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    Justin Treu

    Moss On old shingles

    From what I have read you have to hit it with a strong roof mix and let it dewell ... and when the moss dies the rain should wash all the moss out ,, don’t quote me on it I am a newbie too.. and when I mean dewell I mean for a couple days , make sure no rain in the forecast ..
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    The roof cleaning chemicals will still clean in colder weather, just not as fast. The colder the temperature, the longer it will take for the roof to come clean. The Sun effects the cleaning solution too, so a sunny cold day, is better then a cold, cloudy day.
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    Trying to finish one tomorrow that I couldn't get on Friday. Took forever just to do a couple sides because there was zero sun and cool and windy. That one seriously frustrated me! Also it's glazed tile, so not being porous it won't absorb the SH. I'm having to kill layer by layer and it's super dirty.
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    I don't envy roofs that look like that! However, you wouldn't envy standing on a roof down here in Florida in the middle of August! Welcome.
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    Hello All, I am in Central Arkansas, and a friend and I would like to start a “Curb Appeal” business. I am getting into real estate, and early on I have stumbled upon conversations about soft washing capabilities and it would seem most of the population here is unaware of the product/results. But, I am worried about the risks! I have heard that a “proper” soft wash solution (3:7 or 2:3 of 12.5%) will scorch a lawn and flowerbed. I can respect that with fast results should come proper care and preparation. I’ve also heard that the only tried and true method to prevent that is to have a 2nd guy spraying. Well, we would only have one. I know I mentioned the pair of us were starting this venture, but I have a job I need to maintain to keep the marketing going (which I am confident about). And, we have no desire to hire a 3rd employee. So, The question is this: If one guy goes out to soft wash a single story home with moderate plant life around, AND NO WATER GUY, are we asking for trouble? I would hate to make money on 9 homes and then lose it all on the 10th. Or, am I overthinking it? We also want to do concrete, there are a lot of large driveways around here, but there are small areas as well. 8gpm and 36” too much of an investment? Our wish list is the following: 6x12 enclosed trailer, 8gpm 3500 psi Pro, X-Jet, Bandit Roof System, 36” Whisper, 225 gal container, 50 gal container. My measurements say that will fit, but maybe some of you know from experience that it will not. Is training for this kind of thing a waste of money? Thank you for any input, Mike Z - Little Rock
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    A wet roof is not a problem UNLESS it is raining so hard that you can't keep the chemicals on the roof
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    I work on a island off the coast of Canada and it can rain over 250 days a year here. I was wondering if anyone has any tips and advice for working on such conditions. Thank you
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    welcome! we have a few members up in BC One is in the fraser valley
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    Just joined today I'm on the west coast of Canada. Lots of great information! Thank you
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    As long as your SH is fresh, and you have some Sun, you are good to go. Even if it is cloudy, it will just take longer
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    Its 36 here now. Supposed to be 40 ish by noon so Im waiting to go.
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    Actually, BRONZE has equal or better SH resistance as stainless steel, and Hastelloy is the best metal.
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    Money is money, and sometimes we have to make it in cold w`eather. We had to bid a big tile roof kind of low, and the day it was scheduled on, it was 45 degrees So, we told the customer we needed to reschedule for a warmer day. He was ok with it
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    Ive received more calls for roof cleaning in the last week(now that its wicked cold) then I did in all of October. Heading out to do two jobs today once it warms up. Hate cold weather cleaning,but it is what it is.
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    I have a huge supply in stainless as well!
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    Hello Guys, Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa here If you lived here in Florida, you would know we have been softwashing down here for many many years! A "softwash system" is what we have been using to chemically clean roofs and exteriors w/o pressure washing, for many years. In this forum, you will learn how to build your very own softwash systems, and how to roll your own softwashing chemicals. There is no need to buy expensive,, pre fabricated softwash skids, when you can easily build your very own softwash system. You do not need questionable, and very expensive softwash chemicals for your systems. Before you buy any ready made Softwash System, or "training", post any and all your soft wash cleaning questions here, so we may help you build your own system, and do it yourself.
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    Chris Tucker spent countless hours teaching me. I continue to learn and ask for feedback every single day as we continue to evolve to suit the needs of the softwashers. These guys are right. Keep these systems as simple as you possibly can. Don’t give the distributors more $$. It will lead to a complex system with complex issues to diagnose and expensive repairs. Should you need 12 volt pumps, All-Flo AODD pumps, hose, plumbing components or an entire package shipped to you so that you can do your own custom installation, let me know. We can help you. I can help you find SH for a better price in your area. The RCIA is the organization that you absolutely should join and pay the membership fee. It is the only org that gives waaay more than the fee provide. Everyone bends over backwards to help you learn providing you read, read and read some more. We can cut and crimp suction/supply side hoses for sealed tank systems. Just let me know how long, hose ID, hose ends and types.
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    Read, read, and then read some more. If you have any questions about cleaning roofs, post them on the forum, and we will answer.
