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    Hello Guys, Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa here If you lived here in Florida, you would know we have been softwashing down here for many many years! A "softwash system" is what we have been using to chemically clean roofs and exteriors w/o pressure washing, for many years. In this forum, you will learn how to build your very own softwash systems, and how to roll your own softwashing chemicals. There is no need to buy expensive,, pre fabricated softwash skids, when you can easily build your very own softwash system. You do not need questionable, and very expensive softwash chemicals for your systems. Before you buy any ready made Softwash System, or "training", post any and all your soft wash cleaning questions here, so we may help you build your own system, and do it yourself.
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    People today are constantly bombarded with advertisements from every direction by companies and other people trying to sell them products or services. We have become quick to ignore or filter out the barrage of sales pitches. When you’re promoting your roof cleaning business face to face with others and you don’t make an impression after 30 seconds, you will be forgotten about. Hence you must always be ready with your 29 second pitch. The pitch must answer five questions: What is the problem? Add drama or fear to make it more interesting. What is it that I do? What is my cause or product? How can my service better people’s lives or make them financially better off? How am I different from the others (differentiation)? Here is my 29 second pitch as an illustration: We’re being invaded and most people don’t even realize it yet. Have you noticed any rooftops that have ugly black streaks and stains? That’s air born algae that quickly multiply and spread over the roof’s surface. Besides being unsightly, it’s destructive and costly. Roughly 50% of roofs are replaced simply due to their ugly appearance or premature deterioration that could have been prevented. I’m here to bring you the good news that Advantage Roof Cleaning Company has a safe and inexpensive process that kills the algae, cleans away the streaks and restores the shingles to their proper condition.
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    It is also about READING Lozmar. No one gets spoon fed here, w/o making some effort to at least READ.
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    Cedar Roof Cleaning Basics

    Sodium Percarbonate mixed at 8 OZ. per gallon and Sodium Hydroxide added at 2 oz. per gallon and applied with dedicated pump and neutralize with oxalic mixed at 6 OZ per gallon. You could also DS Sodium Hydroxide I've done it many times on Cedar,..and is actually my preferred method due to speed. Cedar that is just grayed out is VERY easy to clean. Cedar with heavy moss takes alot of rinsing, so having a good "On Board" rinsing pump is a necessity,...counting on the customers' water is a gamble at best. And if they're on a well,..that will need to be discussed beforehand. YES, these need to be charged for appropriately. Nothing like doing an asphalt shingled roof. The results though are very gratifying. Jeff
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    Sorry for the late reply everyone, Thank you, we sent a very long time on it and was a very good learning experience. It is, same county I'm in! There cement tiles. Wasn't really expecting these tile jobs, we got another to do this weekend also, haha. 2800sf roof (: The picture's on the top of the roof turned out AMAZING, I was very happy to see how those turned out. Thanks everyone,
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    It was weird watching the Denver Bronco's vs Carolina Panthers game last night, because Tony Dungy was on TV, and we recently cleaned his roof. Tony was a referral from another ex pro football player we did. LOL, I wish every job was like his. No shopping, just come clean it when you can We got into the football players market years ago by pure luck. I got a caller who would not give an address, and asked me how much for an 8000 sq ft 2 story tile roof with a 4 car garage. Bidding blind, I hit him really high, even for us. A few weeks later, he called me back, and said his client has decided to go with your company. I thanked him, and asked him why he went with us. He said because we were by far the most expensive bid, and did not offer to throw in all kinds of extra's to try and get the job. In front of my Son,. I told him, "We are busy, and I might be able to squeeze you in in a few weeks" He said "fine, let me know". My son said "Dad, we are not that busy, let me go do that 5,000 dollar job" I told him NO. LOL, we did do him the following week, because I told he we had to reschedule another client, who went on a Cruise
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    Over the years I have used direct mailing and they worked great for me. Back when I started cedar shakes cleaning, which many said I couldn't do my way, LOL, I would drive a location write down all the cedar roof addresses. Would go to the assessors page and get their name. Developed a tri-fold and hand addressed them, stamped and mailed. Got a lot of work that way.
