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    It is a year, from your join date. You go here to join http://roofcleaninginstitute.org/store/ Once you pay the membership fee, the forum software automatically makes your profile a premium one, with full access to the information we keep hidden.
  3. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Thanks my plan is to become a premium member..how will that work? I know it go’s yearly fee , but is that from when you pay or every January ?
  4. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

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  6. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    True statement right there.
  7. Black spots on vinyl siding

    In a townhouse subdivision, nearly every building has black spots on the vinyl siding. They are present from the ground to about 8 - 10' up. The townhouses are two story with composite roofs and gutters. I did not have any roof mix with me. I did have a bottle of Purple Power and tried that. The black spots on a small test area came right off. They seem to have suddenly appeared this year. The Property Manager is perplexed. Has anyone seen these before?
  8. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Welcome Justin, we keep a lot of the best info for premium members, but there is plenty of good reading here. Welcome Aboard !
  9. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    Honestly, If I were new, I would go box truck, because they are a rolling billboard !!! LOL, the more we drove it around, the more work we got Yes, they are harder to work out of, but the hardest work is, having no work
  10. New Roof Cleaning Forum Members Post Here

    Hello guys my name is Justin , live in Newport News , Virginia owner and operator of coastline power wash.. been washing house for a year now . I have miss a couple bids because I could not wash the roof on some of the houses so that’s why I am here.. building my trailer this winter so I can start strong next spring.. if any one knows of some must read treads please let me know which ones i should defiantly read, also I don’t mine paying for this membeship and hopefully become ceritified
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  12. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    Cool, it is hard to decide what to get, I started drawing out some plans last night for another build in the back of a truck. With all the proportioner options out there 100 gal of SH will go a long way. For 90% of what I do a pickup will work fine, it is the other 10% that is hard to figure. Joe
  13. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    I strongly believe in a Dually. The 1 ton truck has bigger everything, and the dual wheel tires can save your ass, if you get a flat. Here is one of my very first trucks of any kind And here is our current flatbed
  14. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    I ran a pick up when I started, then an enclosed trailer and now an open trailer. This winter I want to find a flatbed to complete the cycle. I like the pickup but ran out of space quick. The enclosed trailer always had a leak or exhaust problem and everything was hard to get too. The trailer is nice but I hate pulling the trailer all the time. And I end up using my truck for work and personal. I think I would rather have a truck just for work. I rally like the flatbed and am thinking about a F350 or the like, but am undecided about which size bed, I am thinking 10'. I would love to hear some opinions. I would like to ultimately have room for 2 pressure washers and air roof pump, a couple DI tanks about 200 gal of water and 100 gal of SH, 4 hose reels. I think all that will be tight on a 10 bed. Joe
  15. Trailer VS Flatbed VS Box Truck ?

    I have had all 3, and each had their advantages for roof cleaning and soft washing. Box Truck brought in the most business, by far! A Freaking Rolling Billboard ! But hard to work out of, compared to a trailer of flat bad I had several trailers, nice if the truck breaks down, you are never out of business. I had a trailer break loose on me, and spill 600 gallons of mix on the side of the freeway, in the grass. Trailers are nice, they keep the leaks away from the truck. We currently use Flatbeds How about you ?
  16. Cedar Shake Roof and Siding Cleaning in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff

    Nice work up in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. Maybe 1 out of 200 roofs down here is made out of Cedar, so we don't see them as much as you do up there. What county are Lake Forest and Lake Bluff in ? Is that still Cook County ?
  17. Most homeowners don’t realize it but cedar shake roofs need to be periodically cleaned. Believe it or not a well maintained cedar roof will last a minimum of 40 years. But again the key is to keep the cedar roof cleaned. It is similar to our teeth. If we don’t periodically have our teeth examined and cleaned, we get buildup on them. After a while, our teeth start to discolor and decay hence cavities. It’s the same principle with cedar shake roofs. Cedar has natural properties to protect it from rot. However if organisms are allowed to infest the cedar, those organisms start to break down the cedar causing it to rot and decay. Go here for the rest of the story.
  18. Help with my 12 volt pump

    TYVM ! Seriously, at one time, only roof cleaners cleaned roofs, and pressure washers pressure washed. If they did clean a roof, they pressure washed it. I changed all that, by teaching the pressure washers to clean roofs, the right way. Many don't remember the resistance I encountered, because some of my roof cleaning ideas were revolutionary, at the time. Now, they are taken for granted I did not "Invent" the Pro Portioner, but as you can see, I was involved with the idea for a variable chemical delivery system, long before there was any Pro Portioner. As I told you, I never had any plans to sell any of my ideas, but every time I see someone buy a Pro Portioner, I smile
  19. Help with my 12 volt pump

    We owe you ALOT! Seriously, thank you for sharing all of your "nuggets" It is amazing what you did for Roof Cleaning.
  20. Metal Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