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    I was recommended here to learn how to roof wash. How does one go about the learning process so I can offer this great service to my customers?
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    Wow Chuck, the SH really did a number on that enclosed trailer! LOL, our old Box Truck had SH fumes inside that were so bad, I finally just totally removed the rear door. Many people fail to understand that SH does not have to leak to do damage. The Fumes are also corrosive and dangerous to not only your health, but to your equipment as well.
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    It is amazing how much the Sunlight effects the cleaning mix. On a cold day, you can really see this. The roof cleaning chemicals will always clean faster on a cold sunny day, vs a cold cloudy/overcast day.
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    Awesome! The biggest mistake many make when it is cold outside, is not waiting long enough for the mix to clean. I discovered this 27 years ago, it was a 38 degree morning here in Tampa, and I had a large grey shingle roof that "refused" to clean. I ran myself out of chemical, drove to get more, and when I returned an hour and a half later, the roof was clean! LOL, I thought someone was playing a joke, and cleaned the roof for me, until I figured out what was going wrong. Back then, there was no roof cleaning forum, and no one to ask questions of. I had to figure out this stuff for myself.
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    Cleaned a roof yesterday (Monday) 42 degrees....It was cold but we made good $$$ Love Roof Cleaning!
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    When home sellers put their place on the market, they need to understand that potential buyers will be looking at every aspect of their home. Just about every buyer will be scrutinizing the roof. In marketing and sales efforts, roof cleaners need to target this need and educate these home sellers on how roof cleaning services can benefit them. Taking a page from real estate agents, communicate the importance of a home's exterior and how it influences its value and time on the market. Curb Appeal is Key to a Fair Offer The first impression a potential buyer will have of a home is hard to overcome — and this is why many real estate agents try to hammer the point home that curb appeal is one of the most important things a seller can work on. When someone walks up to a home (or views a listing online), will they see a well-maintained lawn and entryway, a clean roof, and a fresh paint job? If so, they'll feel good walking in the door -- and they may be more likely to feel good about the house interior, too. If the buyer sees a moss-covered, aged roof or peeling paint, they will assume a home is a fixer upper to some degree. Any offer they make will be priced accordingly. Buyers Expect to See a Well-Maintained Home As we just touched upon, buyers expect that a home for sale will have been well maintained in all aspects. Even if a seller has kept the home's major systems up to date, buyers are apt to believe what they see. If what they see is an aged roof, then buyers will distrust that the seller has, in fact, done as they have claimed and kept up with maintenance. Again, this translates to a low ball offer more often than not -- that is, if the potential buyer even makes an offer. They may cross a house off the list in search of a better deal. If you're looking to sell quickly and for a fair price, it's in your interest to do everything to prepare the home for sale, including any necessary roof/exterior cleaning. Homes Need to Compete While the real estate market is highly location specific, homes in many areas need to compete in any way they can or stay stagnant on the real estate market for months if not years. With several comparable properties on the market, a home needs to get buyer attention in every was possible, instead of lose buyer attention through oversight or inattention to detail. With this in mind, a cleaned roof should be seen as the standard for home sellers, rather than something extra. Market to People's Needs Roof cleaning is a fast and cost-efficient way to make a home look up to date and generate curb appeal. When sellers understand this, they're much more likely to purchase these services. The challenge, however, is that people are bombarded with messages each day telling them how different products or services can help them out. If you're serious about growing your business, you'll need to adopt modern marketing practices over a few ads in the paper and a billboard. Target soon-to-be home sellers with social media ads, for example. Whatever strategies and channels you end up adopting, make sure to make the message geared toward this list of benefits. When people understand how a service can help them achieve their current goals, they are much more likely to ask for a quote.
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    Yes, a dual axle would have been nice, especially with all the weight we sometimes carry. It looks great !
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    I like the high tops with the straps on them. The soles are cheap and replaceable. $15 for a new set. They Velcro on and off. The boots are what’s pricey. $125-$160
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    Don’t waste your money on any BS. I clean 52 outdoor dog kennels every Tuesday! I use what’s recommended by the “HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES”. Which is : 32/1 water/bleach. Add a light touch of surfactant. Make sure you rinse very well! I’ve reduced kennel cough and other diseases by an enormous amount according to the Kennel owners. They love it and so do I.
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    That’s why I love realtors! Once you do work for one and show them what we can do, they keep wanting our service!
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    I like my enclosed trailer. I have it wrapped so it too is a billboard. Paid itself off quickly. I like the fact I can lock all my equipment up if need be wherever we are. Problem now is, I need a dual axle..
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    Posted this under softwash thread earlier, meant to put it here This is my first post/topic and I am sure that there are a million posts that dig deeper and deeper into my question. I’m starting or have begun an exterior restoration business, naturally with the cleaning of the roof and it’s black streaks being the push. I have been trying “Redihans Wash Safe” products. I have seen some good results, but I am just hoping for some feedback or products that work best for you all. My goal is to be able to clean and restore an exterior of a property with a single solution. This Wash Safe Supreme I have been using does do well, but it just doesn’t seem strong enough. Just looking for some help as I feel like I’m paying for overpriced OxyClean. Thoughts?
