always appreciative. 3. We take aerial photos of most of our work. A rinsed roof always looks better. We could come back after rain but we almost never do. So for us its worth it to do it all on the same visit.
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    I don't envy roofs that look like that! However, you wouldn't envy standing on a roof down here in Florida in the middle of August! Welcome.
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    Ive received more calls for roof cleaning in the last week(now that its wicked cold) then I did in all of October. Heading out to do two jobs today once it warms up. Hate cold weather cleaning,but it is what it is.
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    Chris Tucker spent countless hours teaching me. I continue to learn and ask for feedback every single day as we continue to evolve to suit the needs of the softwashers. These guys are right. Keep these systems as simple as you possibly can. Don’t give the distributors more $$. It will lead to a complex system with complex issues to diagnose and expensive repairs. Should you need 12 volt pumps, All-Flo AODD pumps, hose, plumbing components or an entire package shipped to you so that you can do your own custom installation, let me know. We can help you. I can help you find SH for a better price in your area. The RCIA is the organization that you absolutely should join and pay the membership fee. It is the only org that gives waaay more than the fee provide. Everyone bends over backwards to help you learn providing you read, read and read some more. We can cut and crimp suction/supply side hoses for sealed tank systems. Just let me know how long, hose ID, hose ends and types.
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    Awesome! The biggest mistake many make when it is cold outside, is not waiting long enough for the mix to clean. I discovered this 27 years ago, it was a 38 degree morning here in Tampa, and I had a large grey shingle roof that "refused" to clean. I ran myself out of chemical, drove to get more, and when I returned an hour and a half later, the roof was clean! LOL, I thought someone was playing a joke, and cleaned the roof for me, until I figured out what was going wrong. Back then, there was no roof cleaning forum, and no one to ask questions of. I had to figure out this stuff for myself.
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    When home sellers put their place on the market, they need to understand that potential buyers will be looking at every aspect of their home. Just about every buyer will be scrutinizing the roof. In marketing and sales efforts, roof cleaners need to target this need and educate these home sellers on how roof cleaning services can benefit them. Taking a page from real estate agents, communicate the importance of a home's exterior and how it influences its value and time on the market. Curb Appeal is Key to a Fair Offer The first impression a potential buyer will have of a home is hard to overcome — and this is why many real estate agents try to hammer the point home that curb appeal is one of the most important things a seller can work on. When someone walks up to a home (or views a listing online), will they see a well-maintained lawn and entryway, a clean roof, and a fresh paint job? If so, they'll feel good walking in the door -- and they may be more likely to feel good about the house interior, too. If the buyer sees a moss-covered, aged roof or peeling paint, they will assume a home is a fixer upper to some degree. Any offer they make will be priced accordingly. Buyers Expect to See a Well-Maintained Home As we just touched upon, buyers expect that a home for sale will have been well maintained in all aspects. Even if a seller has kept the home's major systems up to date, buyers are apt to believe what they see. If what they see is an aged roof, then buyers will distrust that the seller has, in fact, done as they have claimed and kept up with maintenance. Again, this translates to a low ball offer more often than not -- that is, if the potential buyer even makes an offer. They may cross a house off the list in search of a better deal. If you're looking to sell quickly and for a fair price, it's in your interest to do everything to prepare the home for sale, including any necessary roof/exterior cleaning. Homes Need to Compete While the real estate market is highly location specific, homes in many areas need to compete in any way they can or stay stagnant on the real estate market for months if not years. With several comparable properties on the market, a home needs to get buyer attention in every was possible, instead of lose buyer attention through oversight or inattention to detail. With this in mind, a cleaned roof should be seen as the standard for home sellers, rather than something extra. Market to People's Needs Roof cleaning is a fast and cost-efficient way to make a home look up to date and generate curb appeal. When sellers understand this, they're much more likely to purchase these services. The challenge, however, is that people are bombarded with messages each day telling them how different products or services can help them out. If you're serious about growing your business, you'll need to adopt modern marketing practices over a few ads in the paper and a billboard. Target soon-to-be home sellers with social media ads, for example. Whatever strategies and channels you end up adopting, make sure to make the message geared toward this list of benefits. When people understand how a service can help them achieve their current goals, they are much more likely to ask for a quote.
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    SH is an oxidizer, that can and will dull paint. It is possible that your solution did this, it is also possible they were like this, under the dirt, and you come along and get blamed. LOL, some customers will blame you for everything. Seriously, I had a customer call me all pissed off once, and said I ruined his marriage! Another customer claimed we made his Orange Tree "Glow In The Dark", because we were spraying radioactive material.
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    “Curb appeal.” Achieving it is the holy grail of properties in Toledo and beyond. But sometimes, it can feel like the effort that goes into that first impression isn’t worth the outcome. That’s why an exterior cleaning company can become your best friend. Using top-tier technology, expert technicians can transform your property. Our team delivers service that is: Convenient – we schedule the service you need when you need itGuaranteed effective – you can always count on top-tier qualityAffordable – we deliver superior service at a fair priceHands-off (for you!) – we take care of everything so you don’t have to!Your Curb Appeal ChecklistThe formula for curb appeal isn’t rocket science – it just takes the diligent work of qualified professionals. Team H2O Spray delivers with top-to-bottom service, including: Roof Cleaning We remove those black streaks – and make your roofing last longer.House Washing Our team has a solution for every stain and eyesore, from dirt to mold.Concrete Cleaning Oil stains and chewing gum buildup? No problem – we can clean it all.With exterior cleaning and pressure washing service from Team H2O Spray, your curb appeal will be ready to shine.