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    Summer of 2014 brought about great change in my life as I launched my rather unexpected pressure washing business. It's been a journey and have loved every minute of it. It's been a pleasure serving members of our community and look forward to a broader customer base and wider range of cleaning service for 2015. I started my business pressure washing a house with a pump sprayer full of out door bleach and a 50' pressure washing hose. I had to drag that pressure washer all over the yard with me. I then found a surface cleaning attachment for driveways and off I go. It was tough. And door to door advertisement has earned its respect in my opinion! After finding the forums, my life changed. I learned pressure washing professional equipment, cleaners and processes, such as soft wash. My ambition wasn't satisfied, so I learned roof cleaning. Again there forums came to my rescue! I credit the forums for my minimal mistakes along the way. Again, my ambition raged on, so Cedar Roof Cleaning gotta dose of it. I now specialize in non-pressure cedar roof cleaning. With a year of work under my belt, Clean Pro Exteriors is now an L.L.C. fully insured and licensed, using only soft wash methods to ensure the most effective, safest cleaning out there. My marketing and Advertising continues to increase and I hope to grow in business managing and budgeting as we go. But my ambition is a fire with more full to burn, so what's next? I want contracts! I plan to start with small grocery stores around town maintaining their walk ways, and hopefully, get started in Fleet Washing. To commemorate the journey, here are a few of my firsts.... first rig, house wash, deck, stucco, brick patio, roof, cedar roof
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    First off, never ever use a pressure washer on a roof unless you want to totally destroy it. A soft wash set up is very simple and can be built for under $500.00 and will deliver excellent results safely.Start out with a 12v electric pump and graduate to an air system in the future. Delvan fat boys are under $200.00. Garden hose and a nozzle and you'rer all set.
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    I really like locally availiable stuff! I need it when I need it, and hate waiting for shit to be shipped. I also hate paying the shipping on stuff, especially heavy stuff like liquid soaps! The Liquid Gain works, it works well, plus it is cheap. And, for what it is worth, it is my discovery. I found it on accident one day, and have used it ever since. I like using it thick, like 2 to 3 - 44 ounce bottles to 100 gallons of mix. At that concentration, it really hides the smell better, but it will leave a film sometimes, on the roof. No worries, just tell your customers that you are applying a roof treatment, that might leave a slight film, that will go away after a good rain. It will, and will also have all kinds of sudsy little bubbles that will come off the roof, that smell a lot better then just chlorine! LOL, New Apple Sauce !
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    Hi all, Wondering if there are any benefits to being a premium member / getting certified if i am in Canada - (Vancouver). Are there any other Canadians certified? I have so far appreciated the free portion of the site and am interested in the premium part. Someone talk me into it! EDIT OK I talked myself into it! Off to the premium section
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    FYI: GREEN Gain dishsoap is the thickest of them all. I called Procter & Gamble today.
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    Chem Handling

    Do you have Chem gloves onboard? If not, get some. Chem burns are possible when dumping 12.5% into your tank. It is required by law. Goggles as well since getting straight 12.5 in your eye is pretty much the ultimate in pain. We all spray the heck out of SH, and handled right it is very safe. But familiarity breeds carelessness and we often forget that when used and handled improperly, as with any substance, it can do harm. Handle it with care and you will save yourself and your employees a lot of pain. Keep a first aid kit onboard and your fresh water tank full...it is good for washing down anything that spills on you or the truck.
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    Thanks Chris - I'll reach out to him and see what I can find out. Maybe we'll have a 12v pump shootout / torture test to see which one is better suited for the long haul. We're blowing the motors on ours 9 times out of 10 or more. As an aside, I'm setting up a pump experiment in my garage now. If the idea works, we'll make sure it's known here (RCIA Premium Section) first......
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    Research the phrase "3 stepping", or "3 stepping wood". The same CORRECT process used to strip/clean decks is used on cedar. That's not to say that some don't use SH on cedar, in fact many do. But the proper way, in my professional opinion, is to 3 step it. The 4th step, if applicable, would be seal/stain if so desired. Cedar looks amazing when properly done. It's also a LOT of work, so charge accordingly. The last one that we did took us 3 days and cost the client $6500. I prefer asphalt shingles :-)
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    Alright guys, let's compare some notes on the documents in your arsenal. (Sadly, I know of some folks that are using the low end tear-off quote and invoice pads from Staples... SMH. What a missed opportunity.) Our invoice can be found here. You'll need to click the download button. No worries, the site is safe (it's mine). But if you're not comfortable with it, that's ok with me. See once you've downloaded the full page file, you'll notice that the entire doc is protected, other than predetermined fill-able fields. This allows us to complete these quote forms substantially faster than when we were using Excel. It's all tab based other than the $$. That must be moused, at least for now. Before it gets presented, it gets converted to a PDF so that the entire doc is locked, or protected along with other collateral. Full disclosure - I've just converted this docX from Excel, and some of the spacing is still a bit off. Once the 2014 Angie's list award is published, I'll need to change it again, so it's fine until then. These are now easily completed in the field or at the office, and time is money. For years I've wanted to get this to where it's simply tab-able fields. Finally made the time! Who's next to share theirs?