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    I'll send a photo later, but this was an old lawn care truck. It has three large tanks properly mounted - two 325 gallon tanks and one 250 gallon tank. I figure one for water, one for bleach...maybe set up a proportioner for straight roof application without a mix tank? And the third tank may be for gypsum/lime solution...though I read recently that you're not in the gypsum camp
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    https://www.washsafe.com/collections/roof/products/roof-wash. Stuff works decent on my fence and brick. Hydrogen peroxide base it claims.
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    Hello everyone, My name is Jonathan, and I live in Conway Arkansas. Starting, or have started I should say an exterior cleaning and restoration business here(Focusing on the roof), and cleaning other exteriors as client requests. Trying to perform my services by using natural or bleach free solutions of which I have had some success, but trial and error period is just a part of it! Regardless I realized this is the place to be for info, feedback, and ideas. Thanks!
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    Thanks my plan is to become a premium member..how will that work? I know it go’s yearly fee , but is that from when you pay or every January ?
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    Hello guys my name is Justin , live in Newport News , Virginia owner and operator of coastline power wash.. been washing house for a year now . I have miss a couple bids because I could not wash the roof on some of the houses so that’s why I am here.. building my trailer this winter so I can start strong next spring.. if any one knows of some must read treads please let me know which ones i should defiantly read, also I don’t mine paying for this membeship and hopefully become ceritified
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    I strongly believe in a Dually. The 1 ton truck has bigger everything, and the dual wheel tires can save your ass, if you get a flat. Here is one of my very first trucks of any kind And here is our current flatbed
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    I ran a pick up when I started, then an enclosed trailer and now an open trailer. This winter I want to find a flatbed to complete the cycle. I like the pickup but ran out of space quick. The enclosed trailer always had a leak or exhaust problem and everything was hard to get too. The trailer is nice but I hate pulling the trailer all the time. And I end up using my truck for work and personal. I think I would rather have a truck just for work. I rally like the flatbed and am thinking about a F350 or the like, but am undecided about which size bed, I am thinking 10'. I would love to hear some opinions. I would like to ultimately have room for 2 pressure washers and air roof pump, a couple DI tanks about 200 gal of water and 100 gal of SH, 4 hose reels. I think all that will be tight on a 10 bed. Joe
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    Three cheers for this post. Home sellers need to realize that our service can lead to a quick sale! I have had NUMEROUS clients sell their homes within DAYS of our cleaning. No joke. A freshly cleaned property will go fast, because it looks cared for. We are able to absolutely transform properties, and provide massive bang for the buck when preparing to sell. They sometimes neglect to realize how much more money can be made in the sale with a fresh cleaning. More excited and more numerous prospects mean getting more of the asking price and a quicker, easier sale. It's a win-win for everyone!
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    SH is an oxidizer, that can and will dull paint. It is possible that your solution did this, it is also possible they were like this, under the dirt, and you come along and get blamed. LOL, some customers will blame you for everything. Seriously, I had a customer call me all pissed off once, and said I ruined his marriage! Another customer claimed we made his Orange Tree "Glow In The Dark", because we were spraying radioactive material.
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    Lichen is rampant up here in Charlestown New Hampshire. Small immature lichen growths can be removed easily with little to no damabe to asphalt shingles with a high volume rinse.
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    People today are constantly bombarded with advertisements from every direction by companies and other people trying to sell them products or services. We have become quick to ignore or filter out the barrage of sales pitches. When you’re promoting your roof cleaning business face to face with others and you don’t make an impression after 30 seconds, you will be forgotten about. Hence you must always be ready with your 29 second pitch. The pitch must answer five questions: What is the problem? Add drama or fear to make it more interesting. What is it that I do? What is my cause or product? How can my service better people’s lives or make them financially better off? How am I different from the others (differentiation)? Here is my 29 second pitch as an illustration: We’re being invaded and most people don’t even realize it yet. Have you noticed any rooftops that have ugly black streaks and stains? That’s air born algae that quickly multiply and spread over the roof’s surface. Besides being unsightly, it’s destructive and costly. Roughly 50% of roofs are replaced simply due to their ugly appearance or premature deterioration that could have been prevented. I’m here to bring you the good news that Advantage Roof Cleaning Company has a safe and inexpensive process that kills the algae, cleans away the streaks and restores the shingles to their proper condition.
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    Here is a John Blue gas powered roof cleaning pump http://www.dultmeier.com/products/search/7807 It is only 700.00, and bolts right on a small 2.5 to 3hp Honda motor, or you can use the harbor freight predator motor. It is nearly 300 psi, so it will shoot a long way. As a rule, I like air powered roof cleaning pumps better, because they are more reliable. For a Gas powered roof cleaning pump, these are more relaible then a UDOR Roof Cleaning Pump, and cost about 1/2 as much.