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    h2o spray

    We Clean Roofs!

    Your roof protects the rest of your home – but it needs it’s own share of protection, too! A result roof washing service is a simple way to strengthen your property value (and curb appeal!). Add 10 Years to Your RoofOver time, your roof becoming a breeding ground for mold and mildew. But that’s not the only issue. If you’ve ever noticed black stripes creeping across your roof, you have a Gloeocapsa Magma problem. This bacteria eats at your roofing, which causes the streaks – and the decreased lifetime of your shingles. Roof washing is the best way to fight back. With a regular cleaning, you’ll get a decade or longer out of your roof, and curb appeal to match. A Safe Roof Cleaning SolutionWe use no-pressure washing to clean your roof. This method kills mold and bacteria, removes stains, and restores the beautiful first impression to your top layer. The most important part? It does it without high impact, so the quality of your roof stays intact. Give your property the best in curb appeal – and boost the value of your investment – with the help of our roof washing professionals!
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    Ted is an awesome guy, who loves this place. We get every type of scam artist coming through here, trying to sell our members some worthless shit Ted saw something that made his suspicious, please don't take it personally
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    Cedar Roof Cleaning Basics

    Sodium Percarbonate mixed at 8 OZ. per gallon and Sodium Hydroxide added at 2 oz. per gallon and applied with dedicated pump and neutralize with oxalic mixed at 6 OZ per gallon. You could also DS Sodium Hydroxide I've done it many times on Cedar,..and is actually my preferred method due to speed. Cedar that is just grayed out is VERY easy to clean. Cedar with heavy moss takes alot of rinsing, so having a good "On Board" rinsing pump is a necessity,...counting on the customers' water is a gamble at best. And if they're on a well,..that will need to be discussed beforehand. YES, these need to be charged for appropriately. Nothing like doing an asphalt shingled roof. The results though are very gratifying. Jeff
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    That is when it really hurts When you have sent someone business
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    I used to think gigantic tenderloin sandwiches were a normal thing everywhere lol. If it isn't 10x the size of the bun it's not a tenderloin sammich!
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    Oh yes, I am from Detroit originally, Hockeytown USA
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    Well..... How much does shipping really cost on 4-6 BUCKETS of snot, clingon, Hang Tite, Green Wash or anything else? $100 for 4 on the very low side, $135 for 4 on the higher side, $150 for 6 and $210 for 6 buckets! That adds a whole lot to your bottom line. The more you pay for your chem, the less that goes in your pocket. A single bucket of this dense surfactant that takes the place of 4-6 buckets costs anywhere from $20-45 to ship in the US. We don’t pad shipping and put it in a box to save a $6 you handling fee. We are going to send out new buckets with handles on the bottoms shortly. Soooo, when you look at the cost of shipping a single bucket over shipping out 4-6 buckets, I think the savings speaks for itself!
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    Those glazed tile roofs are a real bitch, when it gets cold
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    A wet roof is not a problem UNLESS it is raining so hard that you can't keep the chemicals on the roof
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    Read, read, and then read some more. If you have any questions about cleaning roofs, post them on the forum, and we will answer.
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    Yes, a dual axle would have been nice, especially with all the weight we sometimes carry. It looks great !
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    I like the high tops with the straps on them. The soles are cheap and replaceable. $15 for a new set. They Velcro on and off. The boots are what’s pricey. $125-$160
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    Don’t waste your money on any BS. I clean 52 outdoor dog kennels every Tuesday! I use what’s recommended by the “HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES”. Which is : 32/1 water/bleach. Add a light touch of surfactant. Make sure you rinse very well! I’ve reduced kennel cough and other diseases by an enormous amount according to the Kennel owners. They love it and so do I.
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    https://www.washsafe.com/collections/roof/products/roof-wash. Stuff works decent on my fence and brick. Hydrogen peroxide base it claims.
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    Hey guys, I have been lurking around for a while trying to pick up as much as possible. I still have not decided for sure if I am going to add roof cleaning to my services. I am a one man show so I may go after some small ranch jobs until I feel more comfortable. I am going to do a free job next week for a friend to get my feet wet. I went ahead and bought a pump set up from Pressure Tek. I mostly am a pressure washing company so I can use the pump for deck work, cedar buildings, stucco and things like that. I hooked everything up, but as it sets now the pump cycles for 5 seconds every 20 seconds or so. Is this normal? I would have thought once the pressure is built up it would hold for a while at least. With the constant cycle it would seem I have a leak, but I ran 30 gallons of water through the system and don't see any leaks. Does anyone have a suggestion? I have a short video that shows what is happening. Hopefully I can get it to load. Thanks for the help. Joe
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    I really need to get into some more commercial roof cleaning. I am finding that it is a great niche that guys do not go after as much. Kyle
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    Nice work, Jacksonville is a huge place, what part is this roof you cleaned in ?
