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    I ran a pick up when I started, then an enclosed trailer and now an open trailer. This winter I want to find a flatbed to complete the cycle. I like the pickup but ran out of space quick. The enclosed trailer always had a leak or exhaust problem and everything was hard to get too. The trailer is nice but I hate pulling the trailer all the time. And I end up using my truck for work and personal. I think I would rather have a truck just for work. I rally like the flatbed and am thinking about a F350 or the like, but am undecided about which size bed, I am thinking 10'. I would love to hear some opinions. I would like to ultimately have room for 2 pressure washers and air roof pump, a couple DI tanks about 200 gal of water and 100 gal of SH, 4 hose reels. I think all that will be tight on a 10 bed. Joe
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    Most homeowners don’t realize it but cedar shake roofs need to be periodically cleaned. Believe it or not a well maintained cedar roof will last a minimum of 40 years. But again the key is to keep the cedar roof cleaned. It is similar to our teeth. If we don’t periodically have our teeth examined and cleaned, we get buildup on them. After a while, our teeth start to discolor and decay hence cavities. It’s the same principle with cedar shake roofs. Cedar has natural properties to protect it from rot. However if organisms are allowed to infest the cedar, those organisms start to break down the cedar causing it to rot and decay. Go here for the rest of the story.
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    Hey guys, I have been lurking around for a while trying to pick up as much as possible. I still have not decided for sure if I am going to add roof cleaning to my services. I am a one man show so I may go after some small ranch jobs until I feel more comfortable. I am going to do a free job next week for a friend to get my feet wet. I went ahead and bought a pump set up from Pressure Tek. I mostly am a pressure washing company so I can use the pump for deck work, cedar buildings, stucco and things like that. I hooked everything up, but as it sets now the pump cycles for 5 seconds every 20 seconds or so. Is this normal? I would have thought once the pressure is built up it would hold for a while at least. With the constant cycle it would seem I have a leak, but I ran 30 gallons of water through the system and don't see any leaks. Does anyone have a suggestion? I have a short video that shows what is happening. Hopefully I can get it to load. Thanks for the help. Joe
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    We owe you ALOT! Seriously, thank you for sharing all of your "nuggets" It is amazing what you did for Roof Cleaning.
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    This is a pretty extreme example of a metal roof cleaning. This metal roof had serious amounts of algae built up, and was in need of serious attention. Metal roofs need special attention when cleaning, so Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC is a great choice for this type of project. Our company is the only RCIA certified roof cleaning company active today in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We follow the strict guidelines of the Roof Cleaning Institute of America for all of our roof cleaning projects. We provide the highest level of care for our client's property before, during, and after the cleaning services are rendered. When cleaning a metal roof, special steps must be taken to ensure there is no damage or discoloration caused during the cleaning. Another factor is that metal roofs are slick, so they can not be easily walked during the cleaning, and extra safety gear is sometimes needed to perform even a basic cleaning. Yet another issue is that cleaning solutions don't stick well on slippery metal, causing more runoff and a more difficult situation for ground crews during the cleaning. Ground crews work the entire time to protect landscaping and finishes around the home during the cleaning. Hiring the right metal roof cleaning company will help ensure you get great results without the worry involved with using inexperienced cleaners. Certified metal roof cleaning companies in Jacksonville Florida http://www.ultrasoftpressurewashing.com/services/roof-cleaning-jacksonville-florida/ like Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC are an easy choice for expert cleaners that you know you can trust to get the job done right. Our process includes all the necessary steps, including a crucial neutralization of the cleaners for all metal roofs. You can rest assured that your roof gets cleaned properly by competent professionals, and your curb appeal is beautifully restored. If you're in need of metal roof cleaning, or any other type of zero pressure roof cleaning, take a look at these amazing metal roof cleaning results, and give us a call today. 904-304-0810
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    Jacksonville is absolutely BOOMING. They are building a TON of new stuff in the St. Johns county area and south side of Jacksonville. Speaking of NFL, I think we have the biggest jumbotrons in the world at the stadium. You can see them from the Dames Point bridge when it's on! There are TWO HD LED scoreboards. Each one is 62x362 feet totalling 22,000 sq. ft. of screen! I would love to play Battlefield on those, lol. We would love an opportunity to do roof cleaning for famous Jacksonville Jaguar football players and their families. I'm kind of oblivious sometimes though, especially if it comes to celebrity or something like that. I could have cleaned for some of them already, because we do some seriously large barrel tile roof cleanings for high end clients. I'm such a dummy, I wouldn't even know if I had been hired by one of their wives or something else! I might not even realize someone is famous unless they tell me. Then again, I'm that guy who will be lucky to recognize his own friends passing down the street, lol.
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    Thanks, I value your opinion! I am going to give the booster a shot. I wish I had the know how to put a system together from start to finish but I lack the knowledge and confidence. Your Apple Vari Flow sounds as though you were definitely ahead of the times. It is unfortunate there was no interest at that time.