    Jacksonville is absolutely BOOMING. They are building a TON of new stuff in the St. Johns county area and south side of Jacksonville. Speaking of NFL, I think we have the biggest jumbotrons in the world at the stadium. You can see them from the Dames Point bridge when it's on! There are TWO HD LED scoreboards. Each one is 62x362 feet totalling 22,000 sq. ft. of screen! I would love to play Battlefield on those, lol. We would love an opportunity to do roof cleaning for famous Jacksonville Jaguar football players and their families. I'm kind of oblivious sometimes though, especially if it comes to celebrity or something like that. I could have cleaned for some of them already, because we do some seriously large barrel tile roof cleanings for high end clients. I'm such a dummy, I wouldn't even know if I had been hired by one of their wives or something else! I might not even realize someone is famous unless they tell me. Then again, I'm that guy who will be lucky to recognize his own friends passing down the street, lol.
  21. Metal Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

    If all my family and grandkids were not here in Tampa, I could easily live in Jacksonville. It is extremely crowded down here, and getting worse every year. But Jacksonville must be growing, or getting ready to really grow. The NFL owners are big money people, who seldom make a mistake, when it comes to money. Some people were surprised when Jacksonville got an NFL Franchise. I don't know if you have had any members of the Jaguars ask you to clean their roofs yet, but we have cleaned the roofs for Tony Dungy, and recently did Jon Gruden!
  22. Metal Roof Cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

    I love when there is no landscaping or they're replacing it! We still water almost the same as usual so we don't too badly disturb soil pH for the new plantings. Heckscher drive is north of town and leads out past the port along the north side of the St. Johns River. You have to cross the Dames Point bridge going north to get to Heckscher. There is a ferry that crosses the river back to Mayport from Heckscher. It is also where the Jacksonville Zoo is, and if you follow it north it takes you all the way up to Amelia Island past a lot of great wildlife areas, parks, and great bridges to fish from.
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  24. Help with my 12 volt pump

    Yes, I was well ahead of my time. Many things we now take for granted in roof cleaning equipment, originally came from my ideas or experience. Air Pumps, Plastic Hose Reel Swivels, large diameter roof cleaning hose, and Surfactants resistant to SH, all came from me, and the Use Of Gain, to name a few. The Goulds Booster Pump is a very good pump, for that type of Pump, and together with the Pro Portioner, will make a great cleaning system, as long as they get that Pro Switch ready. Sometimes, it is just best to buy the equipment, and be out making money, vs trying to re invent the wheel.
  25. Help with my 12 volt pump

    Thanks, I value your opinion! I am going to give the booster a shot. I wish I had the know how to put a system together from start to finish but I lack the knowledge and confidence. Your Apple Vari Flow sounds as though you were definitely ahead of the times. It is unfortunate there was no interest at that time.
  26. Help with my 12 volt pump

    I was working on a concept similar to the Pro Portioner 12 years ago. https://community.thegrimescene.com/topic/7760-a-big-advance-in-roof-cleaning/ I called my system the Apple Vari Flow System. I never had any plans to sell my idea, so I intentionally left off the expensive check and metering valves, used in the Pro Portioner, in favor of simple, inexpensive, and leak proof pinch valves. I wanted it to be cheap to make for everyone. Back in 2006, there just wasn't the interest in an adjustable chemical delivery system, that there is in the Pro Portioner today. My pinch valve based system did not work as good as the Pro Portioner does today. However, I was able to make it work good enough for me. Remember, I was trying to keep the cost down, in the hope that other cleaning contractors would duplicate my system, and experiment with me. Precision and chemically resistant check and metering valves were expensive back then, and they are expensive now. Because there just wasn't much interest in my system, and because my employees refused to use it, I abandoned my system. Remember, we are, and always have been, nearly a pure roof cleaning company. 85% of our business, is cleaning tile and shingle roofs here in Tampa. We are not now, nor have we ever been, a softwashing company. So, we really had no need for my system. Plus, my employees felt that it slowed them down! LOL, I guess I was ahead of my time, huh ? They want their booster pump to work with the Pro Portioner, so they have a great need to not bypass the pump. Tim Aselton, and Paul from The Powerwash store are very bright guys, and I am sure they will have tested their Pro Switch out. Together with the Pro Portioner, it will be an outstanding system
  27. Help with my 12 volt pump

    They have actually made a "pro switch" that turns the pump on and off when not in use allowing to eliminate bypass.Apparently they have been really working hard to make this pump perform how we need for them to. The "pro switch" from my understanding will be available after the UAMCC Convention?
  28. Help with my 12 volt pump

    Yes, I have used Booster Pumps, and blew up many a customers breakers, until we got a generator. I do mainly residential roof cleaning here in Florida, so no real need to shoot 3 story buildings, etc, etc. Goulds is not the only brand of Booster Pump, but it is a good one. Ideally, you want a Stainless Steel one, and they do not last forever spraying what we spray. Unlike an air pump, they need a bypass back to the tank because they do not automatically turn off like an air pump. They continue to build pressure. Post a link to that pump please
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