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    Hello, RCIA Family! Spring is off to a great start....ooops, it is still Winter everywhere else. AODD pumps are not created equal. When you start off with great flow with the 1/2" All-Flo rated at 17 gpm at the pump wide open, one can gain greater distances. All-Flo’s best selling features are as follows: 1. Fewest Moving Air Valve Distribution System Parts which results in ease of repair, less repair time, less parts resulting in reduced labor costs, inventoried parts as well as associated costs of maintaining an inventory of spare parts. 2. Typically, Improved Performance – higher flow, greater suction lift and improved efficiency. Yamada and ARO 1/2" pumps rate at right around only 14 gpm. 3. Best warranty in the industry, support available 24/7 and priced at competitive prices. Pair this pump with 200-300' of Kuri Tec or Flex Tech RT using a minimum of 1/2" or even better 5/8" ID hose for the best distances and most efficient softwashing. Click here for Kuri Tec and Flex Tech RT hose 'A' rated for Softwashing chemical Here for the 17 gpm All-Flo Pump
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    Air Diaphragm pumps just last and last. All-Flo offers a 5 year warranty. 12 volt pumps offer relatively no warranty. Air systems use less than half the chemical compared to 12 volt, shoot farther, allow you to transfer chem with the same pump, allow you do perform more jobs in a day, can run all day and night without depending on a battery charge and are designed for use with softwash chems. It’s a no brainer!
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    I wouldn’t ever guide you down the path of a gas powered pump like a John Blue, Hypro, Udor or Comet. They haven’t come up with one that can withstand SH. Chris is right. The 5/8” hose is the best choice for distance to get the most out of the 17 gpm All-Flo. Using a 1/2” hose, although lighter in weight, will shoot less distance and slow you down. Most guys use 200’ unless you know you require more hose. Remember that it’s best practice to pull out all the hose every time.
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    If you are using that much line and doing 2 story roofs, you will want to be sure to have at least 5/8 diameter hose.