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    I was working on a concept similar to the Pro Portioner 12 years ago. https://community.thegrimescene.com/topic/7760-a-big-advance-in-roof-cleaning/ I called my system the Apple Vari Flow System. I never had any plans to sell my idea, so I intentionally left off the expensive check and metering valves, used in the Pro Portioner, in favor of simple, inexpensive, and leak proof pinch valves. I wanted it to be cheap to make for everyone. Back in 2006, there just wasn't the interest in an adjustable chemical delivery system, that there is in the Pro Portioner today. My pinch valve based system did not work as good as the Pro Portioner does today. However, I was able to make it work good enough for me. Remember, I was trying to keep the cost down, in the hope that other cleaning contractors would duplicate my system, and experiment with me. Precision and chemically resistant check and metering valves were expensive back then, and they are expensive now. Because there just wasn't much interest in my system, and because my employees refused to use it, I abandoned my system. Remember, we are, and always have been, nearly a pure roof cleaning company. 85% of our business, is cleaning tile and shingle roofs here in Tampa. We are not now, nor have we ever been, a softwashing company. So, we really had no need for my system. Plus, my employees felt that it slowed them down! LOL, I guess I was ahead of my time, huh ? They want their booster pump to work with the Pro Portioner, so they have a great need to not bypass the pump. Tim Aselton, and Paul from The Powerwash store are very bright guys, and I am sure they will have tested their Pro Switch out. Together with the Pro Portioner, it will be an outstanding system
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    They have actually made a "pro switch" that turns the pump on and off when not in use allowing to eliminate bypass.Apparently they have been really working hard to make this pump perform how we need for them to. The "pro switch" from my understanding will be available after the UAMCC Convention?
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    Chris, Have you ever tested the "Booster pump" (Goulds) That The Power Wash Store and Tim Fields promote? Seems to be a nice pump. We currently run air but are considering purchasing a booster for use with a residential house washing truck. Plan to continue to use air for roofs. I like that w/ the boosters you can use to apply sauce and rinse with a fair amount of pressure and when adding the remote, a simple push of the remote to switch from sauce to rinse.
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    Here is a recent Cedar Shake Roof we cleaned in Traverse City Michigan. Extending the life of this Cedar Shake Roof for years to come. If you live any where in Michigan and need your roof clean, call us at 1-800-536-4598 or contact us at Http://www.saveyourroof.biz
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    When home sellers put their place on the market, they need to understand that potential buyers will be looking at every aspect of their home. Just about every buyer will be scrutinizing the roof. In marketing and sales efforts, roof cleaners need to target this need and educate these home sellers on how roof cleaning services can benefit them. Taking a page from real estate agents, communicate the importance of a home's exterior and how it influences its value and time on the market. Curb Appeal is Key to a Fair Offer The first impression a potential buyer will have of a home is hard to overcome — and this is why many real estate agents try to hammer the point home that curb appeal is one of the most important things a seller can work on. When someone walks up to a home (or views a listing online), will they see a well-maintained lawn and entryway, a clean roof, and a fresh paint job? If so, they'll feel good walking in the door -- and they may be more likely to feel good about the house interior, too. If the buyer sees a moss-covered, aged roof or peeling paint, they will assume a home is a fixer upper to some degree. Any offer they make will be priced accordingly. Buyers Expect to See a Well-Maintained Home As we just touched upon, buyers expect that a home for sale will have been well maintained in all aspects. Even if a seller has kept the home's major systems up to date, buyers are apt to believe what they see. If what they see is an aged roof, then buyers will distrust that the seller has, in fact, done as they have claimed and kept up with maintenance. Again, this translates to a low ball offer more often than not -- that is, if the potential buyer even makes an offer. They may cross a house off the list in search of a better deal. If you're looking to sell quickly and for a fair price, it's in your interest to do everything to prepare the home for sale, including any necessary roof/exterior cleaning. Homes Need to Compete While the real estate market is highly location specific, homes in many areas need to compete in any way they can or stay stagnant on the real estate market for months if not years. With several comparable properties on the market, a home needs to get buyer attention in every was possible, instead of lose buyer attention through oversight or inattention to detail. With this in mind, a cleaned roof should be seen as the standard for home sellers, rather than something extra. Market to People's Needs Roof cleaning is a fast and cost-efficient way to make a home look up to date and generate curb appeal. When sellers understand this, they're much more likely to purchase these services. The challenge, however, is that people are bombarded with messages each day telling them how different products or services can help them out. If you're serious about growing your business, you'll need to adopt modern marketing practices over a few ads in the paper and a billboard. Target soon-to-be home sellers with social media ads, for example. Whatever strategies and channels you end up adopting, make sure to make the message geared toward this list of benefits. When people understand how a service can help them achieve their current goals, they are much more likely to ask for a quote.
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    I recently cleaned a building with windows that have black aluminum frames. I used a 20% mix of SH and water with some gain. The frames have these blemishes on them that almost looks like oxidation. I should have taken a picture but didn't, maybe I will and add to this post later. Anyone know why these blemishes appeared after the cleaning? Thanks!
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    Chris, I'm not sure what do you mean? Please elaborate. http://www.advantageroofcleaning.com/cedar-roof-cleaning/
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    Hello, My name is Kevin and I'm the owner of Alpha Roofing out of Wilmington, NC. I currently offer roof for both commercial and residential owner. Sometimes we have request for washing both types of roofing and I'm looking for more information on the subject! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Alpha Roofing Roofing Wilmington, North Carolina 910-508-0300 Roofers Wilmington NC
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    I really need to get into some more commercial roof cleaning. I am finding that it is a great niche that guys do not go after as much. Kyle
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    Anyone ever hear of wysi wash system? Its made to clean dog kennels and other things.
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    SH is an oxidizer, that can and will dull paint. It is possible that your solution did this, it is also possible they were like this, under the dirt, and you come along and get blamed. LOL, some customers will blame you for everything. Seriously, I had a customer call me all pissed off once, and said I ruined his marriage! Another customer claimed we made his Orange Tree "Glow In The Dark", because we were spraying radioactive material.