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    Maaaan Chris, this is an awesome video!!!! after i had those couple of days knocking on doors in this freakin heat all day and not but one person gave a damn i really didn't feel like knocking on any other doors even though the damn circumstances obligate me to find other ways. this is Great inspiration and mentorship. Congratulations on your business & thank you & the many others that are mentoring us newbies.. keep it up... Alex
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    Air pump setup diagram

    Here is a basic diagram of an air setup from Lori at pressurewasherproducts. It should give you a starting point.
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    Because so many newcomers have asked me for a simple "quick and dirty" mix to clean shingle roofs, here it is. This mix is for 100 gallons total. You need 68 gallons of water 30 gallons Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite `12.5% 1 - 44 ounce Bottle Original Scent Liquid Gain Dishsoap. Up to 3 - 44 ounce bottles of Gain may be added for additional cling on steep shingle roofs, and/or help in masking the Chlorine Smell. This is a fast, easy to make, non pressure roof cleaning chemical mixture that cleans well. It is not quite as good as the regular Apple Sauce mix, but it has the advantage it is faster and easier to make, and costs less too. For larger or smaller amounts, simply do the math, if you are making 50 gallons of New Apple Sauce Roof Cleaning Mix, or 400 gallons.
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    Here is a nice example of how clean and shiny your metal roof could look. If your metal roof is black, dirty, and nasty looking, don't fret. Even metal roofs can be cleaned using zero pressure processes, with amazing results. This metal roof is a portion of the roof on a local Jacksonville, Florida church. This roof probably hadn't been cleaned in years, yet Ultrasoft Pressure Washing was able to renew it's appearance using zero pressure, environmentally safe methods. Our cleaning vastly improved the building's appearance instantly. Care still needs taken even when cleaning metal roofs. Run off from roof cleaning can cause issues with landscaping, painted surfaces, and other areas if not handled properly. Using the wrong types of cleaners could ruin the finish on your metal roof, drip edge, and more. Ultrasoft Pressure Washing uses metal roof cleaning methods approved by the Roof Cleaning Institute of America to ensure your metal roof is cleaned thoroughly and safely. Take a look at our results on this particular roof, and then call today for all of your roof cleaning Jacksonville, Florida needs. (904) 304-0810
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    Well, it all depends on what way you go on the PH. If you go for high ph, then you are activating the Hypochlorite ION, and it is pretty safe. But, if you drop the PH, down to PH 7 let's say, you wind up with an oxidizer that can be nearly 100 times stronger. The problem with dropping the PH of Sodium Hypochlorite below PH 8 is this YOU CAN BE KILLED !!!!! This is how Mustard Gas was made back in WW1, and it will flat KILL YOU ! I had a friend who cleaned river rock on swimming pool decks by first spraying the deck with an acid solution, and then he hit it with a sodium hypochlorite solution. The acid turbocharged the sodium hypochlorite, and it cleaned like all get out. But it was always done outside, with a gas mask! DO NOT< I REPEAT< DO NOT ADD ACID TO SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE< UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE
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    LOL, "rinse well, replace plants never"
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    You are a Premium Member, and your membership also gets you free, unlimited, one on one telephone consultations with me. Call me at 813 655 8777 from 11 am till 11 pm Florida time, 7 days a week, if you need me, or are unsure of what to buy, and who to buy it from. I will not let you make a potentially serious equipment purchase mistake. Chris
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    1. Don't spam titles...you only compete with yourself. If you title two articles with the same words...you force the search engines to choose. 2. Use informative or general articles to point back to not just your website but to your primary advertising articles. If you made an article titled "Roof Cleaning Anytown", don't make multiple articles titled the same, instead, add articles about roof cleaning and link that article. 3. Don't copy paste content....try and write something unique 4. Try to write at least 300 words 5. Linking...limit external links to 1 per 200 words to avoid looking spammy 6. Add images (with alt text) 7. Relevancy is not just about the whole article but about the surrounding words. Don't place a link to your gutter cleaning page at the bottom of a 500 word article when the first paragraph was where you mentioned gutter cleaning, embed the link right there in that paragraph. 8. Use an "About Author" at the bottom of an article to surround a link to your roof cleaning website with relevancy for articles that have no relevant roof cleaning content. Don't spam locations....if you want to promote several locations, write more blogs.
