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    Hey guys we are working on our new rig for the year just thought I'd post a pic of the progress we are almost done.. We love building rigs give us a msg if you need help
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    Custom built 6 ft drop in for a pickup truck. This system includes a hot water Hydrotek pressure washer with stainless steel frame, 3- 12” electric hose reels, RHG RO/DI water purification system and a 12v soft wash system with Pro-Portioner. Call today for your quote on one of these custom built skids. 717-378-2276. Power Wash Store PA Soft Washing Skid
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    Shingle Brite

    Stone Roof

    It will cleanup just like every other roof cleans up. You will probably need at least 40% and maybe 50% ratio to get it clean and might have to hit some of it more than once but it will work. I would tell the owner the algae stains will be gone when you leave but the lichen will still be there but not very noticeable and dead as a hammer. It will decay and weather off in a few weeks. Also, don’t be surprised if those tiles “bleed” color when you clean them. It won’t hurt anything but might scare you if it happens.
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    Yes Ted, the old RCIA Forum has nearly 3 times the info about the cleaning of roofs as this one does. It is most unfortunate there is no way to transfer that information to this forum
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    Back in the day, the RCIA had a different URL. This post is from 2011. Our record in Heritage Hunt, Gainesville Va 20155, was 28 homes on one street!!! We did 10 roofs in one day, with one rig! The new(er) RCIA forum is great, but the old one has lots on significant information from back when folks actually did honest research. Check this out: http://roof-cleaning-institute.activeboard.com/t41873413/roof-cleaning-heritage-hunt-gainesville-va-20155-571-250-965/ Then check out our website and see for yourself why we're the leading Roof Cleaning Company in Virginia, Maryland and the great Atlanta Georgia area! TheRoofCleaningCompany.com
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    Here is a link to the RCIA on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/
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    Thanks for the heads up Ted. I just went out to the trailer to check it out and it is watery.
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    Curb Appeal Pros LLC

    Been A While

    They are discharge hoses you can get them from any local hose supplier in any length you want.
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    Here is the FB group link https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/
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    I went ahead and made the group, it is at this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/174087666708523/
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    Hey Chris, We will help you run it if you need help setting it up let me know and I can create it for us
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    OK, I will look into it today guys, and as long as I have some help with it, why the hell not ?
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    You're going to have to do some test spotting with different chemicals. That looks like runoff from the flashing on the 2nd pic. Which means you're probably looking at something that is not biological. On the first picture, I would try SH first as it looks like a shaded side that very well could have growth. But, for the most part, when we bid things like that, we take an arsenal of chemicals to test in small spots. F9 Barc and Efflo, One Restore, etc. Just our $.02.
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    Check out PWP http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com Lori is very helpful!
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    Hello Everyone Randy with All Around Services located in Port St Lucie Fl I need help in assembling a basic soft wash system can you point me in the right direction of a thread, best place to buy the materials
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    I can't stand Home Advisor. They ripped me off when they were Service Magic. I highly recommend ALL contractors stay away from HA. They sell fake leads, and that alone is reason enough to not give them your business. If you're closing 90% of your leads, you are very rare, because almost nobody does that. Their reps like to join groups and claim all kinds of great success with them that really doesn't equate to what the average person will get. The average guy is going to get a bunch of fake leads, and them dipping into his bank account when they're not supposed to. The thing is, if you don't dispute the fake leads, you just get screwed. If you DO dispute them, it's still up to HA whether they keep your money. This is not a limited experience or a fluke. Literally almost everyone who has used them has the same kind of experience. People who don't exist, phones that ring but never answer, blah, blah. My advice is STAY FAR AWAY from HA and any other lead service.