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    A to Z Softwash recently cleaned this beautiful home in Falmouth Mass. We also cleaned the gutter faces, decks, deck furniture and siding. The roof was covered in mostly bacteria/ black streaks and lichen at the top. This customer knew who to call to get their cape cod area roof cleaned.
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    Welcome to the RCIA Grant ! Apple Roof Cleaning was basically built on the 1/2 Inch Yamada pump, the black one that's made from Kynar. However, the last of my "fleet" of 3 Yamada pumps, died a few years ago. Some were rebuilt 4 times! Lately, we have been using the 1/2 Allflow pump, and noticed no drop off in either performance, or longevity. LOL, only time will tell if it is capable of being rebuilt 3 times, like the Yamada. Kevin Enderle has actually done flow and distance tests of some air pumps. Some brands of air pumps use less air then others, because they are either more efficient, or the company is lying about the efficiency of their pump! As far as "The Very Best" air pump goes, there is a small American pump maker out in California called Price Pumps. They sell their pumps to California Farmers, who have to spray Acid on their soil out there. For a given amount (SCFM) of air, the Price Pumps are claimed to give more GPM. They are built like Tanks, and priced accordingly.
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    Barrel tile roofs require regular cleaning just like any other kind of roofing material. Just like asphalt shingle roof cleaning, the color is usually completely restored during the cleaning process. This roof is a great example. This particular barrel tile roof is actually in Ponte Vedra, Florida, outside of Jacksonville in the beautiful Marsh Landing community. The homeowners were required by their homeowner association to have the roof cleaned. This is typical of many HOA's all across the country. Keeping your roof clean keeps the neighborhood looking nice, but also helps reduce the spread of the type of algae that causes your roof to discolor over time. Just like asphalt shingles, barrel tiles should not be cleaned using pressure alone. Many colored concrete tiles can be stripped over their color by using pressure washing methods. Ultrasoft Pressure Washing takes the pressure out of everything with our Ultrasoft methods. Our barrel tile roof cleaning process consists of a zero pressure application of a proprietary roof cleaning solution to safely and effectively restore your roof's natural color. Each roof is different, so the solution is tailored to each home that we clean, but the results are the same. The original color and vibrancy of your roof is restored before we leave. Even better, after a couple of hard rains, any residual matter left on the roof is rinsed off, and your roof will actually improve in appearance even more. Have a look at this massive 6,500 sq. ft. barrel tile roof we recently cleaned with our zero pressure roof cleaning process. Even while wet, you can see the color is restored, and this roof looks amazing. If you need barrel tile roof cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida or even Ponte Vedra, Florida call Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC today. (904) 304-0810 or fill out our contact form at our roof cleaning and pressure washing website.
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    Hello to anyone reading this, and congratulations for finding us! If you want to learn all about cleaning roofs, there is no better place. Any and all of your questions will be answered, by me personally, if that is what it takes. Membership to The Roof Cleaning Institute is 129.00 a year. Here is what you get, for your money Premium Membership to this forum, as well as to our Main Forum http://roof-cleaning-institute.activeboard.com/ One on one, no charge, question and answer sessions with me, from the hours of 9 until 11 pm Florida Time. RCIA Member Logo for your websites/flyers. Only Premium (paid) Members are allowed into the Closed Sections of our Forum (this is where we hide the good stuff) Only Premium Members are allowed to make promotional posts, and have signature links on our 2 Forums. Both of our Roof Cleaning Forums are Google Page Rank 3 ! This means a backlink from either Forum will greatly help your website score higher, in your local search. If you have any unanswered questions about joining, call me at 813 407-1097 from 10 am until 11 pm, 7 days a week. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Florida
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    What was the temperature? SH is temperature sensitive. The lower the temperature is, the weaker the oxidization. If the temp was cold, the mix was weak for the temperature (that is a 33% mix) and you didn't use surfactant...it would explain things. Below 40 degrees you pretty much need to be at 50% mix strength for things to work.
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    Here is a nice example of how clean and shiny your metal roof could look. If your metal roof is black, dirty, and nasty looking, don't fret. Even metal roofs can be cleaned using zero pressure processes, with amazing results. This metal roof is a portion of the roof on a local Jacksonville, Florida church. This roof probably hadn't been cleaned in years, yet Ultrasoft Pressure Washing was able to renew it's appearance using zero pressure, environmentally safe methods. Our cleaning vastly improved the building's appearance instantly. Care still needs taken even when cleaning metal roofs. Run off from roof cleaning can cause issues with landscaping, painted surfaces, and other areas if not handled properly. Using the wrong types of cleaners could ruin the finish on your metal roof, drip edge, and more. Ultrasoft Pressure Washing uses metal roof cleaning methods approved by the Roof Cleaning Institute of America to ensure your metal roof is cleaned thoroughly and safely. Take a look at our results on this particular roof, and then call today for all of your roof cleaning Jacksonville, Florida needs. (904) 304-0810