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    Lichen has always been a hard infestation to remove safely. I just cleaned a metal roof that was covered with lichen. I tweaked my mix and let dwell for about 20 minutes and then rinsed with garden hose pressure.
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    h2o spray

    We Clean Roofs!

    Your roof protects the rest of your home – but it needs it’s own share of protection, too! A result roof washing service is a simple way to strengthen your property value (and curb appeal!). Add 10 Years to Your RoofOver time, your roof becoming a breeding ground for mold and mildew. But that’s not the only issue. If you’ve ever noticed black stripes creeping across your roof, you have a Gloeocapsa Magma problem. This bacteria eats at your roofing, which causes the streaks – and the decreased lifetime of your shingles. Roof washing is the best way to fight back. With a regular cleaning, you’ll get a decade or longer out of your roof, and curb appeal to match. A Safe Roof Cleaning SolutionWe use no-pressure washing to clean your roof. This method kills mold and bacteria, removes stains, and restores the beautiful first impression to your top layer. The most important part? It does it without high impact, so the quality of your roof stays intact. Give your property the best in curb appeal – and boost the value of your investment – with the help of our roof washing professionals!
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    Ted is an awesome guy, who loves this place. We get every type of scam artist coming through here, trying to sell our members some worthless shit Ted saw something that made his suspicious, please don't take it personally
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    Nice job Ted. Looking closely at the house, it looks like the eagle has perched on the chimney...LOL.
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    I am still playing with tip sizes. How many volts to run for each size. How many gpm are being used.
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    It's a liability. lots of guys will work day labor for reasons that keep them from getting legitimate jobs. There's NO telling what's going on with them, drugs, wanted by the law, illegal resident, whatever. I have seen guys claim an injury on a job for Workers Comp. As far as legality goes. Yes, it's illegal for you to hire an employee and not get an i-9 and a W4 at least, and then withhold the appropriate taxes. If you're hiring them as a subcontractor, it's a little different, but you've still got to account for where your money goes and if you're insured, you've got to make sure any subs have their own workers comp or it's on you. Also, it is in your best interest to hire actual temporary employees and do all the paperwork since their pay is an expense against your profit (less taxes on you). Plus my accountant tells me to NEVER do anything with cash. Like Jim says, I'd rather hire a retired guy, a college student, or a temp employee who only wants to work a few hours a week, and make sure it's all above board.
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    Air pump setup diagram

    the top pic shows the chemical out and the place where your muffler screws in. You can run without a muffler if you don't have one. Just be noiser than with one.
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    Every roof cleaner needs what is called a Facebook Business Page, and here is ours https://www.facebook.com/appleroofcleaningtampaIt shows up on page one of a local google search for roof cleaning tampa.A Facebook Business Page is different then your personal Facebook Page, and you need both.There are a TON of cool things you can do with a Facebook Business Page, to get roof cleaning work for your company. You can use a Facebook Business Page to join every local yard sale, and local community group in your area. And once you join these local Facebook Groups, every time you post, you are advertising your company Please do not underestimate Facebook, as far as getting work goes.
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    it was comparable to the original fatboy I only used it once now i have it as a backup transfer pump- The ones I run now are the fatboy 2's at 100psi. The air system was great for when the reliability of the 12v's wasn't very good and no accumulator was available, but now the "allflow" is comparable to the fatboy 2's. Obviously if you go to a larger 1" pump you will have more volume=more distance. The fatboy original is going on over 4 years now- gets periodic use 5850 transfer does straight 12.5% every day and is now 4 years old. fatboy 2's are 2 years old and never had to switch over to the backup pump and they are used everyday Allflow lasted a year of everyday use- didn't like the pulsing with the air- the compressor noise or the clicking the pump made. Electric is easy, if you have to set it down for an hour and do something else its off, not running in the truck All pumps are flushed out with 5 gallons of water The next setup we will try is the electric booster pump some of the guys are running for applying roof mix ( they last about 6 months) and are getting great distance out of them
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    Adding Curb Appeal Can Sell Your Home Faster In a slow real estate market, a person can generally sell their home quicker by dropping their asking price. In a market where supply is greater than demand, a desperate seller may see a lower price as their only option to shorten their home’s time on the market. There are however, other things that a seller can do that will help boost their home’s appeal to potential buyers. Some things can be done without costing any money while others may cost a few bucks. In the long run, a few well-spent dollars can end up saving you thousands when you are not forced to drop your asking price in order to make a sale. Some things you can do that can potentially make your home more sellable aren’t done in or around your home. Your realtor can help add some ways to make your home more attractive to buyers. Sellers can often be enticed by things like money towards their closing costs or even entirely covering the closing costs as a way to sweeten the deal in a down market. Other things that can help motivate a buyer include a home warranty or an option to close the sale within 30-60 days. These types of incentives can make you home even more attractive. http://www.libertysoftwash.com/blog/adding-curb-appeal-can-sell-your-home-faster/ A seller may sometimes overlook or under prioritize the value of curb appeal The very first thing a potential buyer will see is what the home looks like from the outside. A home that doesn’t look appealing from the curb may be overlooked based on nothing other than it’s exterior appearance. Things like planting flowers, adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door or adding a new mailbox are inexpensive ways improve your home’s appearance at first glance. Some would argue that curb appeal is everything and your first impression often sets your expectations on the rest of the home. Another way to increase your home’s curb appeal is by cleaning your home’s exterior. Dirty sidewalks, siding, patios or decks can be an instant turn off for potential buyers. The standard of cleanliness you maintain on your home’s exterior is often measured against your home’s interior cleanliness, when being viewed by potential buyers. A dirty roof may also set off a false alarm telling buyers a roof needs to be replaced and will cost thousands of dollars. Having your roof professionally cleaned will only cost a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. Removing roof algae will dramatically improve curb appeal and eliminate the threat of losing a buyer because of an unsightly roof. Liberty SoftWash is an excellent choice when considering hiring a pressure washing contractor in Lancaster Pennsylvania and surrounding area Our exterior cleaning services are just what you need to add some curb appeal to your home. Cleaning your roof or pressure washing your siding is an affordable way to spruce up your home before you contact your real estate agent to list your home. Call today to discuss your roof cleaning or pressure washing needs. (717) 578-5342
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    Nice looking job. I also liked the light colored shingles when I use to clean asphalt. Only do them for realtors now, who helped me get started. I am going to drive to Jacksonville on our trip to Florida next week. We have to do a presentation to HOA near Orlando for cedar roof cleaning. Looking to winter in Florida and cleaning cedar part time while there. A lot of cedar roofs in Florida and an open niche market. Sure beats the 10 degrees here today in Iowa. LOL Great work!
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    That looks great, Hopefully With a now clean asphalt roof that home will sell for its owners. Not only is the roof cleaning necessary, it can lift your morale with Pride of ownership. Your doing a great job in Jacksonville Florida.
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    LOL, once John get's RCIA Certified, it will literally give us Certified roof cleaners, from the gulf of mexico to the atlantic ocean!
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    Here is a John Blue gas powered roof cleaning pump http://www.dultmeier.com/products/search/7807 It is only 700.00, and bolts right on a small 2.5 to 3hp Honda motor, or you can use the harbor freight predator motor. It is nearly 300 psi, so it will shoot a long way. As a rule, I like air powered roof cleaning pumps better, because they are more reliable. For a Gas powered roof cleaning pump, these are more relaible then a UDOR Roof Cleaning Pump, and cost about 1/2 as much.
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    I don't know the "going rate" for your area, but I think you need to think bigger. We are specialists at what we do and should be rewarded financially. Our job is dangerous,our job risks alot of liability, our job causes us to deal with cleaning agents that will harm you, etc. Why work so cheap? A heart surgeon certainly gets more then an M.D., mechanics are up to $95-110 an hour, etc.. Maybe ask Marcus about pricing. He's in Texas. Anyhow don't sell your services off so cheap. Forget about sq. ft. think about the time each roof will take, mat., and what you need to earn in a day. You'll get the hang of it in time. There is a fellow roof cleaner in my area. He charges about half of what I get, he probably cleans twice as may roofs then me in a year, he works twice as hard to make equal money, travels way far, etc.. Work smart not hard
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    Talk about "burning the grass"! "Sorry Sir, your roof is clean but we kinda melted your downspouts".
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    That's why I rinse all roofs. Instant results.
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    This was a non pressure roof cleaning we completed today in Elizabethtown, PA. The owner of this home is planning on putting their house up for sale and was told by the realtor that they should have the roof cleaned. They made a good decision by calling us! Using a non pressure roof cleaning method, we were able to remove the ugly stains adding instant curb appeal. Roof Cleaning by A&E specializes in Soft Wash cleaning methods for numerous surfaces of your home's exterior. We can clean your home's ugly shingles and wash your home's dirty siding by using a low pressure cleaning method that is both safe and effective for the surfaces. In additon to soft washing, we also offer pressure washing for your concrete, asphalt or brick and we can clean your windows too! Give us a call to get an estimate for a home exterior cleaning make over that will make your home sparkle from roof to curb!
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    We have been in the roof cleaning business here in the Tampa area for nearly 20 years. We are proud to say we won the chamber of commerce small business of the year in 2002! We are also the founders of the Roof Cleaning Institute Of America We train, and certify, the best roof cleaners in the country, right here in Tampa! If you are looking to have your tile roof cleaned, isn't it nice to know you have found one of the best roof cleaners in America. We are not Handymen, Painters, or Yard Guys. For the most part, all we do is clean tile roofs here in the greater Tampa Florida area. And, we do it year round, not only when there are no houses to paint, or grass to cut. This is not "Our First Rodeo" ! Our company has cleaned well over 25,000 shingle, metal, and tile roofs, an 20 years of business. We hope to add you to our ever growing list of happy, repeat customers. The black stuff you see on your tile roof is not dirt. In fact, there is very little dirt up there. What you are seeing is a plant. This plant must be killed and removed, so the tile roof cleaning lasts a good while. Pressure washing does not kill this plant, it merely removes the still living plant, and scatters it everywhere, where it can easily regrow again. Our exclusive chemical cleaning process and treatment insures the longest lasting tile roof cleaning you can buy. You can pay more, but you can not get better! Here are a few pictures of some tile and shingle roofs we have cleaned over the years. Like we told you before, the black stuff you see on your tile roof is a plant. Even though we kill and remove it, and offer a treatment to postpone it's return and regrowth, it will always come back. We live here in Tampa Florida, a semi tropical area. Our famous heat and humidity is the ideal environment for this plant to thrive in! Oh, I almost forgot, here are 3 pages of additional roof cleaning pictures we uploaded some time ago http://www.flickr.com/photos/roof-cleaning-tampa/page1/ They are a bit unorganized, but I think you will get the idea ? I am Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning 813-655-8777 When you call, you will not be talking to some salesman, but to me, the owner of the company. I will answer any tile roof cleaning questions you might have, and provide you with a free, no obligation estimate.
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    Do you have a dirty slate roof? Roof Cleaning by A&E has a solution to your dirty slate roof problem! Restore the natural beauty of your slate roof with a non pressure roof cleaning from Roof Cleaning by A&E. Using a safe and effective non pressure cleaning method, we can remove the unsightly stains from your slate roof and return it to its original natural beauty. These pictures show a slate roof that we recently cleaned in Lancaster, PA. We achieved these dramatic results by using a non pressure roof cleaning method which restored the natural beauty of this slate roof. Our roof cleaning will give same day results at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Call us for all your roof cleaning needs! (717) 324-4208 In addition to roof cleaning, we also offer other exterior cleaning services: Soft Wash House Washing Pressure Washing Gutter Cleaning Rust Stain Removal Window Cleaning www.roofcleaningpa.com
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    WTF is a CAM ? Does it go inside a Motor
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    We use a trailer for the typical job. For the larger jobs, we use the heli.
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    Does your roof have black streaks, lichen or moss in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania? The black streaks and stains you see on your roof are actually caused by the growth of algae. This algae, feeds on the filler used in the manufacturing process of asphalt shingles. If these stains are left untreated, they will continue to grow into the form of moss or lichen. Allowing this growth will ultimately shorten the life of your roof. We have a solution for your dirty roof problem. Roof Cleaning by A&E can clean your roof and remove the stains, moss or lichen at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. Using a soft wash method, you will see the stains disappear almost immediately during the cleaning process. Roof Cleaning by A&E is one of Harrisburg, PA's only certified roof cleaners and uses only the recommend roof cleaning process as per the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association. Don't let a stained roof take away from your home's curb appeal. Call us today to schedule your roof cleaning. (717) 324-4208 For more information and to see more of our completed jobs, visit our website: RoofCleaningPA.com
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    Oops, forgot to post the roof cleaning pictures of this River Hills home in my last post!
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    Roof Cleaning West Chester PA